Child Stars and German Films

Posted on May 10, 2011


Dear Necklace,
Another gift! S’s mother is incredibly sweet and thoughtful. She always brings gifts and food on Tuesdays and Fridays while the boys have Judo. Today she was eager to give me a silver wrapped box. I knew once my hands touched it that it was a necklace! Last time she gave me a teal tank top and that same day I searched for one! This woman is something else. We must have some sort of connection because I have been wanting a new piece of jewelry that was more dressed up but I could still wear with jeans. This necklace is one that I wouldn’t have chosen but that is why I really like it! It is nice and the most feminine necklace I now have. It is soft and girly with a little pearl (real pearl!) and a tiny half heart with three square diamonds. Perfectly what I didn’t know that I needed in my life in this moment. I thanked her many times and again after Judo was over and she told me it was nothing and called me sweetheart and her dear! I love this little old nana with her navy shoes and matching purse. She always dresses so cute and matches jewelry and bags with her Bvlgari designer sunglasses. I am unsure her age but she walks everywhere and seems in pretty good health. Plus, her hair is always done and freshly highlighted golden between her platinum gray short tight curls. She is probably so healthy because she DOESN’T smoke!!

I slept in today and missed my “date” with the 22-year-old water colorist. I thought about going back to find him seated near his paintings but I didn’t want to lead him on so I think disappearing was easier than refusing his aggressive attempt to make out with me all over again. I knew that Matteo needed to be picked up at 12:45 so that meant a short day alone and a long afternoon with the boys. I ate some cereal in a green frog bowl and watched an episode of Scrubs in Italian then got dressed in jean shorts and a tee-shirt. It was that hot outside and I was only taking a short walk to the school and then back so I let myself out of the house in my short shorts! In the name of tanning my legs I put sunscreen on my arms only. When we were saying goodbye after Judo I was sitting in the passenger side with the door open in my pink skirt and grey rhinestone boots inspecting a small bug bite on my leg. T then asked me if I was wearing nylons and I told her no but I should at night because it is so cold! She then complimented me and told me that she thought I had some on and that I have beautiful color! Italian sunshine is working!

Once Matteo and I got back home after taking the dirty bus (his choice after I asked if he wanted to walk or take the bus) we washed our hands and I made him a snack plate while he watched Narnia 2. Crackers, prosciutto crudo and two chunks of parmegano reggiano. He sat happily with his feet dangling carefully holding his orange cup of water. “In Italiano?” He asks me (like he does every time to whomever is loading the films) and I assured him it was indeed in Italian! One day a while back I told him I set it in Tedesco! Which is German and he got really mad at me. I guess (then) 4 year olds don’t make jokes yet! While he watched Narnia 2 in Italian I made myself a quick-lunch and sat a watched the opening scenes. T came home and I excused myself to shower before we were to go pick up Tommaso from school. He was pretty excited to show me his DVD that the school payed a company to film their school play a while back. He is famous the kid has his own movie already and he just turned 7! Soon as we got home from Judo the boys put the movie on and danced and went wild before, after and during dinner. The DVD had a scene selection option, ending credits and was filmed rather professionally for a kid play! Tommaso was pretty pleased with himself and his budding acting was career taking place before my eyes. He has a gift this one. When he grows up and becomes famous I will get to say, “I used to take care of him and his little brother in Rome when he was only 7. I knew then he would a star!”

Tonight I am supposed to go and have a drink with Elliot but I didn’t hear from him all day so I am unsure the plan exactly. I feel that I don’t want to get ready until I know that he is actually coming. So, for now I will just relax and read my book until I know what to do next. At least tomorrow is open for me all the afternoon and I don’t have to pick the kids up until 4. I still want to check out Villa-Borghese so I might do that tomorrow. Wait. Wait. Wait. Instead of whiskey I think I will have a Spritz since it is more lady like. A Spritz cocktail will go well with my girly necklace I plan to wear later…


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