I Miss “Breakin’ Bread With The Brecke’s!”

Posted on March 19, 2011


Dear Husband of Mary,

I am speaking of Saint Joseph or San Giuseppe. Today marks the Feast of St. Joseph here in Rome. This custom was established in 1479 and I learned that it is customary for fathers to eat zeppole fritters or bigne di San Giuseppe on this day. I suppose these treats are sort of like a fried donut with sugar. Each of these are filled with cream then dusted with powdered sugar. I think that this sounds amazingly sweet and shall be added to my list of treats to enjoy while in Rome. If I can find them on another day since today is already over…

When I woke up a little before noon I realized that I was supposed to get up and join T and the supermercato! I slept in (once again) and missed the chance to go with her. By the time I went out the kitchen there were already about 5 grocery bags on the floor to be unloaded and T was no where in sight. Next time. I really like the store and was disappointed that I missed the chance to go with her. About an hour later it was time for lunch. We sat down to one of my favorites, fresh-made ravioli with ricotta and spinach. No sauce just olive oil. I decided against wine for lunch since I had the good intention of going outside for a nice walk and perhaps a workout in the park. I left about 2pm and wandered up and down the streets shopping for something new. I need to find somewhere else to shop since I have not found anything (for my second time) in this particular area. I walked around and also talked myself out of gelato since I walked the opposite direction of the park. I promised myself that when I got home that I would do a mat work routine while catching up with my sister. I left the house around 4:30 am Reno time and knew that when I got back home that she would be up and ready to tell me about the great news! She finally landed a job! A job that I know that she will enjoy and be able to ask for the time off in September to come visit me and fly me home! Two days of travel will be so much better with my twisted sister there to make me laugh and to literally take me home to family and friends. It takes two entire days of travel to get from Rome to Reno or vice versa. I know that when I go home the time change is really going to kick my ass and be a true task to get used to all over again. But at least Katie and I can bitch about it together since we will be in the same position. Sleep deprived and jet-lagged…

I decided to stay in tonight and enjoyed some wine and fish with the family. We had some nice conversation about making a trip to the mountains, the last day of school for the boys and our August trip to Sardegna. The first week of April is the plan to return to the mountains. They told me that I have the choice to go and I am unsure what I will do. It is very beautiful up there but I kind of like the idea of having a few days alone as well. The mountain is very small from what I am used to so I am considering maybe missing this second round in Ovindoli. When it gets closer to our departure date I will make up my mind. Either way I do love the snow so I know that whatever I end up doing will be a great time. I liked that the last time that we went away I was without the internet and slept in a bigger bed. But last time I did not have anything to do or read so I watched lots of kid movies. This time, if I go back, I will make sure that I have a book and my own movies to entertain me! I have about two weeks to decide. It will be the boys birthdays though so I think I should be there for that but I could always get them gifts and celebrate at home before they leave. Decisions. decisions.

Tomorrow a few of us are planning to finally go out for some mexican food! I can’t wait for real mexican food and maybe even a margarita. It will be quite the adventure since all three of us girls are coming from different directions just for some chips and salsa. At home, I especially miss the mexican place by my dad’s office! No matter how much tasty pasta I have here and all the good gelato my cravings for mexican food have not diminished yet. In fact they have gotten worse! I think about burritos and mini tacos probably a few times a week. Probably what I really miss is eating and drinking with my family and friends. It was always such an event and we would always plan on what we were eating next while having a meal. I miss cooking with my parents and cooking for my friends. Don’t get me wrong I actually am enjoying every meal that I don’t have to contribute to but it is strange for me to not constantly be in the kitchen. I won’t lie though when I hear pots and pans banging around I will sneak into the kitchen (and get some water or something) and check it out. Sneak a peak at what’s cooking. Grab the spoon and stir the sauce or pasta just for the feel of it. Or open the lid to the pot to see what is being prepared. I can’t help myself! The kitchen is the most important place in a house to me. Even if it is not my house, the kitchen is my favorite place to be.


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