Public Pillow Fights and Smoking Accesories…

Posted on April 17, 2011


Dear Chocolate Adventure in Eur,

What a day! I made plans to meet Miss Ford near her home and planned to go to Eur for some chocolate festival event. Eur is literally OFF my map far! We finally found each other and I went with her to the supermercato to pick up a few things for lunch at home. There were five of us for lunch and it was nice to just be all girls. In this anti-boy mood I have been in this was a relief from my own drama. Her sister and her remind me of my sister and I. One likes to cook and the other does not. They share clothes and purses and argue over the same silly stuff but continue to be best friends at the same time. Their roommate sets the table with placements, wine, some crunchy crisp chips, bread and water. I love that the water pitcher was the coffee pot! I love that all meals are prepared and the table is set to perfection. Our first course was some pasta with sage that was a good-sized proportion. I enjoyed each bite and we laughed and had our girl talk. I was happy that Miss Ford didn’t bring him up or ask me anything about him in front of the girls. Her sister was an au pair last year for a family and when she stopped it seemed it was because the woman kept on having kids! Popping kids out the oven each year. This conversation was in both English and Italian but in both languages it translates to something like a “bun in the oven!” We have a good laugh and I explain that a bun is like a small bread and we have a good laugh when it is the same saying! We cheers our wine and clear the dishes for our second plate of chicken and potatoes. Nicely cooked and a smaller portion. Everyone ate, finished and smiled while rubbing our full bellies! Chocolate? I could barely put down my caffe after this lovely lunch! Luckily, Eur was REALLY far and it took us quite the while to arrive. I know now that I prefer something salty opposed to something sweet.

Two metros, one tram and a long walk the wrong way around the lake we found the tents with crowds of chocolate fiends. There was no such thing as a line just crowds of people pushing, shoving and shoveling chocolate in their mouths. When we found an open area we decided on some mousse but I just wanted hazelnut and chocolate bites. Sadly, this chocolate was not too die for delicious. I am not a choco-holic but I have my favorite kinds of chocolate. After two pieces my stomach hurts from the sweetness and we walk it off. The girls friend’s younger brother was attending some huge “public pillow fight” that we were trying to locate. Once we walk the wrong way again for the third time today we realize that we missed the fight! This was something that I wanted to see…damnit! This is not a joke! I checked it out and there are places ALL over the world that organize these public pillow wars! Brilliant yet I think could be dangerous. 700 people attended this particular one that we missed but I will have to participate in one at least before I turn 30!

It was nice to sit and relax in the sun with the girls. It was close to 7pm and the sun was finally setting slowly behind the ruins. This place is one of those “feelings” that I cannot explain. You have to be present to understand the massive power that it carries. I took some photos but I feel that they look like postcards and the sense is just not captured.

We then moved on and decided to wait for the bus to take us back towards home. After a long wait we finally jump on the C3 bus. I learn that the C3 bus is for Cemetery. This particular bus makes rounds to a huge cemetery in Rome. I am unsure the name but I might want to learn more about this grand cemetery…pretty interesting. After we get off at Termini we go into the shopping area and lose her sister right away since she was on a mission for something. I realize that if I am going to make it home for dinner I should get going so they kiss me good-bye and I thank them for the great day. They remind me that Wednesday there is a free concert that I should go with them to. I will think about it that is for sure. At the moment of our farewell I got nervous walking towards Termini. I knew that I had to pass his work taking this bus but that was the only way that I know how to get home from this side of town. I board my bus and control my breathing while we round the piazza towards his restaurant. The stop is literally in front of his work and it is like a terrible car accident. I cannot look away but I hate myself for looking for him in front of his place of work. Once the crowd at the stop gets on the bus I see him. He doesn’t see me but I saw him long enough to get upset and realize that I am very much still confused and hurt. Why!? All the time in the world and he happens to be right there 20 feet away from me on this day? I don’t believe in good and bad luck but at that moment I felt like bad lucked tapped my shoulder. What could be the reason for such torture forced upon me in that moment? I let myself feel a film of tears but suck it up and blink hard to avoid them. Once I let the sadness pass, anger takes its place and I am mad all the way home. I have one cigarette left and hope that it is my last. I don’t have a lighter so I ask someone once I get off the bus and walk to my house. This nice old man searched and searched his bag with no success. He was about to apologize but a small old medicine man came right over and lit my cancer stick. While he held the flame his kind eyes held my gaze and I thanked him. His, I assume his grandson smiled to me and said, “ciao bella.” He must have been maybe 8 and had the cutest smile and the same eyes as his grandfather. The family walked ahead of me then I saw the old man slow down and turn back towards me. He stopped in front of me and grabbed my hand and put the small red lighter in my palm and closed it with smiling eyes. “Per me??” I ask while he just nods and tells me to have a good night. I think I was emotionally a wreck from the coincidence of seeing him because for some reason I did let a tear fall after he turned from me. It was like this stranger could sense my sadness and wanted to give me something to feel better. So much for not smoking I just got a smoking accessory! I will do my best to maintain my health and focus on me. I can buy a candle and use the lighter instead of clouding my lungs with smoke. Thanks old man for the smiling eyes and accendino! (lighter in Italian)


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