My Other Mother’s Day and Take v.s. Make

Posted on May 8, 2011


Dear Zucchini Flowers,
I don’t usually prefer fried foods just because I know that they are not that healthy. Of course they taste wonderful but anything that is really good isn’t usually that good for you! Today the five of us went to a lovely placed called Cuccurucu for Mother’s Day lunch. This place was not only gorgeous with a spectacular view overlooking the river but they menu was incredible. The hostess lead us to our reserved table in the grassy “backyard” of the large restaurant. We ordered some fresh buffalo mozzarella, which is very special and some fried zucchini flowers stuffed with cheese and salty sardines. I read about these fried beauties in a book I read about a couple traveling through Tuscany. Fiori di zucca is the zucchini flower in Italian. Zucchini is probably one of my favorite vegetables so I knew that I was going to love these golden appetizers. I only recently starting liking sardines. I used to think they were really gross but here in Rome I have come to love them! Our waiter brought us a chilled bottle of some white wine from Sardegna that went perfect with everything we had before our first plate came. It was also a large celebration day at this restaurant because it was First Holy Communion for many families. I thought that I was ordering a white fish dish that was a daily special but S changed the order right at the end so I had pasta instead. When he asked me if I like spicy I thought he was asking because he was ordering another small plate to share. Before our main courses arrived we finished the bottle but I am positive that it would have went well with my peppery pasta which was a variation of “amatriciana” preparation. Amatriciana is dried pork cheek (guanciale) with pecorino (sheep milk cheese) and tomato but this variation was a peppery white sauce. What about my waistline!? T had some mussels and S had another sort of green pasta dish that tasted unusual after the creamy spicy bite of my dish. I offered them some of mine but they both refused and assured me that they have had it and loved it. The boys had some ravioli with a deep tomato sauce that they each chowed down ratherly quickly. Matteo will lose his tooth any day now! It is so loose and he worries about it while he eats.

During lunch we have some nice conversations about friends, family and movies. One of T’s favorite films is Kill BIll! I love all Quentin Tarantino films so we talked movies for half of lunch. For dessert the boys had gelato, I had tiramisu and T had some kind of mini strawberry dessert with some liquor. The berries are strawberries but they are smaller than cherries and sweeter. My tiramisu was served in a short tumbler glass with lady fingers stuck to the bottom then the golden mix poured over and finished with the cocoa powder. It was not a typical way to have tiramisu but anything with marscapone and chocolate is alright with me.

Before we arrived to the restaurant we loaded the bikes for the kids into the Jeep and took them to the Olympic Stadium to ride around and play. I was excited to walk around and snap photos of the area since it was another new place that I have never seen. The soccer stadium is gigantic and there are all sorts of sculptures and interesting distractions that occupied my thirty minutes before we went to lunch. Back at the house I got ready in a rush and flat-ironed my hair in a record time of 15 minutes! I showered the night before and slept on wet hair but planned on having more time to style it today. The boys were looking spiffy with brand new polo tee shirts and kept asking me if I was ready, in English, so I didn’t mind or feel that rushed! I had a coffee but didn’t have any breakfast since I thought we were going straight to eat. Now that I am thinking about it I only had lunch and then more dessert midday and then dinner.

I was eager to tell my own mother “Happy Mother’s Day” so I turned on my laptop as soon as we got back home from lunch. Then we shopped and talked online via Skype for almost 3 hours! She enjoyed some almond champagne in bed while I sent her links to the Nikes that I need in my life. They are truly high-heeled Jordans! Anyone that has a deep and disturbing shoe addiction like me will appreciate these heels. Nike heels?? I need them in my life yesterday. I will find them and try them on as soon as possible. I have a feeling that they might only be available online which hurts but probably won’t stop me from having them. During my conversation with my mom the boys would come in and out of my room to check on me and tell me what they were doing. When I came home Saturday to a quite house it was nice but I felt like I hadn’t seen them in a long time! I was only away one full day but they missed me too because soon as I heard the door I ran out of my room when I heard them each calling my name! They both began talking at once and showing me what they brought home from a friend’s party. “Guarda!” (look!) they were telling me and showing me toys and new shirts. These boys have me wrapped around their little dirty fingers and they don’t even know it!

It was a nice Mother’s Day and I sure miss my own mom but it was nice to spend the day with my family here. I still cannot believe that it is already May! This month is a busy one and will disappear much too fast. Next weekend the parents are going to Milan to see S’s friends for a birthday bash and then the following week I leave to Larino with Miss Ford and her sister for the “Carriage” festival. I tried to tell them the area of Larino but neither one had heard of it. That is how small the place is! This week I plan to go out every afternoon since I will be home with the kids while their parents go party over the weekend. The weather has been beautiful and I need to get going on tanning my legs before I leave for my little vacation. We plan to go to the sea on Saturday and Sunday on the way home from Larino so that base tan better be ready. Yesterday, when Miss Ford and I were shopping and walking we were talking about the sea and I found it funny that she kept saying that she would “take a bath” in the water, which meant “get into the water.” I told her that when we say “bath” it really means in the bathroom in the tub, and it isn’t said when swimming in a pool or the ocean. But to make things more confusing I told her that there is such a thing as “sun-bathing.” She countered my “sun-bathing” with “taking the sun.” We laughed and discussed more variations of things that we “take” and “make” in English and Italian. In the end she told me that Americans sure “take” more than they “make!” I think it is true. We (Americans) take a pee. They make a pee. We take a shower. They make a shower. Italians do “take” a coffee but we “have” a coffee. In English to “have” something is not the same as having something in Italian. Italians “have” thirst. They have hunger. I HAVE to work on my Italian!

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