Anticipating Summer and Sand…

Posted on March 20, 2011


Dear Marathon in Rome,

Today there was supposedly almost 20,000 people who participated in this marathon throughout the city. I am unsure of the details since I did not leave the house today. I did not see or hear anything else pertaining to this marathon since last night when Mickey called to tell me that a group of runners had come into his restaurant for dinner. He let me know that today, Sunday, there would be many roads blocked off and getting around the city would not be easy. I attempted to make plans for the mexican dinner but  no one responded in time so I stayed home, once again, and did not have mexican food.

We also didn’t have any pasta carbonara tonight, which I was looking forward to since mexican food was out of the picture. Instead, we had some zucchini risotto with ham, which was actually quite tasty but a little salty for me. I hope that we have carbonara this week at least! We have been talking about it since Friday and we still have not had it for dinner. I don’t think I ate much at all today, now that I am thinking about it. And I am still hungry. It is almost 9pm so I will just wait until tomorrow to start eating again. I cannot put this book down that I only started a few days ago. I must have read over 250 pages today and am still thinking about this book. It is an old book written by Candace Bushnell from about 5 years ago called One Fifth. Typical of her writing but I still like the entertainment and the way that she tells the story. There are about four stories all wrapped into one but each new chapter is like a new point of view.

I learned that the  boy’s last day of school is at the end of June. They still have about 3 more months of school and then I am unsure of what we will do. From what I understand it sounds like Tommaso is part of something like a “summer camp” but Matteo is still a little young so I am not sure what sort of activities that he will get into. I do love the park I wonder if that will turn into a daily routine once the weather is permanently warm and sunny. I wouldn’t mind kicking the soccer ball around with them daily and being outside as much as possible. I am getting very anxious for nice weather and mostly looking forward to someone’s convertible, the sand, the ocean and getting tan. My goal is to get as dark as I was when I lived in California when I was little and people would ask my older sister, “who’s that little black girl with your sister?” “My sister Lexie!” She would answer. I hope to get that dark and keep that nice color until I arrive home in September. Unlikely that it will last that long but one can hope.  

I cannot think about anything except summer and sunshine…


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