An Italian Expiration Date…

Posted on March 10, 2011


Dear Massive Headache,

I am not the type to get sick or have health issues, especially headaches. I never get headaches but this must be a record. My head has been aching since about 4 and it is almost 9m and it still hurts just the same. The cleaning lady was here and she hardly uses any cleaning products that really bother me but today she was using something like pure alcohol but worse if you could imagine. It was like she was cleaning the floor, walls and doors with pure tequila! I am so thankful that I am never hung over at this house I would lose it if I had to smell that after a rough night. I am pretty sensitive to cleaning detergents and products but I have never had it last for this long! It is not as if I could just stop everything and go lie down or something either. Tommaso had basket ball practice and Matteo and I played hard for two straight hours! I must have drunk two liters of water and still nothing has helped. I know it will go away by tomorrow but it is like I cannot wait for tomorrow morning to come!

When we went to pick up the boys from school Matteo was really angry and both me and his mother for not bringing a soccer ball with us. I was not asked to bring anything with me but to be there at 3:30 was my job. I packed some crackers, two bananas and water for the boys. I would have brought a ball, it even crossed my mind, but I decided against it. Good thing I didn’t since there is a new rule on the playground after school hours. None of the students are allowed to “play” once school is let out since there was an incident last week. Some students were throwing rocks over the wall and someone got bold enough to toss a huge rock and it damaged a parked car! At school if one person messes up everyone pays for it. So no more playing after school! How boring. I offer Matteo some water and he tells me he prefers juice. My bad. T told me it was thoughtful to bring them something without her asking but next time maybe bring him juice since he usually wants something sweet. At least I have a next time to do right. I am still learning what they like and when. I have not been to their school in over 3 weeks I was out of practice!

Tomorrow should be a pretty great day to look forward to. Mickey has asked me to lunch and then we are finally going to visit the Vatican! I have been wanting to go for so many weeks but I am more excited now that it has turned into a date. It is Friday (again!) and after my “date” with my Romanian the boys go to Judo (finally!) and then it will be dinner time and I can call it a night. I will go out on Saturday for some drinks and apertivo with the girls but I prefer to stay in on Friday lately. It is smart of me not to go out as much since I spend money like a madwoman if I have the chance! Staying inside or not bringing any money out is how I save my cash from going into a cash register at some fancy shoe store. I have to hide my eyes if I am out too long and walk by high-end designer shops. The only designer purchase that I intend on is  luxury sunglasses soon as the weather changes enough to require shades. I am stuck between Gucci, Armani or Prada. Such a tragic decision! T told me that her eye doctor gives her a 30% discount and she would share it with me. Love being part of the family to share this significant discount on sunglasses in Rome!

Today actually is exactly 90 days since I received my “stamp” in my passport! I expired today but there is not much we can do. There is not an actual agreement between the States and Italy that requires certain documents and visas for my line of “work.” I am not a student and it is not as if I am trying to pick up any shifts at a coffee shop so I am just here. I suppose I am “illegal” but we are past that conversation and now its the long word, “immigrant!” I explained to Mickey that my “time” here has expired and he told me that we could get married so I can stay! I assured him that I was not that worried but if that time came I am flattered by the offer. Not so sure about the marriage part but to be able to come and go as I please would be sweet. I am in no rush to get home but once my last month comes I will barely be able to contain my excitement to go home again! I miss so many people and places. I actually miss driving too! This is the longest that I have not driven since I began driving ten years ago! I miss the freedom of getting behind the wheel and making the decision to pick your destination. When my sister and I were younger we would always say that when we were old enough to drive we would drive to Target whenever we wanted! I miss a store like Target that just has EVERYTHING you need in one location. You cannot go one place that has it all near me. There is a super “Costco” type place called Metro that I went to my first week here that was awesome but T says they only make like 3 or 4 trips there per year! When I go home I am sure that my sister and I will make a trip to good old Target.

And I’m driving!


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