Italian Drumsticks and Italian Bundt Cake…

Posted on May 11, 2011


Dear Cinderella,

I cannot believe this film was released in 1950!!! The boys and I watched it during dinner in “fast mode” which makes a Disney film as short as 35 minutes. They skip entire scenes and when it freezes because it is either dirty or scratched they skip ahead. I felt like I watched an extra long preview for the cartoon! I still love the story and the little mice and Bruno, the dog of course! The song still stands true and shares wise advice,”A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches. Whatever you wish for, you keep. Have faith in your dreams, and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” Ohhh Cenerentola, that is her name in Italian.

I let myself sleep until almost noon today! Elliot came right before midnight (he has the same schedule at another restaurant like Mickey: one day off a week) and soon as he started driving towards a familiar Piazza I knew we were going to the same old bar I ALWAYS go to. Druids Rock. It must be “the place to be” since this is where everyone ends up. No matter what I always find one more thing that I really like about this bar. Last night it was that this bar finally did what I have always wanted to do at my parents house! All of you familiar with my parents backyard know that besides the bocce ball court the best thing out there is the patio between my parents room and the living room. I always wanted to put the a flat screen right up to the window so that we could eat and drink and still be entertained while sitting outside! Druids Bar has two 42 inch TV’s pressed right up against the windows when you walk up outside. Genius! It was probably set up for the big soccer games but since the weather is nice they stayed that way. It is also smart to separate team fans away from one another since they are all such die hards! This particular bar must be pro Lazio since the Roma fans were put outside to watch the game! I ordered a Spritz while he had a Corona. I think people are excited to drink anything not Italian sometimes. I learned that he is Russian and knows three languages. We had mildly boring conversation and smoked a few cigarettes in between the silence or watched the water-proof TV’s through the glass.  After my drink was finished he told me that he wanted watch The Social Network at his house but I refused right away but then after talking about it more I really did want to watch it again. Even though I was NOT into him I love movies more than dudes hitting on me so I agreed and went with him. He kept his distance until towards the end…sitting a little closer to me on the tiny couch every twenty minutes or so. Then finally leaning into me when a scene would make us laugh out loud which was not really THAT funny. No joke he even stretched and put his arm around my shoulder all awkwardly which put a strain on my straightened hair and I gave him the “no thank you/never going to happen” look and removed his arm from my hair. Nonetheless when the film was over he tried to pull me in for a smooch but I just shook my head and told him that it was time to take me home. We started the film after 1:30 am so by the time that I got home it was after 4am! He was right in that I was “too young” to call it a night but soon as the film ended I was anxious to get home. I learned this week (so is only Wednesday) that 22-24 year olds are much too young for me! I immediately asked how he had my number when he picked me up and he told me that he asked Mickey for it and he was reluctant to give it to him but did. This bothered me enough and now Mickey is on my mind again but what can be done? Nothing. Maybe I will meet a 26-year-old before the week is up and decide if he is too young for me as well. One can hope. It is nice to meet new people and have something to do. The only reason I agreed for a drink was that I wanted to get out of the house; I was secretly hoping he would have something to say about Mickey to me. The only time that he came up was after I asked about him having my number and when we talked about our favorite colors. He told me that he hates green. Like the color of Mickey’s car..”ughghh I hate it!” he tells me with a disgusted face. I on the other hand I like green. I tell him that my car at home is green. An obnoxious glow-in-the-dark New Beetle. He tells me that he likes light green but anything darker than grass is terrible. Yeah. Right. So not interested. I am not the type to go after a guys friends just because we didn’t work out so I think that was probably the last time that I will be seeing him. Unless it is a group of us I don’t intend to be alone with him.

Nana picked me up in her little car to get the boys and soon as I got in the car we both complimented each other’s hair. Hers is newly darkened a chestnut-brown which looks way better than the blonde. She tells me for the second time, that she only likes my hair curly! We find a parking space and I get out of the car before she backs into in knowing that she will park so close to the wall I wouldn’t be able to open my passenger door. After she parks and it is another Austin Powers moment of reverse and drive we walk towards the school together. She finds Matteo and I find Tommaso. She promised them Gelato so we make a stop to get some cones that are at her house across the street. Us three kids then sat and enjoyed our “Italian Drumsticks” in the shade and I helped wipe their faces of chocolate and vanilla mustaches and beards. Sometimes I still feel like a “kid” with them when I eat things like this with them. I am usually pretty strong in saying “no thank you” to too many treats and heavy items but I have to try a few things that are new to me. This was not the best thing but I ate it since I thought it would be rude to toss it. There is no harm in a few bites versus 4 pieces! I think that my secret addiction is a breakfast cake that reminds me of pound cake but better! It is called Ciambellone and it is a problem for me when I have more than one piece. It is good soaked in coffee or ginseng coffee or milk. I have rice milk but either way it is good all alone as well. Especially when it is fresh and moist and ohh so soft. I realize now that it is pretty much an Italian Bundt cake! Well that is the shape anyhow. Here is a link for a recipe that sounds right: if anyone is interested there is also the photo of the simple cake that makes me nervous to be in the kitchen alone with a knife. Just writing about it makes me want a tiny sliver and its past midnight! The only think stopping me is that I already brushed my teeth AND I am supposed to introduce myself to the Mediterranean Sea in two weeks so I need to watch my mouth and figure…


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