Italian Mac-n-Cheese and Another Job Offer…

Posted on March 11, 2011


Dear Scioperi,

That is “strike” in Italian. There are many of these ALL the time and basically buses, the tram and the Metro go on strike for the entire day! No one can get anywhere and people who have cars are everywhere! There was so much traffic today it was incredible. Usually, I can’t be bothered by these strikes since most of the places I need to be are within walking distance. Today was a terrible day for a scioperi since I had a date at the Vatican and he couldn’t get to my side of Rome without public transportation. He couldn’t even take his car near the center so our “date” has been postponed for tomorrow. Nothing I could do except sleep in since I didn’t have to get all fancy for a lunch and tour of only the most amazing museum on this side of the world. I didn’t even wash my hair. BUT I showered at least.

Since my plans changed I texted T when I got moving to tell her that if she needed me that I would be home. She didn’t so I relaxed and watched TV and read my book to pass time. Sometimes my Fridays feel like a Sunday. I had some cereal and cake for “brunch” and told myself that I would work out tomorrow. Later, for lunch I made some Italian mac-n-cheese which is just pasta, oil and fresh parmigiano reggiano. By the time the boys needed to be picked up for Judo it was almost 3:30. T and I walked across the street to her mother’s house to pick up Matteo and borrow Nana’s car. Matteo was in a “mine” kind of mood and wanted everything that wasn’t his. “Mio!” was what he would yell at us for the 5 minutes it took to gather his jacket, coat and scarf. He was upset that his mother had bought Tommaso a new pencil-case for school and didn’t get him one. Matteo doesn’t need one but she knew that this would pose a huge fight on the way to Judo between her sons so we left early to head back to the shop where she purchased the one for Tommaso. Matteo insisted that he needed a Spiderman case. Luckily, the owner of the shop had his request and there were no tears. I helped cut of the tag and couldn’t help but notice the price: 33,00 euro! Damn, there better be enough entertainment in that case to keep a child occupied for 2 days at that price! Once I gained permission to see what was inside one of them I confirmed the price. There were a dozen each of markers and colored pencils, a pair of scissors, an eraser, a sharpener, a ruler, 3 pens and a pencil. Maybe not entertainment for 2 days but at least for 2 hours.

Judo went by quickly and I perused the free library for any book in English. I found only one today but seems a little intense. A murder mystery of some sort that is “more gripping than Grisham!” TODAY reviewed. I still have about two books I have not opened but I would rather be over prepared than find myself with nothing to do anytime soon. I can occupy myself during the daytime but soon as that sun sets and the boys are off to bed I am on my own. I like to read or watch movies before I go to bed. I would do this at home in the States and I can’t shake the habit now. My next step is finding out how to download the free movies to my computer without it crashing or causing me any problems. I will go to uncle for that kind of pirating. He is the master behind the computer and will know just what to do. I have other questions about my computer that only he or my mom will have answers to. What the hell is Toshiba FlashCards??? Everyday when I turn on my laptop it tells me that the flashcards have stopped working. The only Toshiba program is the DVD player so maybe it has to do with that. I don’t remember if this is a serious issue or not so I must find out before I add any more information to this laptop without permission.

The boys always get to take a bath after Judo and today they told me “bath” without me saying the word first! They ran inside the house throwing clothes and jackets while kicking their shoes off. I wish that I still got that excited to get naked in the water! Once they played til their little hands pruned we made them get out and dress for dinner. We had some tiny pasta with pumpkin and ricotta for dinner. I love anything pumpkin so this was indeed a great dinner. Always one of the boys refuses to eat unless we put the mini DVD player on so they can hypnotize themselves into an eating trance. I heard S come through the front door so after I helped with the dressing of the kids I went to the kitchen to check out what kind of wine choices we had for dinner. He was already at the counter uncorking a bottle! Right behind me T came through the kitchen to ask the same question about the wine. You know for sure that it is Friday when all we think about before food is wine! Together we enjoyed the dinner and finished the entire bottle. We had a nice conversation about our upcoming trip to Sardegna and I learned that we get to take a giant “cruise ship” to get there! We take the car on the ship and even get to spend the night on the giant boat in order to get there. It was also the first time that we had a discussion about my departure in September and what was to happen after. I have been considering coming back after I return home I was just not sure when. I know that I want to spend November (Thanksgiving) with my family, and then it will be Christmas, then New Years and my birthday. I cannot be away from my family and friends two years in a row for these important dates. They understand this as well but we both agree that it is still a possibility for me to come back after January if I choose to! They would try to find someone else for the time that I was gone and then if I were to return we would stay in touch and make a plan. Sounds simple and just might be the right thing for me depending on how things pan out once I get home. Who knows what it will be like when I come home and I know for sure that I will not be the same. I don’t even have or want the same things as I did two months ago who knows what will happen next. I am just happy that they assured me that I am welcome back and I still don’t even leave for another 6 months! I must be doing pretty well if they already offered me another “job” by next year. Luckily, I showed S how to get Skype so the good news is that we will definitely stay connected via Skype no matter what. I am trying not to think too much about the future and find it best to focus on each day that I am experiencing here. Each time that I learn something new it validates my decision to come here in the first place. I am unsure of what kind of validation I will need from my hometown to stay!


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