I Like the Tooth Fairy Mouse but I Don’t Like…

Posted on April 26, 2011


Dear Topolino Dei Denti,

This, my friends is the “tooth mouse!” Something like what we have called the “Tooth Fairy.” Tommaso lost a tooth and the little topolino (mouse) left him 3 coins! He was so excited to show me the hole in his grill and have me witness the three euro that he was gifted under his pillow! A little mouse!? When T told me about the little mouse I was worried since at first I thought that she was saying that there was literally a mouse in the house! I relaxed when she showed me the note from the “topolino dei denti” and told me to read/interpret it in English to the kids. It pretty much was a “once upon a time..”short story with a hint where to find the treasure (coins!) Too cute! So the Tooth Fairy does exist in other countries…this one doesn’t have wings but it sure was magic!

I thought that I had the house to myself this morning and around 9 I was about to get up when my heart jumped when I heard Tommaso calling out for his mom, “mama…mama..maaamaaa….MAMA…MAAAAAMAAAAAA!” GOOD MORNING! I was not alone. In fact, both the boys were home and S too. I got up around 11 to relieve S of his shift and played “Guess Who?” (Indovini chi?) with the boys until T came back an hour later. I cut up some oranges for us and tried to get Tommaso not to cheat in this game. I can never convince him that how he plays is usually wrong or he is cheating but sometime he will need to be told. He “helps” his brother out while peeking at the card so Matteo can never win since he “guesses” who he has every time! I laugh while Matteo looks impressed his brother “knew!” Stupified is the word I am looking for. I always wanted to use that word. Thanks Tommaso!

When T came home she asked if we wanted to “fare una bella passeggiata.” (to make a beautiful walk) We each put on a coat (again! with the coats in almost 70 degree weather…) and head outside. Matteo REALLY wanted to bring his bicycle out but we convinced him to just take his scooter instead. After a few minutes he finally gave in to us and let me carry it down the steps towards the newspaper stand. Tommaso wanted 7 packs of soccer stickers (calciatori) so that was the short mission. It is never that simple. The boys argued over what movie to buy and then they finally agreed on a double pack with Sansone and the Adventures of Mr. Fox. Sansone they ALREADY have but T didn’t realize til after we bought it already. In English it is Marmaduke. Yes, that ridiculous movie with that huge farting Great Dane. I have seen it at least 10 times in Italian and once in English. Our beautiful walk turned into about thirty minutes and it was good to be out of the house. The boys hardly agree on much and Tommaso just wanted to go home while Matteo refused. Compromise is something that we are working on. After one more block we headed back towards home and they fought over the stickers and the scooter. Tommaso insisted on opening the individual packs and handing me the trash while we walked. Better than throwing it on the floor like they do at home so I took it in my hand and looked for the trash.

Once back inside we fight about washing our hands (always!) and trying to get them to “make pee-pee.” (fare la pipi!!!) Now it is time for lunch so we set the table. I lay out the linen and get plates and glasses for water. Pasta with ricotta. That’s it and a little olive oil so it doesn’t get dry. And extra black pepper for me. The boys refuse to eat telling us that their “stomachs hurt” so we dine alone while they run and jump around their mess from earlier. I saw that T allowed two sets of old toys back into their collection but since they threw them all over the house they got them taken away again. When I saw the mess I was not happy either. I feared that I would have to clean it up but after lunch Matteo asked me to paint with him so T took care of it and hid the toys away in the coat closet. Where they belong.

I love that Matteo (and sometimes Tommaso too!) tell me, “I like (fill in blank!)” AND they understand what they are telling me! Matteo liked some colors today and my hair. OH! And when we were playing Indovina Chi he was telling me that he was looking for the character “Max” since “I like Max!” he tells me. I try my best to explain that he can’t “tell” me the card that he has by searching for it and announcing to me who he has. No success, but T hears my problem and tells him in fast Italian what he is doing wrong. He turns to me and gives me the nod of understanding, then for good measure; our nod. “I like….!”

Pizza bianca is NOT pizza with white sauce. Here it is literally empty pizza. A little oil and salt maybe but that’s it. It is NOT called bread but to me that is what it is. Pizza bread. For the afternoon snack I had a piece with a drizzle of honey. Delish! After my snack I decided to finish my laundry and make my bed. I cleaned my drawers and organized my gifts for family and friends. Strange enough I am missing ONE gift! I know that I put it in one place and only one place. It just disappeared! So far since I have been here a pair of grey gloves have gone missing and now this small gift. I guess that I will just have to go and buy another, which sucks because I shook my head at the steep price for what it was, and now I am paying double. Plus, shipping and handling! Mama mia. I counted, and for some reason, I was hoarding THIRTY used bus tickets! I kept throwing them into a pile in my desk. Once they are used there is nothing to do with them but throw them away. Today, I finally threw them away. Along with some other stuff that was taking up space. For example, the ticket stubs to my first Italian comedy movie…for some reason I am still holding on to those. Letting them take up space. I still feel that every time that I “let him go” he tries to call me damnit! Let’s see…Friday I was having a completely nice day solo and forgetting about him and bam! Trip and missed call. Then he tells me that he will call me after work. Nothing til today? I happened to be in my room when the phone rang and I answered. A full five minutes of who knows what. Oh that is right, that is what it is called: Nothing! Meaningless conversation that ends with another “call you later tonight to finish talking…” I was bold enough to tell him that I was right about him not having “time” for anything, including me and again he argues that it was “not like that.” This is not a debate. I tell him slowly and clearly, that I told him that I understood that he didn’t have time for much. Meaning me! And that was when he told me that he would make time for me. Then he pretty much blew me off for his birthday.  Then his friend was coming to town. I feel that he ignored me for almost two weeks and let him go…! Typical, that is when he calls again. And acts like nothing has happened. This month is almost over! From what I understood we were over after his birthday which was the 10th. What are we? Girlfriends!? (The Ref) I am so confused. No, we’re not back together. I never do this “back and forth” crap but I think that we can be eekkkk…friends!!! Hahaha….maybe.

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