Icy Temptation and Hot Nerves

Posted on May 12, 2011


Dear Cookies and Milk,

After school Tommaso wanted just this. Gioccole e latte. These particular “cookies” are little mini chocolate chip tear-drop bites. He likes his milk a little warmed up on the stove then eats the small cookies like cereal in a large mug with a giant spoon. I had my 4th piece of Ciambellone with the remainder of the milk on the stove. It was such a nice day today I got dressed and went for a short walk soon as I woke. I was under the impression that I had to be home before lunch to pick up the boys with T so I wanted to get out while I could. But when I sent her a text wondering where she was at 12:35 she sent me a message back that said that we were to meet at 4 to take them from school together. Before I came home I was shopping for some new nail polish and found a trio of white, red and pink for less than 5 euro. I decided that I would have lunch at home and then paint my toes and nails red. T came home around 2 when I was making some pasta with lemon zest and olive oil. She turned her laptop on and took some serious calls on her cell. I was watching Glee, in Italian, on full blast and I could tell that I was a distraction so I went to my room to give her some space. By the time we went to get the boys it was really hot outside. I have been wishing and wanting warmer weather but now that it is here I am getting nervous for the wave of real humid heat that is on its way! I was hot in leggings and a tank top and my Pumas inside the house so outside was a battle. Together T and I walked and talked about my failed “date” with Elliot and that I wasn’t very happy that Mickey in fact did give him my number. She didn’t know what to say about that either but I have not stopped thinking about it. The thought crossed my mind to go to Mickey and see him face to face to talk to him but I don’t know if I have the nerve. I don’t think that seeing him will be a good idea and to blatantly out his friend for making a pass at me might create problems between them. A text message doesn’t seem appropriate either so I’m lost again and he is in the back of my mind. AND every time I see his model of car on the stupid streets of Rome I am reminded. Saw three today like his and just frowned, ugghh he is everywhere all over again.

Soon as I convinced the boys to wash their hands and change their pants I told T that perhaps we should go to Tommaso’s basket ball practice early since it was such a nice day. She agreed so we headed out maybe twenty minutes earlier than normal. Each kid took their own Lazio soccer ball and we were on our way…I snapped this photo of them because I couldn’t resist! First they were holding hands but right as I was about to take it they started running away from each other! Still a great shot.

When it was time for Tommaso to head in for basket ball Matteo and I continued to play some intense soccer. We ran and ran and laughed and laughed until we were both out of breath and needed water! This little kid can seriously keep the ball with him rather well! He has serious coordination for how small he is. After a while he saw some other kids with ice cream and popsicles so he demanded money from his mother to get one. I went inside with him and helped him make a choice. He told me that the one he was holding was “limone” but I told him it wasn’t. He still wanted it and when he opened it it was light ice blue. He took a bite, frowned and told me that he wanted a new one. When I took the wrapper from him I read the label “anice” it read (anise spice!) Never have seen this flavor in all my life! He gave it to me and I helped him choose a new berry flavor since there was no more lemon anything. He was happy but only took a few more bites then surrendered it over to his mom to finish. I happily ate the powerful “anise” flavored one  and went back to our soccer game soon as I finished my last bite of the cool ice. It reminded me of my own nana since she liked the Anisette liquor! She would have enjoyed this cold treat.  Once we grew tired of playing really hard I told him that we should explore and take a walk. Once we got far enough away I realized that I did not have a clock or my phone so we should hurry back. I convinced him to want to race me but he still wanted to stop in the little park and play on the merry-go-round so I let him. By the time that we got back down I found Tommaso kicking his soccer ball around waiting for us. Matteo and him began to play and then I saw disaster! Tommaso kicked the ball as hard as he could and it sailed right into a group of woman and hit one of them perfectly on the head! Hard enough to surprise her and knock her Tom Ford shades right off her head to the dirty asphalt in three pieces. The frames were on the ground next to the lenses and I instantly felt terrible for this lady! She didn’t mind and seemed to assure me that it happens “all the time” and then she proceeded to pop the lenses back into place like nothing! I might bring my fake Raybans to this park from now on I do not want anything to happen to my precious Gucci shades that have stolen my heart!

After the short walk home we bathed the kids and I set the table for dinner. I really wanted some vino so I asked if I could open the last bottle. T didn’t mind and had some during dinner with me. I have no idea what Tommaso and her were fighting about right before we ate but it was a silent dinner and he gave her mean faces all throughout and kept his hard glare until his father was on her cell and his face lightened up as he told “his side” of the story. I wasn’t that interested so I kept my focus on my dinner and helped Matteo eat when he became lazy. Everyone was finished eating except Matteo so I stayed at the table with him. He began a “quiz” for me in Italian right away. He started with, “Come si dice “apple” in Italiano?” (how do you say “apple in Italian?) I responded “mela” correctly so I got the nod. I love that he was testing me while saying the English words! He knows his stuff! He asked me everything on the table, cups, forks, wine, lemon, and chicken then he moved onto body parts and the face. I passed and I have to admit that this kid impresses me all the time! They are both so sharp I think that I am doing well and they are great teachers for me.


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