Two Nancys and 4 Boys Made a Date…

Posted on May 1, 2011


Dear 1st of May,

What an interesting Sunday today was. The lunch party was a nice turnout and the females were outnumbered! There were only 4 of us ladies and all boys! Each family has only boys so there were a total of 5 kids today. Surprisingly, they didn’t take over the house and they all played together and no one ended up crying or hurt! Together we cleaned the house and prepared for the guests to arrive. I was happy to help in the kitchen peeling and slicing the potatoes and washing lettuce.  T was making lamb and she knows that I don’t really prefer the baby cow so she told me to help make a nice salad and I had pasta with the children. One of the other husbands doesn’t like lamb either so he had my serving of pasta so we made a little bit more for me after we dished it all out. There was some fancy red wine that we enjoyed with the long lunch. I was a part of some of the conversations about the kids and school, learning English, the teachers and hair. It was funny that they all agreed that the English teacher is “in love” with S! It was pretty funny conversation. We ended with the conversation that all females have: you always want the texture of hair that you don’t have! T’s friend explained to me that she has had a Japanese hair treatment that literally changes the DNA and chemical composition of hair and makes it permanently straight! She told me that she used to have curly hair like mine and now? It is straight, even when it gets wet. It sounds extremely expensive (which she agreed but I never asked the full price) but so is any other permanent cosmetic surgery or alteration to a person right? I used to think that I wanted a treatment like that but I have finally grown to love and appreciate my curls. As my hair has gotten longer and adjusted to Rome my curls have changed. Perhaps it is just the weight of my hair with the length but my curls are more calm and not so tight anymore. For the amount of money I would rather buy shoes.

After clearing plates and helping get dessert and coffee out it was time to relax. The ladies stayed around the table while the boys migrated towards the TV or the terrace. Doesn’t matter the age the girls and boys always separate at parties. I tried to hang with the females but sometimes hanging with the boys comes more natural to me. After a while I felt tired and the kids were being wild trying to figure out the Monopoly Disney game. I felt full and bored, even after my coffee I still let myself retire to my room for a short rest. I woke up and could tell that one of the families had already said goodbye. The kids shouted and played while the adults played cards. It was such a quiet day outside on the street yet so loud inside this house. The entire block all the way to the city center was blocked off and no vehicles drove by the entire day. It was not like a “ghost town” but it sure was desolate and empty.

Today was such an important day for Rome! The beatification of Pope John Paul II was the celebration and that was why Rome was so quiet…everyone was at the city center! Today is also “Labor Day” so the other half of Rome was on the other end of the city for a huge concert and celebration of Labor Day. Pope John Paul II was the first non-Italian Pope since the 1500’s and is the only Polish Pope to date!  T told me that she remembered when she was very young that the Pope’s first words to his people was that Italian was not his first language and to tell him when he makes mistakes! I researched him a little and found that he actually spoke a total of 13 languages! This sure was a blessed man and I think that it is pretty amazing that I happened to be here in Rome during this once in a lifetime event.

I did some math today and realized that today marks the EXACT half-way mark of my trip here to Rome. 146 days down and 146 more days to go! That doesn’t seem long at all for how much more that I want to do and see before September arrives but I will do my best. I still want to go to Florence and I want to go and see Miss Lina wherever she is near Tuscany before summer hits too hard. The boys will be out of school soon and they will require more of my time I am sure of it. I better start planning my trips and stop shopping.

Tomorrow I will finally send out my package to the States! We were supposed to on Saturday but we both came to the conclusion that even if we brought it down to the post office it wouldn’t actually begin to leave Rome until Monday. This will be something to write about I am sure! Everything is so difficult and takes time so this will be another adventure at the Poste Italia. In the afternoon the boys have a “play date” with two boys that are coming over with their nanny. We are not positive but we “think” that her name really is Nancy! One Nancy to another…


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