Punishment and Pasta

Posted on March 13, 2011


Dear Dismal Weather,

Rain. Rain all day long. The kind of light sprinkling that requires an umbrella yet the falling of the drops is silent. So quiet in fact that it made me not want to do anything at all today! I stayed in my room the entire day watching movies, talking on Skype and went on and off Facebook throughout the afternoon. I only left for a short moment to go downstairs before lunch to the paper shop to buy more credit for my cell phone. It hasn’t quite ran out but it is going to by tomorrow so might as well get it so I am not desperate like last week when it died mid conversation! I still don’t feel 100% so once the boys and T left for the afternoon I went into the boy’s room to borrow their little hippopotamus heating pad. The cutest little thing ever and the smartest choice I made today, besides doing nothing. I filled up the hot water bottle and hugged the little hippo to my belly while catching up with my parents via Skype. I waited to call them until 8 in the morning but realized that the time changed in the states and that is why they were moving so slow. I look forward to Sunday back at home with my parents. Sitting at their kitchen table drinking their coffee from my favorite little white cup. Reading a newspaper that I can fully understand. That kind of Sunday morning. Having friends and family over for Sunday dinner. I miss that. I miss cooking!

S stayed in most of today as well and watched soccer on TV all day while I lounged in my room. Once T and the boys returned it was almost dinner time. My room shares the wall to the kitchen and I could hear bits and pieces of the conversation in the kitchen. From what I understand, the boys acted very unfavorably at their friend’s house and T has had enough of their bad behavior. The yelling and shouting at her has finally come to an end. Tommaso wrote her an apology and lost some privileges. He cannot have any new soccer stickers and no video games. Matteo too cannot play on his hand-held video device and since they acted so terribly they both might not get their birthday party next month. I believe that both cannot watch TV at all. We will see next week if that is what I heard. They must have gotten scolded for about 20 minutes which is a long time no matter what your age. Once they all emerged from the kitchen to set the table I came out to have some wine and help. S informed me about their punishment and how hard it will be to enforce it. These boys are so cute and always make us all laugh so in order to take this serious we must all be very strong the next few days. S and I agreed that it is rule number one across the universe that YOU DO NOT YELL AT YOUR OWN MOTHER! Someone else mother perhaps but not your own! I think the final tipping point was that T was a guest at someone else’s house and they acted up and it was not going to happen again. At home or in the presence of others. I look forward to a little less yelling and I am happy that they put their foot down. T is such an amazing mother and woman. She works so hard and is so patient with her sons. She does it all and still looks so young and beautiful ALL the time! This cannot be an easy task.

I was invited to the movies with Frances Ford but before all the commotion the original plan was to have a few of their adult friends over to watch the game. I truly didn’t feel like getting lost in the rain trying to find an unknown cinema in a part of town I was unfamiliar with either. Plans changed and their guests did not come. It was kind of nice to have a quiet Sunday and not have to leave or put jeans and boots on to leave. A lazy Sunday means that I must do something with myself next week. I suppose it will rain again tomorrow but I may still head out with a huge umbrella and go somewhere or see something. I obviously have not made it to the Vatican Museum but it has been promised (for the third time now…) that Wednesday will be the day that we will be true tourist ALL day. Since that is his only day off we will not have to be in a rush because he does not have to go into the restaurant. We will see what happens. He jokes that I have until September to go so what is my big hurry. I don’t really want to go alone so I will wait indefinitely for him to take me. It usually rains every Wednesday so I hope that the weather doesn’t interfere once again with my plans!

Tonight dinner was the most silent dinner we have had. Pasta with a red sugo and tuna. It tastes a lot better than it sounds and is very popular in all restaurants here. Fresh tuna and tomato is popular on a sandwich and over pasta. We all ate in silence with no mini DVD player at maximum volume. I tried to not make eye contact with the boys since they usually make me laugh and I knew that I had to be strong and make them understand that I knew that they were in trouble. After pasta the conversation finally started up and it was what every parent (I assume) dreads. The “where do babies come from” conversation. Tommaso was asking and I am not sure the exact answers that he received but he seemed okay with his fathers story whatever it was. I don’t believe that Matteo was listening so I am sure in another year or so it will be questioned again. My little nephew sort of asked my older sister a difficult question last week while we Skyped but in a more creative tone. He asked his mother where he was before he came to be with her and her husband. This kid amazes me! So curious and deep in his thoughts. He awoke from his afternoon nap and this was the first question he asked her. I could hear his tiny voice and determination in his question. Then he asked me where I think he was. I told him that when he dreams, that place, maybe that is where he was before he came here. The dream world must be a real place and I think that we should all be open to that. We all have dreams and make dreams, the question is do we live our dreams too? We better start if we are not. You can never stop dreaming but once you stop living…that could be the end of us…


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