“Well…that’s TOO bad…”

Posted on April 20, 2011


Dear Earth Day Italia,

I finally went to Villa-Borghese. It is not very far at all. But it was at night and it was a free concert so it was jam-packed with people and green balloons. It took me about 20 minutes to realize that it was indeed an Earth Day celebration, explaining all the green and smells of weed! Neither of us girls could remember the official “earth day” so I said today (4/20) and the girls said 4/23. We were all wrong! It is 4/22. I guess I was thinking 420 day was Earth day? Whoops. I looked it up later and found that it began in 1970 by an American and is now celebrated in over 175 countries around the world. Some hippie senator organized a day to discuss and support the environment. Thus, Earth day stuck. Nothing to do with marijuana either! Miss Ford and her sister and I found our way through the crowd and were thoroughly entertained by this guy in front of us rocking out to Patty Smith! That is one guest singer that we heard and the other was some artist from Sicily. Sicilia- sounds like See-chill-ya! The correct way to pronounce Sicilia if anyone cares. Patty Smith is getting old. I was unsure who it was until the old songs “Power of the People” and “Because the Night” came blaring through to crappy outdoor speakers! All in all it was more of a show watching this guy get into her music while everyone else just watched motionless except for the occasional drunken sway from drinking too much beer. I was surprised that no one had lighters held up throughout the crowd…I felt much too young for this music. This is not my generation that is a fact.

After the concert we grew tired of standing in one spot so we slid away before it ended to avoid the crowd. Of course, we take a bus the wrong direction then get on the other one of the same number going to right direction. We people watch and try to decide where to go next. Miss Ford’s sister wanted a Guinness so we went to her favorite spot for a beer. As we walked I realized that I have been there before. More than twice. Once we turn the corner I slow my high-heeled stomp and frown when I realize exactly where we are headed. There is a huge crowd outside and there is a Roma soccer game on the big screen facing outside. The location is called Druid’s Bar. I have come here many times to play pool, drink Jameson since they don’t carry Ballantines, laugh when guys have Bicardi Breeze and had my first Apple Cider Beer. I felt like this was “his” bar and I was intruding. I desperately hoped that he was not there. IF he was he didn’t come and say hello to me if he happened to see me. Perhaps. I ordered two drinks at once. Jameson rocks and had the pint of Guinness with the girls. I hate that bartenders always change the price on you! Once this shot was only 3 another it was 4. Tonight? 5. I don’t know if it is worth 6 if I come back here if this is the way it’s going! I don’t even like it that much. I cheers the girls and then cheers myself and slam the whiskey. I feel better instantly. I worried that if I started drinking it would interfere with my plans to never try to reach him again via text. I surprised myself that I didn’t even want to a tiny bit! The sisters invited me to a 4 day party back where they are from at the end of May. It sounds like a great adventure and I cannot wait for the end of May to arrive! Wine tasting, outdoors, farms and real Italians. They told me that if I don’t mind the smell of cow plop then I will have a good time! Yes, they really told me that. Then they told me a story about on of them being so inebriated that she fell face first in cow shit! Purple wine stained teeth and lips come with this trip as well. I cannot wait for my part in this “Shit Show!” I told them all about “shit show” being a term of explanation of a wild night (or day) for that matter. They agreed and told me they say something like that in Italian, but of course I cannot remember how they told me…whiskey 1. Lexie 0. Together we finished our beers and said goodnight. It was pretty funny to watch the dedicated and intoxicated fans go wild when Roma finally scored a goal. It was clear that Roma fans were inside and the enemy team? They were outside with all their arms crossed and smoke coming out their ears. We pass an angry guy that smiles at me when we pass him. I see that he is smoking so I ask him for one. It was my first one in a few days! It was a Marlboro Light. I lit it with my red lighter that was gifted by that strange man and found my night bus.

 Earlier in the day I woke up semi-early to attempt the Vatican. I left around 11 and knew that it was impossible since it is Easter soon and Saint Peters is full of people. The Pope is outside under perfect shade and I snap a far away photo and fight my way across the piazza. I get shoulder bumped and elbowed all the way to the other side. Yeah…Vatican is not happening today. It is nearly noon and I must be back before 3 to meet nana to pick the boys up. I walk and window shop at all the new spring and summer wear. Each place has the most gorgeous window settings of shiny skimpy suits on perfect manequinns. The adult barbie wears EVERYTHING  and ANYTHING so well. I admire the shoes, jewelry and handbags in each window and am tempted to go inside when a pair of white summer boots beckon me. Luckily, too much time had passed and I had to get back home. I realized that I was hungry for lunch and would rather make something for free then spend 4 euro on a half-assed sandwich. When I say half-assed I mean half. When these lame sandwiches are on a vender truck or show window they make them look all full and inviting. Once they press them in the panini press one realizes that the reason that the sandwich looks so full is that all the elemetns that makes the sandwich are only on one side of the bread! I learned this after my first time buying probably a month ago and I will never again buy off the street. Half-assed vendors making that money.

Once I am back home and eat I barely have time to brush my teeth before the phone starts ringing and it is T telling me to go down to meet nana NOW! Since it is Easter the church at school was having mass at 3 so she wanted to attend. When I am in the car with her she asks me,”you have boyfriend?” She speaks to me in half English and mostly Italian, I like when she does this but today I wasn’t prepared to answer. Yesterday, the title of my blog was “The Answer is NO.” I guess I answered my own question when I wrote that. I told her that I don’t know…then told her the truth. No. The answer is NO. It is Wednesday and unless his schedule changed he was off today. If it didn’t change I thought that if I was going to try to call him for the last time (ultimo!) that it was best to do at school. I knew that he would not answer but I thought it was better to make that last attempt in a place that I was not standing around that often. If I had made that stupid call at home or on my terrace it would forever be burned in the back of my mind. It is clear. We are over; he still has done nothing. I guess that I don’t get the last word. I feel like if my nana were to listen to me about this guy she would wave her hand and say, “well…that’s too bad.”

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