A Perfect Lunch, A Bad Movie, and a “Womans day”

Posted on March 31, 2011


Dear Scary Movie,

I did not blog last night since I was so traumatized and freaked out about this movie called FROZEN! I got home at almost one am and could not focus since I knew I was to have nightmares. Not only was I locked out of the house but I could not stop thinking about this terrifying film! The door was deadlocked so I could only open it about 2 inches after I unlocked the door handle…I did not want to ring the buzzer since it is soooo loud. I sent a text and refrained from calling the house phone. That would sure wake everyone up and any call past 11pm is usually bad news so I didn’t want to alarm them. I knocked a few more times and hoped that T would hear me. She is typically a light sleeper so I waited patiently for 2 minutes. Nothing. I decide to barely tap the buzzer to stir her. It worked! I felt bad for waking her but I had no choice. I had to get inside and get my mind off frostbite and becoming human meat for a wolf dinner. I tried to just sleep it off and not think about this crazy movie. Tomorrow, we leave for the mountains of Ovindoli and the movie that he chose is about 3 friends that get stuck on a chairlift on the mountain. They are all alone for 3 days! Right!!?? What? Is he mad at me or something? Geeez…such a sick movie. One dude breaks his legs when he jumps off the lift trying to get help. Then he gets eaten my wolves while his friends watch helplessly from above. Seriously, disturbing and now, I can’t wait to go to the mountains for 4 days. The other guy gets eaten as well after he tries to ride the snowboard down like a sled. The only girl of the three lives but she gets severe frostbite and I hated much more of the film but I don’t care to think about it anymore. This is scary  because this could really happen! Luckily, my day yesterday was better than my night.

My dearest best friend Texa is leaving me going back home to Venezuela to be with her family and friends for a while. She leaves on Friday so her roommate made us a lovely lunch! Might have been the best Carbonara that I have had here! We were all very impressed and gracious for his perfect lunch. Buon pranzo!!! Molto. Molto. Molto bravo! He also had a second course of some kind of red meat soaked in some red sugo accompanied by some roasted potatoes with rosemary. YUM! I don’t usually like manly “meat and potatoes” but this was beyond tasty! He offered wine and beer with the meal and I had one full glass and that was it. I was working! I had to eat and run to make it to pick up the boys by 3:30. Another adventure on the dirty Metro…

Once Mika and I split she got off at Termini I had to continue alone to my stop. I missed the one that I was thinking by two stops and when I got out I realized where I was but was but was in high hopes that the street I was on was indeed the back road to the school. It was a gorgeous day yesterday and I was happy in my tee shirt and boots. Once I exited the Metro the sun was still shining with all its might but there was also a heavy rain simultaneously. I have only seen this kind of strange weather while on the islands of Hawaii! Hot and wet rain. I was happy that I had my umbrella stowed away at the bottom of my purse. How the two boys, a backpack and I were to share my umbrella I was unsure. I ran uphill in the hot rain and prayed that the school would appear on my left. I check my clock it is 3:27! I made it! Out of breath and still fighting rain and puddles reflecting the sun I pushed through the doors. I found Matteo and put on his coat with a hood. He showed me his schoolwork book where he had practiced making his own shades from the triadic colors of the rainbow. Nice work kid! We find shelter under a tree from the light drops of rain and wait for his brother. The rain slowly stops and the sun is solo once again. Together we three walk to the bus stop and I wait patiently for the bus while the children pace and become nervous. The bus roars through the traffic and coughs us out at our stop. I take both their hands and am thankful it is not raining. “Dammi la mano” (give me the hand) as we cross the street towards home. Once we race to the door we burst through and each boy throws off their jacket and I command them to wash their hands, use the toilet and change the pants and shoes. Everyday is the same routine yet I must remind them and force them these short tasks. Daily, I turn their pajama shirts inside out and pull the sleeves from the jacket back from being inside out. It is incredible how long it takes to get dressed but only less than 3 seconds for them to throw their clothes off. The boys had a “play-date” (yes, I said the word play-date) after 5pm across the hall at their little friend’s house so I was free to make a shower. The housekeeper asked if both boys went next door and I said yes. She looked more relieved than I was! I think she was in need of some quiet time herself. She went back to cleaning the kitchen and I believe I heard her humming some tune. Very happy indeed. I showered and still had time to relax before everyone came back home. I like days like that.

By the time that I went out last night, once again I was not ready and got the call, “be there in 10 minutes. Be ready!” Every single time he rushes me like so. I threw on some jeans and converse and only a pink hoodie. It was that nice of a night that I didn’t have to take my coat. I pile in the backseat with another girl called Bianca whom I can only assume was Mario’s “date.” I realize that I have never sat in the backseat of his car since we met. We drive for about 30 minutes to a gigantic theatre and met his other friend to join us. There must be 100 people standing in line for popcorn, candy and movie tickets. This theatre was the kind of theatre that I have been imagining! Yet, no one offered me popcorn or candy. What was with him tonight? The movie is completely torturing me and I am jumping in my seat and screaming out loud at the gruesome scenes. I turned my head into his shoulder when I couldn’t take it. That bad. I was probably the most happy person in the movies when the intermission break came. The lights come on and the screen flashes “8 minuto” I run out happy to get away. I wonder why it is 8 minutes and not 10? or 12? I realize that it is just the right amount of time for a bathroom break and for someone to have a quick smoke break. Everyone smokes here. Movies are interrupted to have a smoke break for Dio’s sake! I am so grateful that the movie is finally over and we are back in the car headed home. I sit in shock staring out the passenger seat (yes, I reestablished my seat) and he keeps asking me if I am okay. Finally,  he grabs my hand and looks me straight in the eye and tells me to stop thinking about it! I laugh and try to listen to the music. A new jam by the Black Eyes Peas soothes me and I am almost back to a normal state of mind. I ask him how his mother is doing since it has been a few weeks since I have seen her. He tells me that she is doing pretty well except one thing. He says, “She has the “woman’s day” so she isn’t feeling that good today. But other than that she is well.” I meant to tell him to tell her that I said hello but I was trying to figure out what he was saying to me. Then it dawns on me! “Womans day” is her period. Duh! I try to keep my smirk to myself and look out the window. These foreigners must be lucky if their “womans day” only lasts one day!


I am leaving tomorrow first thing at 8:30 in the morning with the family for a birthday weekend for the boys. Tommaso’s is the 2nd and Matteo’s is the 3rd…! We will return by Monday and I will be away from my computer so until then…

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