Shots for the Cobble-stone Stumble…and I Crumble…

Posted on April 15, 2011


Dear Clean-up Crew of One,

That would be me. The boys skipped Judo so instead they shut their door and made the biggest disaster that I have seen yet! It was such a wreck that I agreed to just clean and sort myself on the agreement that they boys could not come near their room until I finished. An hour later and the company of my mom, dad and cousin via Skype I “made some order.” T’s punishment was to only leave them two types of toys and the rest? We hid away at the top of the coat closet. I counted the different types of toys in this massive mix up and concluded there were TEN! The only options now were cars and animals. No more ANYTHING. I happily “took away” these tiny toys that I was finished with.

We took the boys out from school early around 1 so they got a little bit of “cabin-fever.” A group decision led us to some water coloring and for the most part I think that is calmed them for a while. I didn’t paint I stayed in charge of opening and closing the paints to avoid wasting and to keep myself clean and away from the poster paint. Somehow I still got some on my pants but I believe it is water based so I shouldn’t have too many problems. I hope. I watched the clock and couldn’t wait to eat and get going for my night. 8 o’clock finally came! As I was putting the last-minute sparkles in my eyes to match my shirt I heard S come home. I asked if he could break my 50 since I know me. If I bring it out I will spend it ALL. He gives me a twenty and tells me not to worry about it! He also throws 5 coins at me and tells me to have a fun night! Such a “dad” moment! It reminded me of a little something that my father calls an “open purse policy!” Thanks for the bucks cuz I needed it! Last week I stupidly lended someone a twenty and never got it back so I was thankful for this replacement twenty.

I had made plans with Lina and Miss Frances Ford to have one last round of drinks since Lina was leaving us! Her next home will be in Tuscany. We plan to stay in touch and I hope to go and visit her once she is settled. Frances and I discussed all the other places that we plan to travel before I head back to the States. Florence. Sicily. Vienna. Venice. Croatia. And Sienna to name just a few. Each drink that we enjoyed opened me up for further traveling and I became anxious for our first trip. We calculated about 10 places to see so we better get to it starting the end of this month!

Once we settled into a great little cocktail place in Trastevere we ordered our first round of drinks. I love that the menus here are always so detailed and it is “normal” for all the fresh made drinks to take about 10 minutes. Each is carefully and thoughtfully assembled to perfection. I landed on a gorgeous drink called “Crumble.” The presentation alone was worth a photo.

The taste was like a fresh made apple pie soaked in apple liquor. Along side the drink I was served a three-piece slice of apple dusted with sugar and cinnamon then hit with a mini torch til golden and crispy. I was thoroughly impressed and drank my drink the slowest after we each had a taste test and passed each drink to our left until we had our original in front of us. All three were amazing and beautiful. Once I finished my drink, strangely I was the last to finish, we headed into the empty bar to flirt with the bartender that Lina knew named Alesandro. Of course it is. If a guy isn’t Luca or Andrea?? Alesandro. He poured three shots of some sort of lemon and ginger concoction that made our tummy warm and each smile with shrugged shoulders in agreement that we were probably going to get drunk! We order another round and changed drinks. Mistake. I should have stuck to my booze pie. I had some sort of mango surprise that was heavy with alcohol. He drowned all our fruit drinks with excessive liquor but we didn’t mind. It was more important the company than the drinks in front of us. We had some fun conversations and I knew that this was one of those moments that I wouldn’t forget. By 1am we realized that we were hungry and needed food. When we arrived at 9:41 we had just missed the “free food!” by 11 minutes. We left after taking a picture behind the bar with our new best friend the bartender after he gave us another ginger shot for the road. Or in this case…the cobble-stone. One for the cobble-stone stumble towards pizza heaven. This particular pizza place was very busy and full of kids drunk and hungry. I couldn’t help but blend in with these amatures. I was buzzed and had my eye on a gorgonzola and fresh mozzarella slice. The extremely cute pizza boy cut our pizzas for us and gave us a total. We quietly (maybe not that quietly..drunkenly) discussed his overly waxed eyebrows interfering with his hotness. Perhaps he heard us because once I asked him to heat my piece of pizza my price went up 30 cents! We don’t mind and stand at the counter sharing bites with our pizza and each of us held on to the night, not wanting it to end. Maybe I was holding on the most to this night. I was expecting a call or text that never arrived that I hoped would turn my night into even more fun than it already was. Frances and I find our way through Trastevere with a few wrong turns and finally arrive back to were we first met hours earlier. I catch my night bus and get home after 2am. I wash my face and get into my bed. I make myself a promise that no matter what happens the rest of the weekend it wasn’t going to matter. No call and no-show was my final straw. Spring Break-Up has officially began! Bring on the nice weather, train rides and the sea! I am ready and know that when it is just me I am the most fun. I don’t need much and I definitely don’t need to wait for anyone anymore. Next week I am going to the Vatican solo. My original plan when I arrived. Sometimes it sucks to be right but its worse to be wrong.


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