Sales Stalkers and Chick Drinks (for dudes?)

Posted on March 24, 2011


Dear Jameson Whiskey,

I landed on this for my last drink of the night since the place did not have Ballantines. I believe that was a mistake since I didn’t sleep well and was dying of thirst the three times that I woke up during the night. Perhaps it was the mini bottle of prosecco or the two glasses of wine? I cannot drink like I used to and I should consider that a good thing but at the same time I am disappointed! When Mickey finally came to pick me up last night he and Mario (jokingly; his son) went to their friends other restaurant to eat and enjoy some wine. I could sense that Mickey was in a “mood” and was unsure why. I know that he has been working a lot harder than when I first met him but he seriously had an attitude! Not so much with me but with his friends. I couldn’t help but notice his friends reactions to his smart mouth. I cannot believe this, but this guy actually complains MORE THAN ME about food, wine and service. Unbelievable, this I know. He doesn’t like the wine. He doesn’t like the steak. He doesn’t want this. He doesn’t want that. Since he didn’t tell me that he wanted to go and eat, once again I was full and just had wine and shared a dessert. Half the conversation that he has with his friends I follow but whatever they are arguing his friend (our waiter) tells me, “Don’t matter; He is always right. He is boss.” I take this information in and look to Mickey coming back from the restroom. But I thought I was always right? Anyway, I remind him that he needs to tell me before 8pm if we are going out to dinner since I always eat at home with the family. We’ll see how he does next week on making plans with me. After dinner we went to play some pool and I played awful. I did not win either game and I was talking so much shit. That is the worst. I laughed when Mario ordered a Bicardi Breeze and I had the whiskey on the rocks. I couldn’t even explain to him that back at home that is a “chick drink” so I just told him “niente” (nothing!) I finished my drink and was mad at myself for not winning at pool. It was just about midnight so I was taken home. He has to work a double shift Thursday so opening by 10am is not his favorite. I ask him about his mood again on the drive home. I ask him what is up with him and he doesn’t really say much in the shape of an answer. I tell him that he doesn’t like anything lately… “What do you like?!” He pulls up to a red light and leans over to me and smiles and says,” I like you…”

I knew I should have gotten up before noon! It was seriously the nicest day ever and I wasted it sleeping off my single shot of whiskey. I rushed out the house determined to buy something. Anything! As I waited for the bus to get to Via del Corso I knew that I would be late meeting Nana to get the boys. I cannot rush the bus; they are on their own time. I finally get there and its crowded for a Thursday so I fight my way in and out of  the shops searching for a shirt and always looking for that “black bag” I have not discovered. I find my way into one of my favorite shops called Effetti. I go upstairs where the outlet prices are and look around. All of the sudden there is a sales girl behind me. I move thinking I am in her way. She doesn’t even greet me she just looks at me with absolutely no expression. I wanted to say, “um can I help you?” but I reminded myself that I did not work there. I walked in and out of the tiny three rooms with racks of clothes. And she literally stayed within 2 feet of me. She was not being a discreet “secret shopper” I will tell you that much. Maybe someone made off with a bunch of clothes this week or something bad because she was all in my business. I tried on one shirt so I could be alone for one second! I didn’t like it enough to buy and I was fed up with this chick tailing me. Moments like these I wish that I had my iPod so at least I had the “don’t talk to me” look. You would think she would at least say something to me. Probably not my favorite shop anymore, not going back to that one for a while. I know of three others so I will live.

I am running out of time but I just want to buy something and not go home empty-handed. I knew that I was going to be late meeting Nana and I had to have my reason. I have never been late meeting her so today I must buy something for my tardiness. Another shop calls my name and I go inside. I find a cute “doctor” shape black bag with two giant leather flowers. Inside there is a strap and the sales girl helps me with it but we find it strange that there is only one hook for the strap. She hooks the other clip to the handle and offers it to me. I ask where it is made and she says, “Polland?” Is she for real!? What is going on with today? I shake my head and tell her that I don’t like it (non mi piace!) and the price was 39,00 euros? I am walking out and turn around when I see in the window is the one! It is black and much cuter and has more pockets and has a TRUE removable strap and it is less!? I walk back up to her and tell her I will take it.

I take three buses to get to the school. The second bus gets me close to home but I forgot to push the button so that it would stop. I missed my stop by 3 stops! Only when I am in a super hurry does stuff like this happen right? I run for a little and realize how far that I really am. I wait for the bus since my side hurts and I reminded myself that I should take it easy on my right foot. There is so much traffic that once the bus gets closer to the school I decide to just get off. I know that I can walk faster than this traffic jam is moving. Finally, smiles, out of breath and 30 minutes late to meet Nana I show off my new bag. She tells me that it is beautiful and a good deal for the leather. Agreed.

Today was the first day that when I went to get Tommaso he ran towards me and hugged me! He was truly happy to see me! Yay, he likes me for sure. I take his back-pack so he doesn’t have to carry it and we go find his little brother and Nana. We find our way back to the car and they anxiously jump into the back seat since “the Mac” fries were on their seats, ready to grub and smell up the car. Fantastic. Happily, I rolled down my window and let in some fresh air. It was such a nice day no one could tell it was because I couldn’t breathe! I did not wear a jacket for the first time today yet I was still hot in my cashmere-hooded sweater. I was only wearing a tank top so I didn’t want to take it off. Nana is very particular about showing skin so I am always extra careful around her.

The boys and I play some more indoor soccer and I willingly lose, yet again. Tommaso has basket-ball practice at 5:30 so I look forward to some quiet time with Matteo. That didn’t happen. We played cars, some more soccer, and wrestled over some toy gun till we fell over in laughter and me “playing dead.” Somehow, he even climbed up onto my shoulders so we ran around the house like a freakin’ circus show and made the housekeeper laugh and dance with us. After we collapse and giggle some more I turn up the radio when a good song comes on. I love that Matteo and I like similar music, or maybe he just likes it when I say that I like it?


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