Too Much Sleep and Too much Dirt…

Posted on March 14, 2011


Dear Colazione,

I solved the breakfast (colazione) dilemma. I just skip breakfast entirely. It is not that I don’t eat anything in the morning I just sleep instead. Maybe it is the weather but I skipped breakfast, yet again, and by the time I get up its more like lunchtime. Not that the house is ever that quiet but at least my room is dark! The electric shades are amazing and seriously are black out dark. I could take a nap during the day and think it is midnight. I don’t have to do anything or be anywhere so I stopped feeling guilty about sleeping in. I am not missing anything and I should take advantage of the opportunity to sleep more. I go to bed late so might as well make sure that I am getting the recommended 8 hours. Sometimes I get 10 but who is counting?

On the walk to pick up the boys at school I asked T what exactly their punishment entailed so I was prepared. I didn’t want to offer them something if they were not allowed and I wanted to be clear so that they didn’t try to trick me when we were alone either. S did not answer when she called him so we were both unsure. We knew that they couldn’t have their video games and no soccer stickers but couldn’t recall the rest of the punishment. It was actually a nice day considering there was no sun shine. I watched over Matteo while T went down to wait for Tommaso. Matteo went straight to the dirt to play with the two figures he had in his pocket. What is it about dirt that boys love so much? His grubby little hands get dirty and under his nails you could plant seeds and grow plants. If he just sat still long enough…I love these boys but I really hope that I have girls! With my luck I am sure that my little girls will prefer mud and grime over glitter and glitz. I am sure that whatever I have I will think that I wanted the opposite but won’t care by the time that my children come around. I am saying for now that I want all girls. I used to think I wanted a boy first but now I am hoping for all girls and all at once.

By the time that we got home the boys had to take a bath, probably because I let Matteo play in the mud. I only heard each boy yell once today at their mother so perhaps this punishment is working pretty well. Tommaso hurt himself at school and had to ice his little ankle. I guess he took a pretty hard fall, scraped his fingers and everything. When his mother told him that he couldn’t play his video game or have stickers he threw a little tantrum and T got S on the phone to enforce the new rules. He stopped throwing stuff but he was still pretty heated and teary-eyed angry. She asked me to help him finish getting dressed and at first I was a little scared he would yell at me for just being in the room but he was curled up and upset. I rubbed his little back and told him that I was sorry about everything. I just talked to him slowly in English and continued to rub his little back. He sat up enough to put his head on my shoulder for a short embrace. I think this is the first time that he actually hugged me first! I told him it would be okay and he let me help put his shirt over his head. I think we made a connection finally! Matteo gets really jealous when he sees me interact with Tommaso so it could only last so long before Matteo started tugging on my arm to come play with him.

A while later we were all sitting on the couch having their afternoon snack (merenda) and Tommaso slowly sat a little closer to me until his head was resting on my arm just enough to let me know he wanted to be closer to me. Awww I think he likes me. I ruffled his hair and watched Animal Planet for a bit while helping feed Matteo his snack. He asked for a slice of bread with fresh ricotta and marmalade. Strawberry is what we have in the fridge. I swear we go through a jar a week. Yum, right!? Everything is good with fresh ricotta here, it is amazingly fresh. I think it is like the today equivalent to Philadelphia Cream Cheese to Americans.  I think that a little sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon would be tasty. I will have that for my “brunch.” I actually have a reason to get up tomorrow since T asked me to make some pizza dough for dinner. I was happy that she showed me the recipe again since I couldn’t remember exactly how we made it before. I am excited to cook dinner again for once. I miss being in the kitchen and cooking for more than myself. Making a bowl of pasta is not the same as preparing an entire meal for a family. You make the sauce while you boil pasta; it all takes under twenty-minutes! Everything is so simple and full of fresh products you literally don’t have to do much to create a bright and healthy dish. I really do know how to cook but I don’t think that they trust me to. Yet. I have to make something special for them that the kids will like. I will think of something and plan a mini menu for this week and see what they think.


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