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Italian Lessons in the Car and “The Hungry”

May 31, 2011


Dear Steve Madden, Ouch! First time in my life these shoes hurt my feet. They are adorable and flat but I think that I have already worn them out from all my walking! In Larino with Miss Ford I walked in them for over 12 hours in one day. Flat shoes look cute but they are […]

Evaluated by a Female Italian Chef……ouch!

May 30, 2011


Dear Zoro Shirt, When I picked up the boys with nana Matteo was more excited to ask me to get his Zoro mask out of my room than to see ME! At least Tommaso was happy to see me and jumped up in my arms to give me a real hug. I got the boys some […]

Ahhh Happy to be Home…Sweet Rome!

May 29, 2011


Dear 5-Day Trip, I started walking out the door after 1am Wednesday night dragging my suitcase behind me shouting into my ancient cell phone. I was trying to figure out where the hell Miss Ford was and which way to go. Her and her “boyfriend” got into a drunken fight and she got out of […]

Me o’clock…

May 25, 2011


Dear Laundry, I should have done my laundry yesterday! There was barely any sun today and my clothes are STILL damp…I have about two hours until I get picked up for my trip and I am considering pulling out the blow dryer on some items but it is late here and my hair is clearly […]

007, Dirty v.s. Tan and Poor Lexie

May 24, 2011


Dear Farmacia, I went to the pharmacy today to get my prescription filled for my allergy medicine. I got two months worth and I hope that it works better this time around! My allergies are intense here and it sucks but at least I got to leave the house this afternoon once the boys were […]

Italian Tots and Handkerchiefs

May 23, 2011


Dear Tanning Lines, Today I got my first tan outside in a bathing suit! Not that I was near any source of water except my bottled water but I took a beach towel out on the balcony and lounged in the only place that was sunny. My towel literally fit perfect where the sun was shining. Everywhere […]

Adult Mac-n-Cheese, The Master of Gelato and Italian Slurpees!

May 22, 2011


Dear “Farm,” This morning we left together and headed to visit a nearby “farm.” I never saw any signs of animal life and the kids went on their own little adventure while the adults read the paper in the shade on a patio outside the fancy restaurant. The children took a few breaks for juice […]