Sleeping Beauties (Fendi Shoes) and the Colosseum…

Posted on May 9, 2011


Dear Wake-Up Text,
8:54 am? Chi e? (sounds like key-eh? means “who is it?”) I heard T leave this morning so I assumed it was her. I was wrong. I read the message so fast I thought it was Mickey trying to “be nice” and send me a message asking how I was doing. Wrong again. I read it more slowly and it clearly stated who it was: lets call him Elliot for privacy purposes. “Buon giorno Lexie!!!how are u? I am “Elliot”, u remember me, friend of Mickey. I have not seen you for some time…u disappeared….everything is ok?” Hmmmm….unsure how to respond or if I should at all so I washed my face and put on a coffee to pass time and think clearly. After all I had just woke up! I put on my contacts so I actually could see clearly and sent my response, “Buon giorno Elliot! I am doing well and you? Come stai (how are you?) I didn’t disappear…he told me that he didn’t want to see me not seeing me around is his choice not mine.” Sent. A true response yet not expecting another message back. Like I have stated before: texting with someone is not a short ordeal. The texting, which only consisted of a grand total of 8 between us, the last being just a few minutes ago (it is 11pm!) ended with directions to pick me up at my house tomorrow night…

Up early I was eager to take advantage of the day and get outside in the sun. I put on a navy skirt and my orange chucks and packed my black bag. Ghetto fabulously I put clear tape on the broken strap buckle but soon as I walked down the stairs outside the door I changed my mind about carrying the purse today. And I have a personal issue with blues, blacks and browns together. I threw a brown long sleeve in my bag too. Broke three rules in one second!? No way. It was awfully heavy and I knew I was heading far, to the Colosseum and then some. I ran back up the two flights of stairs and borrowed Tommaso’s basketball gym backpack which was the best thing I did for my back today! (and it was blue) I walked all along the River and then found my way through Piazza Venezia, passed the Foro di Augusto then passed the Foro Romano. I took many pictures and was not that happy about my skirt choice in the wind. I gave a few people some ass shots and tried to play it off but I am positive that some people saw cheeks today. After the first assault of wind my cheeks on my face turned red as a group of tourist laughed at me trying to keep my skirt down when a huge gust of dirt filled wind hurt my eyes. I pressed on and finally got closer to the Colosseum! I didn’t have enough time (or money) on me to go inside but I really just wanted some photos today. I will plan another day trip with a group and go inside another day. I was minding my own business with my camera on my wrist smiling and watching my step through the large stones scattered all over the ground. Weaving in and out of people I finally found a clearing to take a nice photo. Suddenly a man started talking to me in Italian and trying to take me for a coffee. I tell him that I just got there but I would come back through this way and if he sees me ask me again. He agrees and I made it a point NOT to go back that way after my full circle around the Colosseum. I wasn’t feeling him at all. What is with people today? At least they approach me and start speaking Italian but still.

After I stopped in the shade near a group playing two accordions, a guitar and some sort of drums and had my panino with turkey and tried to keep the “rats of the sky” a distance from my sandwich. I am talking about pigeons! Miss Ford calls them “rats of the sky” so I had to make this known. After a few bites I realized that I wasn’t that hungry after all and decided to keep walking back towards Piazza Venezia. It was nearly one and I wanted to get to Via del Corso (which runs right off the Piazza) but I was slowly distracted admiring some watercolor paintings and a kid sitting on the street. I was impressed by the bright color and attention to detail. We made eye contact and I told him “salve” (not sure of spelling but sounds like salve-eh!) which is like saying “hi.” but in a formal way. He stood up a full 6 feet and began talking to me in Italian, much too fast but I caught most of it. He proceeded to ask me where I was from and he then tried to speak a little bad English with me when I revealed I was from America! I was about to split after he told me his name was “Ash” (probably not true either…along with his age of 22) Much too young for me but when he offered to take me for a gelato I decided why not? This was the third wrong of the day. He made me walk with him with his arm around my shoulder, which I truly don’t like. We did NOT have the same hop in our step and it was not as bad as the first creeper Italian, whom dragged me along the street, but this one was not right either. After I chose my gelato of nocciola e fragole (hazelnut and strawberry, my latest addiction) and he ordered the same I knew for sure that we wouldn’t last long. Never order the same thing as me out to eat, out for food or out shopping! Drinks are the only thing that is allowed because that is something I don’t like to share! We walked and enjoyed our gelato and when he tried to offer me a bite of his I laughed in his face. I wasn’t trying to be bitchy but really? We have the SAME ice cream…what is his better because he licked his spoon!? I refused and continued to walk with him across the Piazza. When he offered me a huge bite of strawberry I rolled my eyes and let him feed me. Once. No more. We were stopped by one of those people dressed as gladiators and he wanted to take our photo. I told him no thanks but I would take a photo with him in costume! He asked “Ash” if I was his girlfriend and he said YES! I laughed some more and assured the buff costume gladiator he was not and that we just met. He told me I was beautiful and then held the fake knife to my neck and demanded the truth about my relationship with the kid! Joking we snapped the picture and had some laughs. Once we found our way to the steps to enjoy our gelato in the sun he crossed the line by trying to full on kiss me! What the hell with the aggressiveness?? I was so not into it and brushed him off but over the next 15 more minutes he tried some more and I continued to deny him. I tried to split when I told him I had to go shopping but he invited himself on my walk. Really!? I let him take me to the Fontana di Trevi (which was not really on my path but he wanted me to see it with him) and then basically explained that I was going this way and he was to go the other way! He told me that he wanted to paint me a personal painting that would be a free and a beautiful gift. I told him that I would return tomorrow for my present but I have not decided if I really am going to go back. I want the free painting but I don’t want his lips near me! He was cute enough but I just wasn’t into him. I liked his paintings but wouldn’t that be leading him on if I went back???

Not dressed the part I found my way through Gucci, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, and Stuart Weitzman to “just look!” My dirty converse and kid backpack didn’t compare but the staff was still pretty decent to me and welcomed me into the store. Fendi is SUPER beautiful and there are many people suited up and there is one man who stands at the door just to open and close it for customers! The shoe section in Fendi was mirrored and a golden dream! I think that I forgot to breath when I entered because I tripped on the fancy carpet and caught my breath but started to cough! Embarrassed, I told the suit, “mi dispiace” (sorry) I don’t know what I was excusing myself for but I felt like I had upset the designer shoes in the sleeping beauty state! Seriously, this place was intense and gorgeous! I made my way to Nike to ask about the high-heeled Jordans but a woman assured me that it was exclusive online! (I emailed a distributer, the big dork that I am, about where to find them and they actually responded! They told me they are made in China so unless I go there to see them I would have to order online!) Next stop? China for some high-heeled Jordans!!

Soon as I got home I was excited to load my new 42 photos of the day but had a horrible thought pass through my mind. I had a terrible feeling of loss and worried that if anyone passed away while I was here in Rome that I wouldn’t be able to attend the funeral. What a sad thing to think but an even more shocking fact is that someone did pass away a few days ago. I will not be able to attend the celebration of his life and I cried instantly when I heard the news from my mother not even 6 minutes after I turned on my laptop. One of the most important people in my life’s father has unexpectedly passed away and I still don’t know the details but I am so very saddened by this unfortunate news. May he rest in peace and I send my condolences to the family in California. I sent his son this message (thank God or whoever the person who created Skype so I could immediately hear his voice) “If you are going through hell, keep going.” Winston Churchill.


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