I Got Two TurnTables and an Old Cellular phone…

Posted on May 14, 2011


Dear Crying Kids,

It is strange what children cry about. Emotions seem stronger than anything physical at times. Today Tommaso had basketball practice so S and I took them while T got a hair cut. It was a gorgeous day and we took in the sun. Every once in a while Matteo let me have a break and I lounged on some benches and took off my shoes to avoid my familiar shoe tan lines. From working at a golf course for two summers my feet tend to be a little on the white side for someone as dark as me! Tommaso’s friend Guido and his father were there with his little brother Pietro. He is the cutest Italian three-year old with such a sweet little smile! He is always excited to see me and I get the double hand wave whenever I see him! The boys played together and sometimes invited me to join their soccer game. Again, I am impressed by their coordination for how small they seem. Later we went up to the little park to play on the merry-go-round and I spun Matteo as fast as I could while he laughed and laughed. I stepped away to let it gradually slow down as Pietro came closer. He went for it and tried to take hold of the merry-go-round which sent him flying face first into the dirt! I ran over and picked him up as fast as he hit the ground and helped wipe his lips and chin. He didn’t shed one tear until his papa came to tell him that he couldn’t play on the merry-go-round! He cried really hard and really loud! I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t hurt but the fact that his father told him no made tears squirt! The boys played until their older brothers were released from basketball and found us. Then all the boys went into a fenced in area to play some soccer together. I watched, with my shoes off, behind the fence on a bench. After a while Tommaso began to lose and he became very upset. He gets mad when anyone loses but when he does? Tears, frowns and stomping occur and then he just wants to be left alone. Once he lost the short soccer match we decided it was time to head home. We took the short walk back and met T in the kitchen boiling home-made pasta for lunch. As we finished lunch their dry-cleaning was delivered by a handsome younger guy but I noticed right away that his ring finger was wearing a nice platinum circle. I check for things like this when someone catches my eye. Soon after he left T’s mom came to join us and help T and S get out the door on their way out to Milan. She stayed with me all the day and took us to the park to wear us all out. The parents will return Sunday after 4pm.

At the park we brought 3 soccer balls and her little dog too. We waited downstairs and played with one soccer ball while nana went to get her dog upstairs. Tommaso and I were kicking the ball back and forth when Matteo came running right in between us. I kicked the ball perfectly low enough to hit his back foot while running and sent him flying in the air skinning his knee on the rock walkway! The kid is tough and didn’t cry but I still felt bad! I took him out so hard, I kicked the ball pretty hard sadly, but he shrugged it off after holding his knee for a good thirty seconds in a pout.  We piled into the car and at one point nana cut off a fancy Mercedes on our way to the park. He honked and pulled up much to close to our car and waved his angry Italian fist at us yelling profanities! She yelled one “vafanculo” to them and called him a “stronzo” as he purposely swerved towards out car before he sped off! Crazy drivers and all the bad mouthing! The boys giggled all the way to the park about the excitement and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Nana finally laughed too while we parked the car. It was after 4pm but it was jam-packed with people all over the entire park. I ran hard with the boys and played a good thirty minutes of soccer every 15 minutes or so in between their swinging and climbing the slides backwards. I was sweating running with my purse across my chest and formed a little pool of sweat between my goods! I could feel my back hot and sweaty to the touch…ew! I tried to hide it by leaving the strap across me but I truly don’t think anyone noticed except for me. By the time that the boys had their last “5 more minutes!” three times over we finally were ready to head back to the car.

I couldn’t wait to shower once we got home but the boys wanted to take a bath so I waited. Tommaso went into my bathroom and instantly called out for his nana and I knew why. He had crapped his pants and needed her help. I couldn’t breath and wondered how many more times this would happen while I am here. He hands me his now “diaper” of yellow underwear and I plug my nose and place them outside near the washing machine. It it was just me I would have not been able to deal with this and probably would have just thrown them in the trash!!!  Once they settled into their bath I took a fast rinse but it was not fast enough! They were already out and fumbling with the TV remotes butt naked on the bed. I helped dress them but could not figure out the TV. S told me during lunch that Lazio was playing Genoa and Tommaso would need to watch it after 6. I told Tommaso that we would just have to watch it on the other TV. He was not happy about this but it did make him dress faster! I figured out the TV and frowned at the mess all over the floor from earlier in the morning before we left for the park. I think it is important for them to pick up after themselves when they make enormous mess of things but it seems that it is not that important. I didn’t clean up after them today and the living room still looks the same as it did at 3 today.

After dinner nana put the kids to bed and I brought the laundry in from the balcony. She told me that she had to take her dog home and I am unsure if she is staying the night with us or not? I think that it is best to get some sleep since this morning Matteo woke up right at 7:30 am and will probably do the same thing tomorrow. After coming home at 1:30 am today seemed like an extra long day! I have been into Adele lately and I must say that “Turning Tables” is a fantastic song with wonderful lyrics. I first heard the song this week on Glee when I was catching up on my recorded episodes. Gwyneth Paltrow is amazing!! I like to watch them in English then again in Italian. This song has been in my head since I heard it and I think it is a great soundtrack for me and Mickey. I am perplexed and full of useless thoughts of him all over again. I don’t know what I want when it comes down to it. If things were going to turn out and be different I feel like they would have already. It is “time to say goodbye to turning tables” and I am not talking about Deejaying…I have become much more patient since my arrival here but I don’t think that is in the relationship department of my mind!


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