We Go Together Like Pineapple and Fried Rice…

Posted on April 13, 2011


Dear Strange Dinner,

Tonight was an unusual dinner at the house. The boys were acting up and while T and I were attempting order with their toys soon as she walked out the room Tommaso started dumping each box of toys in the corner. Mixing everything once again that we just separated. I was not going to be responsible for this so I went to the kitchen to “tell on them.” I was already having a difficult week so this was not about to be the start of my night. She yelled and screamed at them and they began to make some order but after about 10 minutes they still were not finished and from the sounds of the fight someone decided to pee on the bed and try to cover it up and blame the other. T was pissed by now! (No pun intended) I changed the bed and Matteo asked if I would help with the toys. I told him it was not possible, sorry. He frowned and continued alone while Tommaso was busy making another mess. I took a shower before dinner and they still were not finished putting their toys away. She called them to the table and the had the giggles and were not listening so T decided to separate them. This has never happened before so this was serious. I went into the kitchen with my wine and fed Matteo. T shut the kitchen door and told Tommaso to eat. Over and over again. Matteo was in a funny mood and was trying to convince me of these made up words for objects in the kitchen in Italian. I knew he was joking with me but it was hard not to laugh with him. The board with English words and pictures is in the kitchen so he told me what each one was. Bravo! He really does retain a lot for a 5-year-old. He remembers everything. In fact, today when I picked them up from school I heard him say, “vaffanculo!” and I grabbed him to cover his mouth and told him to not say that EVER again! This little kid just said F you!? I have never said that word so I know that it was not from me.

After I feed Matteo his dinner and help him into his pajamas it is about 8:30. I still have not heard from Mickey so I recharge my phone and dial his number. He answers and we have a 17 minute conversation about everything that had been bothering me since his birthday on Sunday. I tell him that what happened hurt my feelings and he did his best to convince me that it wasn’t “about me”  but I am still livid. This Wednesday was the absolute first one that I listened to him to not eat at home since we usually go out and he tells me that he is not planning on coming out tonight. I understand but I wonder if I didn’t call him if he was going to tell me of his plans of doing nothing tonight? I will never know. I am unsure if I truly care at this point. I think that I am finished being nice and I told him that I don’t think that he has time for me. I couldn’t tell if he really understood the seriousness in my tone that I was telling him that maybe we should not even see each other anymore. His friend is coming into Rome from his hometown this weekend so he tells me that Friday I can meet him. I tell him that I have plans with Francesca to go to Trastevere. The end of our conversation he told me that he would send me a message and find me on Friday night. I guess we’ll see what happens. I asked him what he wants from me and he told me he did not know and that time has passed and he is wondering about when it comes time for me to leave. The future. That didn’t answer my question at all.

When I had lunch with the girls today and told them about Sunday they couldn’t believe how “calm” that I was about it. Maybe they are right, I didn’t handle it well and so that is why I had to have the conversation on the phone with him tonight. I prefer talking in person but obviously that was not happening and I didn’t want to wait. Over Chinese food in Rome my girls told me that he needs to know and understand that no one treats me like he did. I had some steamed dumplings and a bite of some rice that Frances offered me. I have never seen fried rice with pineapple but that is what it was. Pretty tasty but not sure if it makes sense. Maybe that is Mickey and I? Something that could be good together but it doesn’t make sense. This unfamiliar mix reminds me of Taladega nights so I can still laugh. Cal says, “We go together like chinese food and chocolate puddin’! Let’s face it.” and Bobby says, “Yeah but those two things don’t really go together.” So Cal reminds him that, “we go together like cocaine and waffles!” and Bobby asks, “No, like for instance, if I say peanut butter and…” “Ladies! Cal says back with too much enthusiasm. “No, jelly” he tells him. Then stupidly, Cal asks, “I’m supposed to put jelly on a lady?” I miss my American films and Will Ferrell humor.

Since I had no dinner plans and couldn’t face “my parents” about yet another let down since Sunday I went to the kitchen and shook up a Nano drink and slowly sipped it in silence staring at the dirty dishes. I wasn’t hungry. Lexie not hungry? I know right…


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