What a Mess!!! And My Favorite Car is….

Posted on April 18, 2011


Dear Pizza Rosso,

The red pizza. This is probably Matteo’s favorite kind of pizza which is just plain with only red sauce. It has become one of my favorites but I went with a piece with roasted peppers for myself. On my way to pick him up early from school I bought some pizza and hoped to find a place to sit outside and eat so that we wouldn’t have to wait until we got home. Once we crossed the street he started with the “ho sete!” (I’m thirsty) so together we went inside a store to buy some water. I asked for a cup for him and took the open table outside in the sun. I handed him his two pieces smooshed together like a sandwich. One bite he slopped half the sauce right into his grey sweatpants. I told him to watch what he was doing and to eat over the table but the second bite and third napkin didn’t seem to help the kid. Now his tee-shirt was a mess. I ate mine and helped him with his until we ran out of napkins. I went back inside to get more napkins and watched him try to wipe his face with the dirty napkin. “What a mess!” I tell him and he repeats it to me. I am unsure if he understands what I said but he kept telling me each time that he spilled more on himself. “WHAT A MESS!” He yells so that the other full tables look at us. I tell him not to yell and he just smiles with a pizza sauce mustache which makes me laugh. He reminds me that when when we go home that we will have to change his pants and wash our hands. At least he understands this routine. Once we finish and he offers me his last bite since he tells me that he is full I let him feed me. I gather his jacket, my purse and water and find his toy to give back to him once I wipe his hands the cleanest they can be for now. I lead him the short walk home and tell him that I like the Porsche Cayenne parked and he tells me its ugly! (Bruto!) I tell him its “nice” and he shrugs and points to another car to tell me its “dirty” and points to the scratches along the bottom. Each car for the remainder of our walk we stopped an examined to determine if it was nice, ugly, clean or dirty. I touched each bike and car and his hands became filthy once more. We must have judged 37 cars and bikes combined! He really liked an orange Harley Davidson, a black Ducati and a green Mini Cooper! Him and I have some similarities in cars and bikes no doubt. I cannot help but notice how many cars all have deep scratches along their bumpers and head and tail lights are a mess. Along the street you can park however you want, facing any direction that works and many Smart cars are parked perpendicular to the other bigger cars. It looks like a big tight mess of cars but I suppose it is normal here.

It is only a little after 1:30 when we arrive home and I tell him to pick a movie and relax on the couch with me. He had a little fever and I think that since I pulled him early from school we should take it easy for the afternoon. He watches Harry Potter and tells me to watch some scenes with him while he jumps over the pillows to hold my chin and force me to look at the TV. In between my book and Harry Potter I feel myself getting tired and bored. About an hour later T comes home early to do some work. I help with some laundry and make sure that the Harry Potter disc stops skipping. Finally, Matteo announces that it is “dirty!” in English and then tells me in Italian to take it out and go clean it in the bathroom. Va bene. I do what he says and the movie plays all the way through. Just as it’s over T leaves to get Tommaso and comes back home with a huge bag of McDonalds with two Happy Meals. I help them open their toys and pour their orange juice in plastic cups. They eat and play slowly while I put the laundry away.

Together we play some games that make us all laugh. T and I are the worst at the game “memory” and we both know it! We try to skip our turns but the boys have more fun watching us mess up than actually playing. It is good to practice counting and speaking English with them during these short simple games. In about 20 minutes we played with 4 different games. Each game Tommaso won, of course, and Matteo would fight me or be my partner. If he wasn’t climbing on me loving me up he was squeezing my arm in anger when I told him it wasn’t his turn or that he was wrong. We played about two rounds of “Guess Who” which in Italian is “Indovina Chi” and practiced asking short questions to me in English such as, “Male or female?” and “is he wearing a hat?” or “black hair?” The game is not easy when my partner is knocking down all my characters before I have a chance to ask anything! T realized that half way through the game that her character was not a female but a male!! We laughed really hard when I thought the same thing about this particular cartoon. It really looks like a woman with a beard! Confused and exhausted we give it a break but still laugh about the lady man. Suddenly, it feels really cold in the house and we all get thin jackets or sweatshirts and decide to play something else. We pull out some mini Legos that are missing too many pieces so the boys get frusterated when I can’t help them since there is not much I can do about a tiny Lego that is the main structure for the building. “Lexie! Help me please!” They tell me so determined like I have the missing link hiding in my pocket and just making them wait for fun. I explain that it isn’t possible and tell them sorry. One is usually more upset than the other but in this situation I just walked away and began setting the table. They moved back to the couch and I cleaned up the tiny mess of Legos on the floor and table.

After dinner it was still early enough to let them finish their cartoons until S came home. I read my book curled up on the couch under the lamp and listened to them sing along to some Italian songs that T would sing and dance to as well. Her and her boys are too cute sometimes and I just like to watch them together. When they aren’t fighting or kicking each other and yelling they are really sweet to their mother!


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