Tavolo Per 3 persone…Table for 3 people? ummm Yes Please!

Posted on May 20, 2011


Dear Seatbelt on Bus,

“Aiuto!” (Help!) Matteo is yelling to me from the back of the bus with his little arms waving wildly. He put on a seatbelt in the last seat of the bus and could not figure out how to unbuckle the damn thing. I ran to free him but it was too late. The doors had shut and we had to get off at the next stop. This is the second time this week that we missed our “fermata” (stop) and had to walk. I wanted to walk all the way home but he insisted on the bus. We laughed and shrugged after the fact and then decided to run all the way home. Well it was only about half way home since his little legs grew tired and he shouted between breaths that he had enough! (basta!) Once we made it back inside the house he had to pee so bad that he ran into the bathroom without me having to tell him and pulled down his little pants so fast that when he bent down he hit his head on the toilet! Since he yanks his pants and underwear all the way past his socks he tends to bend down with them; I guess he didn’t realize how close he was to the porcelain jacuzzi. Thankfully he was not hurt and didn’t need a band-aid. He laughed and then reenacted his stunt for me three more times.  After we washed our hands it was only a few minutes past 1. We talked about putting on a film but Matteo talked me into taking him outside to play with his scooter and the soccer ball. I love to be out of the house!

Outside we went and played in the sun. Near the parking garage under our house there is a long paved drive-way that has slim to none traffic coming through so we decided this was the area to play on. After we kicked the ball back and forth a little too hard he sent it flying over the edge into a fenced area under some stairs. I told him to stay put and I climbed the tall white fence, got the ball and scrambled back to the top. He thought it was pretty funny seeing me jump a fence and I wish I could find the Italian words to tell him to never do that. After only a few more minutes he sent the ball flying over another ledge into the bottom of the garage. I had no clue how to get down there and I am not that hard-core of a “parkour” expert to jump the 10 feet and make it alive. I am not considered “parkour” material but I evaluated my options and it wasn’t possible.  We could see the ball slowly rolling away from our view and all of a sudden a young girl with an iPod in her ears came to the rescue! I was yelling to her, “scusi!! scusi!!” with Matteo chiming in wildly amused by all the action of this outside adventure. She saw us above and pointed to the ball and we shook our heads and told her, “si! si! Per favore!” (yes! Please!) and she served it up to us like a professional volleyball player! I told Matteo no more with the ball out here but he could play on his scooter for 10 more minutes. Not that I had a clock on me but 10 minutes to a 5-year-old is what you tell them. I convinced him to come in with me as soon as he kicked the ball once more and I caught it mid-air before soaring over another dark corner down to the abyss which I had no clue how to get down into. Hungry and thirsty I poured us some water and put on some water for pasta.

T came home a few minutes after we did and Matteo was eager to tell her about what happened to the ball! He was so funny outside asking me IF we should tell her what happened! Of course we should tell her I assure him. He told a dramatic version of the story while in the back of my mind I hoped she wouldn’t ask if I brought or made him wear a jacket…its over 70 degrees but everyone insists on jackets and too much clothes. He told me he was hot in his Super Powers tee-shirt when I realized half way down the block (we also took out the trash) then told him that I forgot his jacket! I cut up some fresh tomatoes and cubed the fresh mozzarella for the pasta. I set the table for us three but Matteo refused to join us and watch his movie. T and I dined across from the tiny kitchen table and listened to the radio. Not to music. To the actual radio. Soon it was time to go pick up Tommaso and head to Judo. It is Friday again. The weeks are going by much to fast!

On the drive to Judo T and I discussed “calendar” for the next few months and it is JAM-PACKED with plans! I leave next week on the 26th to Larino with Miss Ford for 5 days (ending with a trip to the sea!) and then on the first of June the family and I will take another trip to the nana’s other house near the sea for a few days! Walking distance on the “private beach” to the sea!? She tells me that it is NOT like the sea near Sardegna but the sand and the sunshine is good. The kids don’t actually go into the water because it is too close to Rome and the water is dirty. I just want to get my tan on so either way I am excited to see the ocean! The kids last day of school is the 8th of June. One finishing a week early but unsure which one.  Miss Texa and I have plans for the 18th to see the band 30 Seconds to Mars and finally get to hang out while she is here for the month! I sure miss that girl.  I am hoping that her last weekend we can go see our friend Miss Lina wherever she is near Tuscany. Then it will be July and we have two weeks back near the sea at nana’s house plus I want to see Jack Johnson the 23rd! July 29th is a huge holiday in Rome which T refered to as a “free” day which celebrates the two saints…I will understand more details when that day comes. All I understood was that everything is closed and everyone celebrates! But where?? PLUS it is my sister’s birthday so no matter what it will be a great day! Then before I know it August will sweep in and we will be back on our way to Ovindoli for the first 2-3 weeks of the month. Enjoying the summer mountains horseback-riding, swimming in the pool, and hiking (well I am unsure about their hiking plans but I have my own agenda) then we come home for enough time to re-group and re-pack for Sardegna!!! The ship leaves August 20th so we know that is the day that the most beautiful part of this adventure will happen. I cannot wait to see this island and take pictures! After witnessing one of Italy’s most gorgeous places EVER the month will end too fast and next thing you know it will be my last few weeks here in Rome. My sister will be coming to fly me home personally and I just got wind today that someone might be joining her!!! Table for 3??? 18 weeks of the best summer experience in my life (so far!) coming right up…!


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