It Does Not Count…and It Does Not Matter!

Posted on April 14, 2011


Dear Sunshine,

Where have you gone!? Today was not a day for a beach towel on the terrace. Let alone home made tanning oil.  The sunshine got traded in for wind and a temperature dip that made it difficult to be outside for any reason except to hang clean clothes out to dry. Sometimes the only plus with wind is that is dries clothes faster. Personally, I hate the wind with a passion. I hung out the wash and glared to the hidden sun that wouldn’t face me behind grey gloomy clouds. After I had a caffe and watched Sex and the City while doing a workout I realized that I was actually really hungry. Since I skipped dinner last night I weighed in at a little less than 55 kilo this morning! Anger+ sadness= weight loss. I saw that there were hamburger patties in the fridge (I learned later that the two were intended for ragu tonight…make that ONE for sauce..scusate!) and cooked one for myself and made a beautiful salad. I have been more conscientious of how much carbohydrates I consume daily and have an allowance of either bread OR pasta. I try very hard to not indulge in both. I’m working on not only my base tan before the beach but I also want to tone up a little more and lose some more pounds. Or in my case: kilo. 2 or 3 kilo sounds better than 5 or 6 pounds wouldn’t you agree?

I dressed cute today, for no reason in particular, except to make myself feel better. Doing my makeup or getting dressed up makes me feel like one in a million if I am feeling down. It works for me and today I still needed a little confidence boost. I dressed cute in new striped tights a black mini and my rhinestone cowboy-girl boots. My magenta fury hoodie compliments the boots so instead of a jacket I threw this together and was out the door. Realizing a quarter of the way their that I might have forgotten to lock the door behind me I slowed my steps. I have already gone too far. T meets me after I take Matteo from class and lead him to play outside. I keep an eye out on Matteo and watch her bag while she goes down to get Tommaso. Matteo starts digging in her bag telling me, “ho fame!” (I’m hungry!) and I tell him there is nothing. He finds some chocolates wrapped up and runs to ask his mother if he can have one. She runs back over to me and explains that there is liquor in them and he cannot have one! I laugh and she pulls some wafers out her purse and offers them. He chows two and says that they suck. He offered me one but I told him no thank you. Kid, you just told me that they sucked! Soon after we rounded the kids and were running across the street to catch the bus.

Once home we did the usual: change our pants, shoes, pee, wash the hands and eat. I still have not gotten them both to perform these simple tasks before eating in less than 12 minutes. Trust me I have timed them! I was looking forward to taking Tommaso to basket-ball but was let down when T told me that she would be taking him; not me. Matteo and I had a great time, surprisingly, making new cards with new English words and my drawings. He would take his time coloring them and saying each word. We must have done this for about an hour and I was having too much fun when he decided he wanted to change the activity. Legos was nixed and he just wanted me to sit on the couch and watch him on his scooter. He would ride hard and crash into the couch or door and I would applaud hoping he didn’t fall really hard and get hurt.

Next he started climbing on me and asking me to “flip” him. This is my best arm workout and a good leg workout when he climbs on me and I have to carry his entire body and keep him from falling. I literally will do leg lifts with his full body weight or do squats with his feet on my knees and holding his hands to steady him. He laughs and laughs and when he slips he says,” no, no cosi!” (no, not like this!) “Cosi!” My arm workout is when he holds onto one of my arms across his chest then I take the other arm under his knees and swing him around doing a back flip. I can only do about 3 or 4 each arm then I have to tell him I am too tired! (Sono stanco!) Once I get him to calm down we go back to the scooter and he lets me ride it out and then applaud me when I fall over the couch. The housekeeper came out to see what all the giggling was about and we let her have a shot but she was a little nervous. Matteo laughed and laughed. I worried that all the laughing might have to make him pee so I told him to go. He told me he didn’t have to by yelling so I told him “hey! Non urlare!” (no shouting!) Two seconds passes and he anounces, “fare la ca-ca!” (I have to make a poop!) Va bene. “Wash your hands after!” I yell to him.

Once he came back out he tried to tell me something while fixing his sweats that were twisted. I ask him, “what…?” and then he just stops and says, “ummmm…non fa niente.” Which means “it doesn’t matter.” Right then we hear the keys in the door and Tommaso and T come pouring through. We had just turned Tom & Jerry on TV (one of my personal favorites) which was probably a mistake since Tommaso zombie stumbled to the couch and refused to take a bath telling us that he would tomorrow after judo. (domani dopo judo!) No arguments. The boys engage in some kind of match during a commercial break and no matter what, like I have said before Tommaso always must win and if he is not winning? I learned and finally understand what he always is shouting. “Non vale!” Whenever I score a goal on him and would be winning. “Non vale!” when and if his brother is faster at anything than him. And lastly, “non vale!” for any mistakes he makes. Non vale= it does not count! Ma…. non fa niente…(but…it doesn’t matter.)


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