Extra Clean Fruit and Romanian Time…

Posted on March 23, 2011


Dear Daily Cup of Spilled Water,

Yesterday, a full cup was spilled right onto the DVD player during dinner. This upset Tommaso enough to pour the remainder of water over his brother’s head soon as I jumped up to get a towel to clean up the spill. I should have known what kind of mood Tommaso was in since about 5 minutes before he dumped his last bite of fish into a bowl of other food on the table since he didn’t want to finish his last bite. Soon as T walked into the kitchen he did this but I wasn’t going to let it slide. He knows that I saw him so he just shrugged and his mother took a deep breath and then asked my to blow-dry Matteo’s hair (for the second time that hour.) The boys just had taken a bath before dinner and to dress each and then dry their hair while they try to run around naked in the room is quite the task.  After I saved the DVD player and dried the hair I was tired from the day. Judo on Tuesdays means that I change and dress each child 4 times by the day’s end. Socks, shoes, pants, undershirt, shirt, jacket and hat. Daily.

Today was another story. The boys got out of school and played at the school ground until the nun from school comes out to shoo everyone out. The children are still not “allowed” to play after school yet everyday they continue until they are told to leave the premises. I brought the boys some potato chips and a water to share for their after school snack. They get so excited for chips it is pretty entertaining. Usually, one will complain half way through their bag that it is TOO SALTY but keep eating them. Each makes a complete mess of their shirts and the back of the car, if that is where they are indulging in this salty treat. It is indeed considered a “treat” since one of the Nana’s is the only person that will buy them bags of chips. She brings them weekly but we hide them at the top of the cabinet so they don’t find them and rip them open. if we don’t open them before they try them each think that the best way to open the air-filled bag it to literally sit on it like a Whoopee cushion! Sadly, no fart noises but usually the chips are crushed and half on the floor. After we arrived home I made a deal with the boys that if they each washed their hands, changed their own pants and shoes, and went to the bathroom we could play indoor soccer for one hour. These boys don’t have an entire grip on time so I just meant that we would play until one started crying or one got bored. They were ready to play in less than 5 minutes, a true record! I found the tiny red ball and we took our positions. Matteo will never let me be Tommaso’s partner so that is why I never win. Tommaso is extremely competitive, as am I, so we get into it. The score was 11-3 and I was getting hot playing in long-sleeved against the boys. Even though Matteo is my partner he rarely participates, just jumps on me and falls in front of the ball a lot. When he actually goes for it he is really, really good and makes goals but he gets bored too easily. We laugh each time I go to kick the ball and my slipper goes flying into the goal instead of the ball. I decide to take a break and cut them up some fruit. Tommaso wants to watch soccer on TV so I try my best to find it but it is just not on. He pouts and yells at me, as if it is my fault and I laugh and offer cartoons instead. The cartoon of BenTen silences them and they sit and stare. I go back into the kitchen and cut up two pears, a large apple and the last banana. I juice one orange and it turns out it is the “bloodiest” orange I have ever seen! I know that it might look scary but I know that it will still taste good. Tommaso doesn’t mind the fruit (at first) but Matteo takes one look and puts his finger in my face and moves it left to right. That is worse than him telling me it’s “schifo!” I ask him what he wants and he tells me that he only wants banana and apple. Va bene. I go back to the kitchen and take out the strainer for pasta and run cool water over the fruit in hopes that it will make the discolor from the  blood orange disappear. Pretty good…I laugh to myself for having done this. I tricked the kid and put it back into his same bowl. He ate it all with my help towards the end. Tommaso is eating his but I can tell he is not into it so I start to feed it to him by hand. He decides he does not like his anymore so I go and rinse his too. Then he takes about another 15-20 minutes to finish it. I “wash” some more banana and put it into Matteo’s dish when he isn’t looking. Success. They ate their fruit and T got home just in time for me to take a break.

I am happy that I finally received a call from Mickey today around 3pm. He tells me that he has to get his car washed, cut his hair and pick up Mario from the gym. Ok so what does that have to do with me? Are we hanging out tonight or what? is all I am wondering. He tells me that he will call or text me later what the plan is and that he does want to take me out. Finally, but I am still home now…waiting. I have never, ever waited on ANY guy in my life. I usually tell them what we are doing and when. Not here. Not this one. No plan. Nothing is ever for sure. Ahhh..finally got the call. He will be here in 15 minutes. That gives me about 30 minutes to get ready. Romanian time is worse than Italian time I have recently decided. I explain to him that if he wants to take me to eat he must tell me before 7pm at night since we eat before 8 with the kids. He is hungry and I am not. Story of my life. Well I must hurry now..I really have only 15 minutes to get pretty!!!


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