Shoe Alert!

Posted on May 4, 2011


Dear Shoe Collection,

Today I received my last package from home. I cannot believe how expensive that it is to send and receive small boxes in this world! I’m not sure if it will be the absolute last one but it should be. The housekeeper happened to be home when it arrived so she covered the 68,35 fee and put the small package in my room. I paid her back but was in shock at the quick expense! In my package I found two sandals, two shoes, two bathing suits, two tank tops and a skirt. When I spoke to my mom to tell her that it arrived she made me realize that for that price I could not have went out and purchased all these items for less than 100 bucks! And she is right. Like I have said before, I will repeat: Mom is always right. So that makes a grand total of 10 more shoes that have been sent to me or I have bought since I have been here. At this rate, being only in the middle of my trip, could be a bad sign when it comes to packing everything to go home!

Today before I went to get the kids I sat outside on the terrace and took in my view. It was the first time that I actually recognized the feeling of what it feels like to be on “vacation.” I really am free to do whatever I want, go wherever I want and sleep however long that I want. This is a vacation! It sure feels good to experience this freedom and not have to do anything! In a different mood I showered and dressed and put on a little makeup. By the time that I had to leave my hair was still wet but it was nice outside so it didn’t matter. I had a tee-shirt and jeans and was still hot. The weather forecasted rain but there was not clouds to ruin this day. I walked to school and got Matteo while T finished her phone call for work. Matteo had his “Bey Blade” and showed it off to me as if it was the first time that I ever have laid eyes on it! (I assembled it for him a while back) I want to be that excited about something again. I want to look at something (or perhaps someone) and still believe it is brand new. We played outside on the pavement and waited for Tommaso to get released into the wild. Then, together we walked to catch the bus and made it safely home. It took a while since Tommaso kept stopping and slowing down. He gave me a handful of picked flowers and weeds and told me, “per tu.” “For me?” I asked with a smile. “Yes, for you.” He answered back and ran ahead to challenge his brother to a race to the front door. He is really sweet when he wants to be and I love it!

We had our afternoon snack and then Matteo and I played Monopoly. Tommaso was not interested in the game at all and refused to join us. After about 40 minutes Matteo became bored and insisted on only landing on the “Chance” or “Community Chest” cards. Which in Italian Disney version are “magica momenta” and “spettacolo”, which spettacolo is performance or show. The first few times he landed on these I would pick up the cards and fan them out like a magic card trick so he could choose. I think he liked this better than the game itself. Once I was bored with this card trick I was saved by Ben 10 cartoons and the daily spill of water. At least the cup spilled all over the floor and not all over the board game. I put Monopoly away and cleaned up the water spill. Then, I went to my room to organize my shoes and clothes.

We had some ravioli for dinner and Matteo was trying to get out of eating but I made him take tiny bites and fed him through the side of his mouth. His little front bottom tooth is still pretty loose and he worries about it and doesn’t like to eat much. He already was difficult to make eat but now with the tooth it is even more challenging! I think what T told him, in Italian, was that if he didn’t eat then the Topolino wouldn’t bring him any gifts so he finished his meal. It was funny during dinner T told me that there was ham and cheese. I thought she was offering me, since after meals we usually take out the deli meat and cheese and cut fruit. I told her I was fine with just the pasta but then she looked at me more serious and said, “no, inside the ravioli. There is ham and mozzarella inside the pasta.” OH! Ooops! Tasty but I was oblivious and focused on making the kid eat in between taking my own bites. I noticed that Tommaso was having trouble with the large ravioli so I cut a few in half for him and he continued to eat. He then yelled and mumbled under his breath that he was having trouble cutting with his fork. I helped him again and showed him how to hold his fork in order to do so. He figured it out and when he was on his last bite he jumped up from the table so fast I spilled my own water since I was sitting between them. Everyday there is spilled water. The TV was still on and they were watching Disney during dinner. As soon as I sat in my regular seat for dinner Matteo yelled at me, “NON VEDO!!!!” (Can’t see!) so I moved between them to be out of the damn way. Bossy these kids are! When S came home he finished the ravioli and opened an Italian beer. He offered me some and I tried it out. I am not really the beer type but I always taste test them when he offers. It was crisp, light and bitter. A perfect summer beer. I long for summer in this Eternal city. Get here already so we can drink in the sun!


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