Adult “Onesies” are Almost OK but Sweat Pants are Better!

Posted on May 19, 2011


Dear “Ciao Bella,”

Nothing like strangers telling you “hello beautiful” when you have had a rough week! I had multiple boys and men greet me today while I was out shopping. It is strange to feel “in the spotlight” when it is daylight but it is possible. When I passed about 7 men having their afternoon caffe they each hushed when I walked by and watched me walk on by. It is sort of embarrassing yet flattering. I was on a mission to buy myself something to “feel better” but in the end the randoms just acknowledging me was just as good as my twenty-dollar purchase. I went to my favorite shop called Effetti and went upstairs to the “outlet” where everything is half priced. I found two new leggings and a new tank top. The leggings are cute and have little detail at the ankles. One in blue with a lace up edge with stars and a diamond and the other a grey pair with silver belts around the bottom. I really wanted a cue pair of white ballerina flats with a huge bow that were only 11 euro but they just didn’t fit right. I am still in need of another pair of closed toe shoes for walking. All my sandals are adorable but my feet get SO dirty outside on the street its terrible! I stopped into H & M to check out the new summer collection and ran into a friend from school. We both laughed that it was exciting to “run into” someone who you know in a foreign city! After we said our goodbye on the stairs of the large H & M I left. I just wanted to check out the cheap swimsuits that are plastered all over the bus stops right now. Nothing I want or need.

What I do want and need is the learn how to row! My favorite and fastest way to get to Via del Corso (major shopping street/area) is by walking along the river below the street level. I don’t have to stop for traffic and it takes less than a half an hour. On my walk today I saw a few people rowing in the green river. Not like a fishing boat with paddles; a legit REAL competition row-boat! It looked like such an intense workout I must look into lessons or renting for a few hours. I like kayaking and it seems it is a little more rigorous than that. Legs and arms are involved in this type of rowing. The only nice thing about the heat is when I find shade and the fact that the temperature is a tiny bit cooler along the waterline. I have not yet acclimated to the heat and change is weather here in Rome. People are still wearing long-sleeved shirts, jackets and scarves daily. I wore a tank and a skirt and Vans and I was sweating at 3 this afternoon! Maybe I should try to “layer” and see if I am actually cooler with more clothes on? It was in the high 70’s today temperature wise and the thought of more clothes or a scarf made my head sweat. Maybe I will just  have to just find thinner clothing. I can’t believe that I want one of these but I am on a mission for a “jumper.” I want a tank and shorts one piece that is linen or something thin and breathable! An adult “onesie” if you will. I think it is a “need” in this city. A “want” would be to get used to the heat before the humid wave takes over the next two months.

Tommaso was so excited to see me again today he threw his arms around my waist in a full on embrace! As we walked back up towards the basket ball courts we noticed there was a few tables set with drinks and chips. There was some kind of “festa” (party) and the school was filled with family and children. The Gym coach (a pure hottie) named (of course!) Luca organized a basket ball event with a show. I can say that I noticed him plenty of other times around the school but today he really stood out in his just tight enough (but not too tight) green tee-shirt and grey sweat pants. I love that it is perfectly acceptable and trendy for dudes to wear sweats all day. They make it work and they look good. I have noticed his collection of Adidas and today they weren’t his best but I could tell that he just got his hair cut because it was a little too perfect. The boys, nana and I sat on the sidelines until we had to leave early since Tommaso had basket ball practice of his own this afternoon. I gave Luca my last once over behind my Gucci shades and we were off. Once inside I forced the kids to wash their hands and go to the bathroom, which is always the afternoon battle. Then I got into it with Matteo because I told him that we had to wait until we went outside to play with the soccer ball. I took it from him and he threw stuff, slammed doors, knocked over two dining chairs and screamed at me. Even the housekeeper tried to calm him down and tell him to relax! I didn’t invent the “no soccer in the house” rule but it will definitely be a rule in my house too! Finally, I found Tommaso’s basket ball shorts after letting him run around the house in his jersey and underwear for twenty minutes. Then nana showed back up after parking the car. T walked in just in time to change her clothes and shoes and we were all five out the door 5 minutes until 5:30. The team before Tommaso was running behind so we weren’t exactly “late.” Matteo and I ran hard for a good hour playing soccer, his game of “rugby”, a game where I stand in the imaginary goal and let him kick the ball at me. When it is my turn it NEVER COUNTS as a goal. Ever. He (or Tommaso when he plays with us) shouts this in Italian. After taking multiple water breaks nana came to tell us that we were to head home with her. Matteo threw a little tantrum but we left together. Together we stopped at the store on the way home and picked up a few things. At first she told me to take Matteo ahead and she would see me upstairs but after I failed at asking her to buy me one of those pedicure foot buffer things she told us just to go with her. In the end she didn’t know the Italian translation but laughed when I found what I wanted. Not only are my feet filthy after each day of walking they are looking a little beat up. For someone who enjoys a monthly pedicure (normally more in the summertime!) I feel like I am on a budget and have to take care of my own toes and feet! For the steep price of pedicures here I would rather just take care of myself. What if they did a crappy job and I still had to pay them the price of a sale pair of shoes!? I would rather buy shoes and make my toes look pretty myself!

After helping set the table T had a worried look set in eyes. I asked if everything was ok and her answer? “Almost” That was the best answer to my question I have ever heard! That is MY best answer when I ask myself if everything is Ok. Almost. It is almost ok. Almost perfect. Almost there. Almost started. Almost ending. Almost. I swear this woman doesn’t say much but when she does it is like I never will forget. She also shared earlier that she had a meeting with the American Embassy and that it was all in English so she introduced herself and began the meeting and then sat back and listened. One of the people in this meeting was the person that managed and organized Obama’s campaign! I still have no clue exactly her job and what it entails but she sure does meet a lot of fancy people!


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