There Is No Such Thing As TOO Much Cheese and Wine…

Posted on April 27, 2011

Dear “Costco” of Rome,

This place is the best! I believe that it is even larger than any Costco I have been to in the States and filled with Italian good stuff! From office supplies, olive oil, vino, cleaning products, coffee, cheese, furniture, booze, snacks and chocolate. A literal one stop for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. My first week that I came here T and I went but I never left her side and was feeling lost. This time I wondered and admired almost every aisle in this gigantic warehouse supermarket. The boys stayed home from school again but we made it an adventure to go to the “Metro SuperStore.” When she asked if I wanted to go this morning around 10:30 I said yes before she even finished her sentence! I don’t think that she understands that I LOVE any STORE! I had my prima colazione (breakfast) and started folding clothes and lost track of time. I still needed to get dressed and ready for our day out but wasn’t in a hurry. 30 minutes could mean almost an hour in “Italian time” but I have noticed every once in while it can be as short as 15 minutes. I heard T telling the boys to put their shoes and to “andiamo!” (let’s go!) so I grabbed my clothes half folded and rushed to change while they put on coats and shoes. I can still look pretty put together in less than five minutes so I was out the door with them but forgot my keys.

We took the trash out and separated it into the plastic and paper dumpsters and rushed to the garage to get the Jeep. Tommaso wasn’t feeling that great still so he insisted on sitting in the front seat. He sometimes gets motion sickness and since he was feeling “under the weather” I didn’t mind. We had a short list and a large cart to fill. I like the way that you “pull” the carts instead of “push” them like we do at our Costco. It is smarter and much lighter on the body in this way. The boys sat on the cart while we pulled through each aisle placing items around them. I had to take photos of some of the important huge aisles such as olive oil and cheese!  

The fish section is another adventure and needed witness to the huge swordfish head slopped on the table. The boys only got off the cart to taunt the lobsters tied up underwater through the large tanks along the wall. I loved today Tommaso had a little “Alfalfa” or “Rooster” hair going on and I got a picture of it! Somehow, at the end of our shopping, one or both of the boys spilled a huge bottle of laundry soap all over the floor! They pointed fingers at each other while the sales person placed cardboard over the spill. Just like movie “Big Daddy!” Nothing here, nothing here…! We paid and the boys piled back onto the cart while I pulled it to the Jeep. Right then I notice that Matteo neglected to tell us that he had to “make pee-pee” and a little tell-tale circle had formed on the front of his pants. T asks me to take him around the corner of the building to let him finish so I grab him by the hand and take him. I tell him not to pee towards me, for the second time this week, and he sprays the pavement and his new navy blue kicks. He steps back slowly and I tell him to be careful. All we need today is a skinned bare ass to make it complete. He finishes and yanks his pants up sideways and we race to the car. I sit in the backseat again with Matteo and he fights with me about wearing his belt, he even swings on me, and T tells him he “better not!” He crosses his little arms and won’t make eye contact with me the entire ride home. I love it when kids cross their arms but they are just placed right over the other since they have not established the way to truly cross them and stay angry. Soon as we park the car he is my best friend once more.

We park the car to unload it in the “no parking zone” and make a few trips. Matteo is a great help and insists that he is “forte!” (strong!) and can carry huge items. I don’t argue and let him do his manly thing while T scolds him. Whoops. Once we are inside we continue to unpack the goods and continue to make lunch. After we are finished with lunch and clearing the table we settle on the couch for cartoons. T takes a shower and gets ready for work but calls out for me in a worried tone! I jump up and ask her whats wrong while she is standing in her oversized towel with dripping wet hair announcing that she FORGOT about the car! She dresses as fast as she can and runs down to move it back to the garage. I am almost positive that we left two of the four doors open and the trunk for over an hour!

I convince Tommaso to do his English homework with me once the TV stops working. All of a sudden there was thunder and lightning and it was pouring rain in sheets all while the sun was still shining! This compromised the TV so he had no excuse. Us three went into their room to do our work and have the afternoon snack. The housekeeper was at the house this afternoon so we were trying to stay out of her way. Matteo was clearly jealous that I was paying more attention to Tommaso so he threw the colored pencils around and demanded that I draw him something to color. A while later the kids both became anxious and we went back out to the living room to find something to get into. Once we were back into the living room the door buzzed and we were saved by T! She changed and did some more homework with Tommaso while Matteo and I drew and colored ugly monsters on fire. I draw what he tells me and he colors it. I think he was in an angry mood still since he wanted big snarling teeth, fire and mean eyes. He colored so hard the paper ripped while he growled at me when I did something wrong. Sometimes I don’t know what he wants and he just growls and shows his teeth at me, as if that clears everything up between our language barrier. Va bene.

The boys take their evening bath and each cry and argue who gets their hair washed first. I don’t know why but MOST kids cry when their hair is being washed. Why is it? I have a cousin that used to cry when my mom cut his hair since he believed that it “hurt” his hair! So sensitive about their hair aren’t they? After tears and blown dry hair they boys are in their pajamas and ready for dinner. I help feed them some fresh fish from the market while they watch Ben 10. One of the boys gets a tiny bone in their bite and spits their chewed up mess back onto their plate, yet continues to eat if I hand feed him bites. I avoid the bolus and continue to make him eat the rest. I sip my wine and space out for the remainder of Ben 10. The kids return to school tomorrow so I finally have a day to myself. The Vatican it will be!


P.S. I was a little exaggerating when I said that that guy ignored me for 2 weeks…it was only barely a week but still! I didn’t like it so the intensity was escalated alright?

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