World News: “The Power That Made the Body Heals The Body”

Posted on May 3, 2011


Dear Poste Italiane,

The Italian post office is quite similar to any postal service I have been to in the States. People forming lines and looking annoyed while they wait, a little table to fill out addresses and glass to separate the employees from the outsiders. T came with me yesterday to send out my package to the family. This post office is directly across the street from us so we walked together. The lady that helped us was very cheerful and told us what to do. I had three tiny lines to fill out what the contents of my package were which created a little issue. T told me not to worry about it so we listed “4 portafogli, 6 maglie, 1 tazzo di caffe” and handed back to paper. The lady then asked us to hand over the box through a “door” next to the counter. I finally sealed the box with three “permanent” pieces of special blue tape that temporarily tattooed my finger tips a deep blue. She opened the glass door and I set my package down on the small table. She shut the doors then opened her side of the doors with a button on the wall. Once I set that package down I said a silent prayer that everything travel safely and get to the States within 2 weeks. She weighed the box and told me that it would cost 47 euro or if I put a “rush” on it would cost over 100 euros. No rush, just please get through and into the States! We paid and parted ways. T went to work and I went back to bed for an hour. The reason that I forgot to write about the post office is because I actually forgot I went the second time that I woke up for the day!

I had a quiet morning today and slowly got ready to meet T at the car to pick the boys up from school. It is Tuesday so we have Judo. There is never any where to park the big Grand Jeep Cherokee so she parks it awkwardly near a dumpster and I got out to retrieve the children. Tommaso is so excited to see me that he runs and gives me a hug while jumping on me!  Tommaso then begs to play after class but I tell him no that we cannot stay since we have to go to Judo. Maybe he just wanted me to think he was excited to see me so he could have his way? The kid is creative and super smart like that. He tells me (again, twice since last week) that he cannot participate since his knees still hurt. I roll my eyes and tell him that it’s too bad and that Matteo still has class. He stomps and follows me out towards to street to find the car. Last week when he got hurt playing some terrible overly competitive game during gym another kid broke his arm! I heard today that it broke in three places! That is pretty rough for these kids. I asked what the parents were going to do and S said that the mother is pretty “quite” so probably nothing. And Tommaso is upset over his knee scratch?

Matteo and I get out of the car to get to class while T and Tommaso find parking. I change him and make him use the bathroom. I brought a book but have not started reading it yet. I became interested in the old National Geographic magazines and lost track of time. Some were as old as 1992! History about the sun, eye surgery, Columbian drug lords and obesity took up an hour of my time. Americans seriously are such fat asses it is terrible! In 2004, 1 out of every 3 people were overweight or obese?! I don’t want to know the statistics these days. T lets me know that she is going to the store to buy something for dinner and for me to get Tommaso ready and change his clothes before Matteo returns. I dress the 7-year-old and wait for Matteo to come out so I can put his normal clothes back on him. I hope that my kids want to dress themselves and don’t make me do it all the time.

The drive home from Judo took the normal amount of time yet Tommaso was really impatient. I don’t know exactly why he was in such a big hurry but he kept asking, “quando si arriva???” (when do we arrive) and “a che ora?” (what time??) You would think that he had a telephone conference. The urgency in his voice and longing to be home in his eyes was really intense! We get home and I carry everything while the boys splash in puddles and get dirtier. Matteo tells me that they need to take a bath and I told him I wasn’t sure. He tells me, “Lexie. Bath. Yes! Sure!!” We argue for a little and then he growls so I turn on the water and help him undress. He loves the bath yet loathes getting his hair washed. Never fails he started crying hysterically and screaming when his mom got his hair wet. I don’t get it but it is something I have gotten used to hearing before I go back into the room the blow dry their hair. Tommaso didn’t feel like getting clean so he threw himself on the floor when his DS game would anger him instead. He yelled for me to help him,”Lexie aiutami…per favore!” (help me please!) but I didn’t know how to help him since I was not familiar with the game. He tried to tell me to read the instructions but again I couldn’t help him and nor was I interested. I am so OCD when it comes to handling their DS just to put them away in a bag. To play with the actual handheld is something I really don’t prefer. He threw himself some more so I stepped over his little body and went back to the kitchen to help with dinner.

Matteo is still in the bath when nana comes by the house. He is so happy to see her he calls me in the bathroom once she comes back out just to tell me that she is here! I think it is adorable and I tell him that I know and that I just saw her too! Nana has been having some serious neck and shoulder issues and I told T that what she needs is a chiropractor. She is already taking prescribed medicine that doesn’t do a damn thing for her pain level so I pushed the alternative care on them. Paging Dr. Brecke! Can you please make a visit to see me and change this womans life? My dad could fix her in one day. I did my best to explain the what a chiropractor can do to help and that whatever she was taking wasn’t going to “fix” the problem but just mask her aches and pains. At this point the meds she was taking were failing so I think that I convinced them to find a local chiropratica dottore! They got on T’s computer and read all about it and found a few doctors to choose from and called T’s brother to drive her to the appointment. I will follow-up in a few days and make sure that she really went and gave it a shot. “The power that made the body heals the body.” I am unsure who first said this but the fact is that it is absolutely TRUE!

Dr. Brecke in Training

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