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Posted on April 10, 2011


Dear Carbonara,

The only thing that will make me happy today is that T offered carbonara for dinner. She is more upset than me that Mickey has been taking his sweet ass time to get me for his birthday. He is lucky that it is his birthday because any other day I would have probably hung up on him and told him to talk to me next week. I woke up early (again) to finish his cupcakes and wait for his message to pick me up. He told me the other day that the plan was to BBQ and he would be here at 10:30 in the morning today. When I woke up and opened my window it was gloomy and overcast. Really?! I had planned to wear a cute new dress and sandals. Now I had to decide which jeans and long-sleeved to wear. S has the coolest shirt I have seen a guy and it makes me laugh when he tells me that T got it for him. The shirt has large white letters that read, “I only sleep with the best.” She finds great gifts! Maybe I should have went with her advice of super nice socks.  I didn’t plan on this sort of delay let alone 3 phone calls to let me down. At a quarter to noon I sent him a message asking what was the plan since the weather wouldn’t allow an outdoor celebration. He shot me back a message that informed me that soon as he knew the plan he would let me know. An hour later I get the call that the party has been moved inside to his house. I finish the whipped cream for the cupcakes and pick the pretty berries to leave out to decorate the mini cakes. Another hour later I get another call that he is coming after he goes to buy something with his uncle. Then another 45 minutes another call that says he isn’t coming after all. It is now close to 2:30. His uncle bought him a new phone for his birthday and it took a lot longer than he anticipated so there was not enough time to come and pick me up and make it for lunch. He tells me that once lunch is over that he is going to rest for a few then come get me later to go to Campo di fiori for birthday drinks with friends. Composing my internal annoyance with the entire day  I leave the house to go buy cigarettes at the only coffee shop that is open on Sunday. After I buy them I decide to go for a long walk since I have all the time in the world before his next call or message. It starts to clear up so I go further and further re-playing all the conversations in my mind. I put my wallet in my pocket and start to jog uphill. Nothing like a little adrenaline to make you feel better. I ran and ran until my shins ached and my quadriceps burned. It could have been a straight twenty-minutes before I slowed down and realized how far I had gone. Once I found a street I knew I jogged all the way to my building. Sweating and short of breath I decide to take a quick rinse and put my pajamas back on once I am home. I didn’t even smoke. I really just wanted to put them up with the almost empty pack. Community cigarettes, I told T when I came home. I turn on my computer and mess around for a bit. Earlier in the day I finished my book but I had no desire to start a new book today. It is about 4:30 by now so I decide to take a nap. Matteo and T had a kid’s birthday to go to today and asked if I wanted to tag along but I refused and thanked her for the invite. Woman to woman she could tell that I was not as happy about the day so far and let me be. I told her that I might still be here when she comes back but hopefully not.

I wake up after having strange dreams about stairs and gifts. I look at my clock and it is almost 6:30. He told me “early” so I wonder what that means in Romanian time. T comes home and is more disappointed to see me home than I am. She comes outside to share a smoke with me and tells me that after all this that he doesn’t deserve the cupcakes and gifts. She tells me a funny story about when she was about twenty years old and was really mad at her boyfriend for only an hour delay and threw a gift he gave her on the floor once he finally showed up. “He needs to take you to the nicest restaurant in Rome for all this he put you through today. Who cares if it is his birthday?” I laugh but know it is probably not going to happen any time soon.

I pour myself a glass of red wine from yesterday and wait for the good pasta dinner. It is now 8:30 and I am without a message and I do not plan to get dressed or put the finishing “veil” of powdered sugar on the cupcakes until he calls. Earlier in the day I planned to take the elevator down to preserve the safety of the dessert but now? I consider letting the children have some and ruining the dozen but decide that’s unfair. During dinner we have some issues with the DVD player. I think that it has finally had enough water abuse and is slowly dying. Drowning in dirty water, would be my diagnosis. Tommaso chooses 4 films and has me pick one. It is between Toy Story 1 or 2, Monsters Inc. and some G-Force film that looks like it is about gerbils that attack. I choose Toy Story 1. The DVD player still won’t play, not that it matters. After my choice was made Tommaso picked up the G-Force film and vetoed my vote. His father jokes that he will make a great politician some day. He would give everyone their “choice” then do what he wants. At least politicians are all the same in all the world. T shows the DVD who is boss and somehow fixes it but it is getting too late to start a film before the children have to go to bed. It is now 9:10 and dinner is finished and I am writing about it instead of out having cocktails. I ruthlessly check for the receipt for my gift…just in case I never give him his present. The cold cupcakes might be enough after all this crap.

I am talking with my mom via Skype and she is going through my bathing suits and shoes helping me to decide what she should send to me. Seeing my shoes and their house made me miss home but I was happy to see all my shoes and have her so sweet and helpful. She could tell I was upset by the tone of my voice and could tell I was feeling down. Nothing like shoes and bathing suits to cheer me up. During my decision over vans or converse my phone rings and it is him. He tells me that he will be here in twenty minutes. Always twenty minutes. Soon as I see his number my attitude disintegrates and I am nervous/excited for him to come get me. I am sure that most of my anxiety and nerves were due to my “woman’s day.” I hurry to say goodbye and remember that I must dust the cupcakes with powdered sugar still. I get dressed and quietly step to the kitchen in my high-heeled black boots. I make it snow on the raspberry cakes and wait for the message to come down. I take the elevator all the way down to avoid the steps while carrying the gifts and my purse.

Once inside the car I sense my attitude and try to lighten up. He asks me what he is to do with all the cupcakes since there are so many. I told him I had no idea and that they were intended for his party not just for him and me. And Mario, of course, seated quietly in the backseat smoking. He inhales two during the drive and tells me that the cake he had earlier sucked and these he liked much better. Once we arrive to our destination he opens his other gift and is pleasantly surprised. Mario says that he likes it as Mickey tries to put it on his keys. He thanks me and I help him secure the Ferrari chain to his car keys. Later, he tells me that when his brother sees it he will try to steal it since he really likes Ferrari. He promised it won’t happen.

Once we find his friend we order some cheese and wine. He is distracted by his new phone and I find that everyone is interested in his new Samsung flat screen. He shows me pictures that he took from the party of his brother and cousin. He tells me that his mother prepared all kinds of carne for lunch. I don’t really like meat here so I guess I didn’t miss much. We enjoy the wine and taste all the cheese while speaking in both Italian and English. I learn that his friend’s girlfriend is also a nanny for two children, but she has been with them for 5 years! Funny thing is that I thought that he turned 26 today. I was wrong he is only 25! The entire day I was mad I was missing his day yet I didn’t even know how many years that he has! Whoops. It was a nice night and he tells me, on the short drive home, that if it is good weather on Wednesday that maybe we can try the park. He laughs and says that he is not making any definite plans since he never knows what he is doing until twenty minutes before hand. At least he knows that he isn’t good at making plans and can admit it.


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