Cell Phone Suicide and Designer Shoes..for Kids…for Lexie…for Discount

Posted on April 22, 2011


Dear Blonde Moment,

Today I finally understand why all the homes have the heavy shutters that close out the world. It is not for shielding the sunlight when you take daytime naps (but also splendid for) but it is indeed for shutting out the SOUNDS of the city! Cars and buses run up and down the street at all hours and it is actually quite loud. The bomb shelter heavy metal masks the noise, duh. Ya…blonde moment accepted.

Since it is Easter weekend T asked me to take the “beast” leg of lamb to the macelleria (butcher shop) since she could not leave the house. Last night before dinner I could tell something was up with Matteo but didn’t know what it was. The neighbor kid came over to play and after about an hour he “ran out of batteries” and slumped onto the couch next to me while I was reading and ” keeping an eye” on the children. Soon as their friend left, and left the huge mess of Legos behind, Matteo went to his mother and she carried him to sit with her on the couch. She kept asking him what hurt or if is was his stomach. He shook his head and when he turned pale she asked if he was going to throw up but he shook his head no. Then all of a sudden he stood up, swayed and then chucked EVERYTHING he had eaten all day. A silent waterfall of puke went all over his shoes and the huge rug in front of the couch! Tommaso looked at him, shrugged and then stood watching the TV and ignored his brother completely! This kid amazes me. Nothing can phase him or shock him I swear. T kept yelling for me to get something but in her frenzy she couldn’t remember the english word and I had no idea what she was saying! I felt so helpless and useless I yelled for Tommaso to help me or help his mother but he was a TV zombie! Matteo was finished decorating the carpet and smelling up the room by the time that I understood that she wanted me to get the laundry bowl in case she had to “catch” more vomit. Ooops. I helped Matteo to rinse his mouth and change into clean clothes. His little belly was making more noise so I asked him if he needed to throw up more and he said no. He still had enough energy to tell me that he needed to wash his hands (in English) since he had some chunks on the back of his hand. Poor little guy. I dressed him and then he wandered over to his parents bed and curled into a fetal position. I rubbed his little back and put the thermometer under his armpit to check if he had a fever. By the time that I could get it just right and still keep him covered his eyes were closed and he had fallen asleep. I told T that he was out before I could check the temperature so she put a blanket around him and made him some chamomile tea. He threw up again before he went to bed and Tommaso came running into my room to tell me to come look! No thank you I told him I didn’t want to see that again.

T couldn’t leave his side today and he was still feeling sick. I don’t believe that he threw up again today but she asked if I would go take the “beast” to Franco, her butcher. Someone delivered anothe leg of lamb to the house for Easter! I don’t think that she understands that I LOVE leaving the house to run errands like this. I LOVE the store. I LOVE getting out of the house for a real reason! I jumped up to get dressed and was out the door wheeling the “beast” behind me in a striped  tote. I felt like a true Roman going to the butcher shop. She told me that she called ahead to tell him that I was coming but I still wanted to speak with him even if it was only a short conversation. I waited in the line at the shop eager to introduce myself to Franco. When it was my turn he smiles and says, “ciao! Dimmi cara!” (Hi, tell me my dear!) I respond with “ciao! Franco? Sono qui per T…?” (hi I am here for T…?) he nods and says, “ohhh si, si, si diamo una sguardo a questa bestia!!” (yes, let’s have a look at this beast!) He comes around the counter to help lift the bagged victim and hoists it up onto another counter in the back. I stand around for a moment then ask, “giusto?” (all right?) He then said something along the lines that he would call when he was finished. I caught about three words: chiamero (will call), fatto (done) and pronta (ready). I told him, “grazie e arrivederci!” on my way out to make another stop at the supermercato for bread. I like Franco’s grin and his slaughter house white coat.

Once I am back home I ask immediately if I can go back out for the afternoon. She tells me it is not a problem and to have a good day. I pack my purse with water and my map. I decided to walk a different way to get to Via Del Corso which would be along the river instead of winding through the streets and taking the bus. When I looked at my map it seems an easier route and a straight shot. For once I was correct! It was an overcast day but I still walked in a tank top and jeans. I made it to my destination and made the decision that I would have some gelato sometime today. Someone at home had been asking me about the pistachio gelato and I have not had that flavor here. At home yes but here? Today was the designated day for the green cream.

I walked around for about 3 hours window shopping at Gucci and went to the Spanish Steps to admire the spring flowers. I was told that they fill the stairs with spring flowers to celebrate the new season. It was gorgeous and full of tourists and locals! I finally felt good and my mind was clear about Mickey so I was enjoying my day to myself. Soon as I caught myself thinking about him I would walk into the nearest shop and empty my thoughts into shoes I couldn’t afford. Someone asked me for the time so I pulled out my monster Nokia and saw that not only it was nearly five o’clock but that I had two missed calls. It was him! What the hell!? I missed them both by  twenty minutes. I hesitate to call him back and turn a corner and tripped over some cobble-stone. I catch my step and I am standing in front of a little boutique that is HIS NAME! His real name people! If that is not a “segno” (sign) then I don’t know if I would have been so quick to call him back. I try his phone and it doesn’t go through. My phone beeps as the batteries flash. Damnit! I charged my camera and not my phone by choice today thinking, “who’s going to call me today?” I curse the sky and put my phone back in my bag. I continue my walk and wonder what he wants to say to me. My phone rings and I stumble once more over the cobble-stone in my attempt at moving too fast to then let the phone ring three times before answering like nothing,”pronto?” I love that when Italians answer the phone this is what they say! You are literally saying that you are “ready!” for whomever is on the line. “Finally. You answer.” his familiar voice tells me. I feel my heart pounding and I blurt, “ya sorry I didn’t hear my phone. And it is on low battery so it is probably going to die so now I cannot talk with you.” I think I spoke so fast that this was all one word. He then continues to try to ask me how I am doing and my phone beeps once more warning me to end the conversation before my phone commits relationship suicide. I interrupt his chatter and explain in slower words that my phone needs to be put on the charge and I am not at home. He asks me if he can call me later after work today. I agree and tell him to have a good day. Why did I tell him to have a good day? I should have just said, “F you very much for calling me finally! You should have called to say that you weren’t going to call!” ( a nod to LilyAllen and The Sweetest Thing) I hang up and my phone continues to warn me of its slow death all the way home. I have a little hop in my step from the satisfaction that he called soon as I mindfully “let him go.” Strange how things work out sometimes. I reward myself with the pistachio gelato split with Nutella. I choose a green spoon and find 2 euro to pay up for my patience with this guy. There is nothing that he can say to change where my mind went but there is nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned apology and explanation. After I finish my green treat I am hypnotized by the sweetness and find myself walking into a kid shoe shop. That’s it! Giusto! I can afford designer shoes afterall…in the kids section! My next shopping mission is to find some cute designer flats that are Gucci or Armani. I found my other favorite clothing shop and tried on cute things for about twenty minutes. I then bought a cute new white flowy tank, some black pants that remind me of a Genie in a Bottle, and a magenta skirt with two matching scarves for a belt and my hair. All for only 32 euro. I am so good at shopping it isn’t even funny. Cannot wait to hunt down my designer kicks…they might even have pink on them. And yes, my pants remind me of Aladdin or of whatever her name is in that movie. Jezabell? No, Jasmine maybe? I think every character in that movie wears pants like these so who cares!

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