Hair Today…Gone Tomorrow

Posted on May 5, 2011


Dear Steve Madden Sandals,

Thank you mom! I know that she didn’t really want to part with these cute flats but she did and I wore them today. I wore leggings and the only reason is because I have not shaved my legs for more than a few days. Hey! I have no real reason to and I decided to try some of those hair removers that are so prevalent in all the stores. Trying to find razor blades I knew would be a disaster so I bought the huge Costco size pack of blades for my Venus. I failed to read that shaving cream for woman IS NOT here. The closest thing to shaving “cream” is the Intuition shaver that is pretty expensive if you’re not even getting any action or working on your tan. I had a short shopping list on a post-it on my bathroom door so I went out for the goods this morning. I picked up some depilatory cream and some extra cream blades for my Intuition shaver with the intent on removing hair pronto! I seriously need to make sure that my legs catch up to the hue of my arms before it is too late!

My first stop was a the kid clothing store called Chicco (sounds kee-ko) to exchange some new shorts that were too small for Matteo. I swear these boys are growing so fast! I noticed their little feet getting bigger when helping them put their socks on since my first week here. It is funny that S tells me that he only notices how big they look when he sees them laying in their beds! I was successful in my exchange and thanked the lady for her help. At the store I got everything on the list plus a few things that I like for lunch and breakfast. I do love the store and that will never go away. Walking up and down the skinny aisles reading labels and picking up strange food items I don’t recognize took me about 45 minutes. I filled my Chicco bag with the groceries full to the top. The thin twisted paper handle cut into my fingertips so I alternated hands all the way home. It might be about half a mile but I am in a complaining kind of mood today.

Once home and decided to make a salad for lunch and then deal with my hair problem. I cannot help but think of my oldest sister and her not shaving her legs many years back. Our nana proceeded to PAY her to shave her legs. Nana paid me once too, I am not going to lie about it. She paid me to actually break up with someone! Those of you that know me well know the story but if you are seriously interested you are more than welcome to ask me. I am more than honest when it comes to relationships and how they don’t work out. I just don’t have the answer to exactly why most recently but I am still coming to terms with the feeling of being dumped. I guess it has to happen to everyone but no one has told me that it would still suck a month later. We weren’t together that long or that serious so I think this funk I am in should be short lived. Staying busy is not the hardest part. Keeping my mind clear of him is where I struggle. It is stupid but I am not going to NOT admit where my head is. A song, a brand, a car or some kind of food throws me into a frowning frenzy. Trust me, I am on the look out for babes but no one has caught my eye. There was potential today when we were playing outside while Tommaso had basket ball but I kind of think he was too young! Whoops. Fact is that I wasn’t looking when I stumbled into the last guy so I am sure as soon as I quit looking (and thinking) I will meet someone new. Ha! Really? Fortunate Fool by Jack Johnson is on right now. How perfect for me in this moment. Jack Johnson reminds me of someone else that I left at home back in December. He dedicated “Losing Hope” to me a few days before I left Reno. Real nice huh?

I realized today was Cinco de Mayo and I really miss mexican food! I did have a sip of some Italian beer today which was the closest I was to drinking on this party day. My dearly missed friend Texa will be making a return to Rome at the end of this month so I believe that it is about time that we make that reservation and get our asses to eat some mexican food in Italy! I spoke with her via Skype and we are in the process of making our “schedule” or “itinerary” for her 4 week visit. At least I have plenty to look forward to this month and plenty of places to distract myself.

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