11 Days of Dress-Up…

Posted on March 7, 2011


Dear Monday,

Finally, a Monday to sleep in. I didn’t get out of bed til a quarter to noon! I woke up many times but it was nice to “sleep in” and not have to be anywhere or do anything. The third time that I woke up it was to the housekeeper vacuuming! I, for a short moment, thought I was at my parents house but then remembered that I am in Rome. My mother used to vacuum every morning and it would drive me nuts! When I finally got out of my bed it was because I heard the door ring and I was unsure if I should get up to answer it. Then I heard the key and door opening. “Nancie?? Dove sei??” (where are you??) I heard a voice call out to me. Only one person calls me Nancie! It was T’s mother. I still am not sure what she came for but she said hi to me then left before I even came back out from the bathroom. I decided to have a light afternoon snack and caffe. I asked T to buy me some rice milk to try since I really do not prefer regular milk. It was not bad I added a little cinnamon to enhance the lack of flavor with my Special K. After I ate I decided to head to the park since the sun was shining and I had nowhere to be until 3:30. I charged my iPod while I changed my sheets and started a load of laundry.

I wore my Nikes and it was a bad plan. I got blisters after only 10 minutes into my jog uphill to the park. I yanked my socks up and tried to distract myself with my new music. I finally made it to the park out of breath and walked to the fountain to get a drink. I walked it off then found my sanctuary of trees and shade. After my cardio circuit training I decided to let myself rest for 3 songs worth and watch the clouds. A random dog came to greet me and make me smile. When I go home I think it may be time for another puppy. I miss having a dog to always be there and happy to see you no matter what. They are the best work out partner as well. Just a thought.

Once I made it back home I turned on the radio and did a little mat work until I heard the front door and heels. It was T and Matteo…they were early! I still wanted to shower before I had to give my undivided attention to the boy. I jumped in the shower and hurried to get dressed. By then I was hungry for my late lunch. I promised Matteo that after I ate that we could play whatever he wanted. Reading my book I ate while he watched the end of Scooby-Do and the God damn Goblin! Doesn’t matter if HE is having lunch it is when I am eating he wants to watch it, I swear. After I finish eating and he snags my last piece of cheese and cracker he tells me that we should play dress-up. I tell him that I am too big to wear his costumes and after he spits out the cheese he shoves the Zoro hat on my head. Yep, too small, I have too much hair! He laughs and tries to offer me a gladiator chest armor. I laugh and tell him, “ummm mai!” (never!) he rolls his little eyes and puts it on himself. I help him find the shield and sword. Two minutes later we are both over it and decide to find ” un altro gioco” (another game) to play. Next we build a massive tower out of some wood pieces and he insists that we must be very quiet and whisper since there is a “goblin” at the bottom of the tower and we must not wake him! I love and admire his imagination… he is too funny. I enjoy the silence and build with him and remind him to say, “like this” every time he says, “cosi…” I got him repeating me a lot and realized that I must say, “here you go” all the time because every time that HE hands me something he tells me this. At least he is using it right! He always tells me, “oh its okay!” when he breaks stuff too. Most of the time it is ok but sometimes it is not. Have not found the words to tell him when its actually NOT ok. For about an hour we played with some play-dough and created a tiny nest with many eggs. He can only contain himself for so long before he smooshes and mixes all the colors together into one massive clump! I feed him a snack while he plays and make sure that he is not eating the clay. Un altro gioco???

I realize that it is close to 6:30 and we were still all alone. Tommaso had a dentist appointment with his mother. Once Matteo and I found a ball with a million little suction cups we (I) thought it would be brilliant to shut all the doors in the hall and throw it against all of them and see it stick. There are 6 doors in this hallway and is probably one of my favorite places to play. Somehow we hit the light during all the madness and it was pitch black! I forgot that children are afraid of the dark and he clung to me like he saw a monster in the blackness! I did it again on purpose and grabbed him close to me so he wasn’t scared and would laugh. This kid! He turned brave and started to turn it off himself! I was also teaching him the words “on” and “off” earlier in the day so I was proud that the second time I turned it off he yelled, “NO!!! ON! ON!” He is so smart. Strange the “games “we play but they make sense when we practice our English.

Once we heard T and Tommaso coming in through the front door we opened all the doors as fast as we could and ran out to greet them. She had a large bag of more costume masks and swords and a new pirate gun. At school tomorrow all the students dress up for the Carnivale. Sort of like Halloween but it last for 11 days! The start is February 26th and the last day is March 8th. There are many parades, shows, theatres, and parties with the ancient Carnivale themes. So far the kids get an extra day of gifts in the winter (January 6th Befana Day) and now an extra 11 days of costumes?? I like it here. The boys scream and fight over the new costume choices and T tried to calm them down. Matteo wants everything that his brother has and Tommaso usually isn’t very quick to give up whatever he demands. From the compromise that T explained to the boys I understood that at school they were to be Zoro and a Pirate. Then after school, in the afternoon they were to trade costumes. Sounds just like my sister and I! Since I am “the master of make-up” it means that tomorrow I must wake up very early to help paint their mustaches on before they are off to school. A reason to get up is better or else I might sleep in until noon! It is better if I get out after they leave since they will be let out of school at noon. Might as well take advantage of my “freedom” before they come back to trade costumes and yell at one another! I wonder if I should draw them the same mustache since they will be trading later?? They are so crazy and loud in the morning I am nervous to be a part of this. I usually am locked up in my room with a pillow over my head to attempt to block the sound! I need extra rest and a caffe first thing when I wake up to take this on.



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