Everyone Needs a Little Dean Martin in Their Life…

Posted on April 25, 2011


Dear MTV Italia,

I have become addicted to this channel. Sometimes it is some normal stupid shows from the States but I enjoy it most when it is the top 50 Italian hit songs. There is a little icon that says, “Italians do it better” in the corner of the screen. Makes me laugh. Ahhh Monday, bloody Monday. Everyone was off school and work so the house was full. I woke up not very hungry, for once, I will blame the popcorn from the night before. I didn’t even actually eat something until after 3 which is unusual for me. I lounged the entire day in and out of my room. I read, napped and watched MTV videos until it was dinner time around 8.

Dinner was fagioli e pasta. Beans and pasta. It was really, really, really good considering that it was once a “peasant” dish. It wasn’t like soup it was more of a thick texture like mexican beans with pasta! Sprinkled with a little fresh parmesan and a glass of wine; I was happy with what was served. Since I didn’t eat much all day I couldn’t eat as much as I normally can but still made sure that they knew that I enjoyed it. S thanked me since he told me that it was his creation. Even Tommaso required a round of applause for his papa. In the back of my mind I could hear Dean Martin singing softly,” when the stars make you drool just like pasta “fazool”…that’s amore..”

 The boys, so I heard, were very dramatic today and put on many plays and shows for their parents. I heard laughter, screaming, the piano and crying so it didn’t seem different from any other day. Perhaps I missed quite the performance this afternoon. I was in one of those moods where I didn’t feel like being social. I opened my window all the way and cuddled under my blanket and read my suspense crime novel that I have not been able to put down. Next thing I knew I was asleep and my room was getting dark. Either I was tired or my book just became a bore! I look outside and I can hear the quiet drops of rain. As cars and buses fly on the street I can hear puddles being interrupted and never settle before another car or bus runs through their center. I like the sounds of rain in this city. In fact, I think that I have come to appreciate anything  that is quiet since living with two kids under the age of 8.

It is quiet again right now in the house so I am going to enjoy it!


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