Popcorn for Easter and More Hospital Food…

Posted on April 24, 2011


Dear “Hospital Food”,

I really don’t mind the simple plain food that we have been eating since the entire house, except me, has been sick. I have never had pasta in the hospital and I don’t think that I would like it! Here at home I like the pasta; no matter what it is served with.  I am the only one that has not thrown up. I don’t feel sick so I believe that my heavy dose of vitamins, double vitamin C from the juicy oranges, some Travel Tea herbs and daily intake of chocolate eggs on this quiet Easter Sunday have been my safety. Tommaso was throwing up from midnight until about 5 am then around 7 am his mother started puking! This poor family. I didn’t expect to go out or do much since the family is sick so I didn’t even take a shower today. I changed into my lounge outfit and was actually content with not leaving the house today. Deep down I didn’t really want to eat the “beast” or lamb leg anytime this weekend so it worked out in my favor. Since Friday we have been having rice and plain pasta. They call it “white” pasta when there is not sauce. I am unsure if they just refer to that name for me or if it is actually a translation since I didn’t hear them speaking of it in Italian. Lunch and dinner was the “white” pasta with oil and fresh grated parmesan. For dinner there was a little difference since T shred a little lemon with the linguine. The last few years I have been working at a Country Club so I never got to spend time with my family since I worked the entire day with other people’s families. Again, this year I didn’t eat much, nothing like the extravagant menu that I would serve, and wasn’t with my family.

I looked forward to renting a movie sometime today and was happy when S asked if I would take Matteo with me since he wanted to rent Rapunzel. I changed my pants and helped him with his jacket. S told me to bring my phone in case I had any problems with the card. He could sense my hesitance but encouraged us to go alone. We walked down to the street and Matteo took my hand and asked where we were going. “Dove stiamo andando..?” I tell him that we are going to get a movie. Right then we are walking by the cinema and he points with question in his eyes. “No, not there. It is closed.” (No, no qui. E Chiuso.) We continue our short walk to the Italian “red box” and I insert the membership card that has a faded silver “Video Land” logo on it. The screen is entirely in Italian but I guess what to push and have success. I find his kid movie and put the secret code in and it pops out a sliding metal door. I hand it to him and he asks, “Che cosa e?” which is something like “what is it?” and I tell him it is Rapunzel. He smiles and hugs the dirty plastic DVD holder. I tell him to wait for me to pick my movie. He paces around and then tells me that, “che devo fare pipi!” He has to “make pee-pee! and NOW! I tell walk him around the corner and tell him to just go there. He tells me to block him and I tell him not to pee on me. I turn my back and “block” him from the street. I laugh when I realize that his pants are all the way to his ankles. At what age do boys learn they don’t have to drop their pants to the ground to pee? I wonder what that conversation is like! Once I tell him to pull his pants up and we round the corner again I insert the card once more to find a movie for me. I really want Grease but it is not there. I didn’t really think it would be but it was worth a search. I see a timer at the bottom of the screen and see that I have only 2 more minutes until my five minutes are up!? This box charges you for translating and taking forever. That is just me but finding movies in Italian and trying to figure out their English title is not easy. I find Inception, and even though I have seen it before, I felt rushed and confirmed this choice. The screen flashed something about not having it or that I couldn’t get two films? I didn’t understand the problem and Matteo was getting bored. I ended the session then placed the card back in for the third time. Again it tells me I cannot rent it. I hear my phone receive a text and I check it. It is S asking if we are alright. I guess we have been gone a while? I tell him that I got Matteo’s film but was having trouble renting a second one. He tells me that he can come down to help us out. I tell Matteo that his papa is coming down and he asks why. I tell him that I need help. He looks to me like I need some serious help with life not just help renting a damn movie. Finally, we see him and he joins us. Another person came to use the machine we were using so we used the other one. That was all we had to do!!! It literally wouldn’t let you rent from the same machine two movies. You must change to get two. WELL I didn’t  understand that when it was all in Italian. He laughs and tells me that it is ok that I didn’t understand and that it is confusing since it isn’t always this way. We walk back to the house holding Matteo’s hands and lifted him up with each step since he asked us to make him a “big jump!” in English. I wish that I could still hold two people’s hands and be lifted like that once more!

Soon as we are in the door we put on Rapunzel in Italian. I get comfortable on the floor since this was a family event and I personally didn’t want to share much air or space with anyone. I still feared I would get sick so I kept my distance and watched happily while listening and reading English subtitles. This movie was super cute! I still get really involved and into it when I watch any movie. This is a good kid movie so watch it even if no children are around, but it is better when they are, I am sure.

After we ate more hospital pasta the boys went to bed and I called home to tell the family Happy Easter. They were making me jealous talking about all this amazing food they were eating and making for the day. I love that my sister finally likes to cook and be in the kitchen. My mom jokes that she became desperate enough without me making her eat all the time that she had no choice but to grab an apron. The best news is that she likes it! And she is looking forward to making me food for once! Amazing how things have changed since I left Reno. The people who stay in touch with me 6,000 miles away makes me smile. Time difference and all, it makes no difference to the ones I love most.

The family at home encouraged me to make my own home-made popcorn and enjoy my movie. I did and it was fantastic!! I didn’t eat it all but I didn’t make too much a mess and I didn’t burn it so I am awesome. I got my fuzzy blue blanket and curled into the couch. Inception is still a great film and I finally had hot popcorn with butter!…and another 3 chocolate eggs. These tiny treats are so addicting I am happy that Easter is over and we won’t have them ever again. Buona Pasqua…


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