007, Dirty v.s. Tan and Poor Lexie

Posted on May 24, 2011


Dear Farmacia,

I went to the pharmacy today to get my prescription filled for my allergy medicine. I got two months worth and I hope that it works better this time around! My allergies are intense here and it sucks but at least I got to leave the house this afternoon once the boys were back from school. T gave me a list for some bread and milk while I was “out.” I had to first stop at the doctor’s office to get my prescription so that was a task all on its own! The family doctor’s office is in the same building as my school so at least I knew where to go but that didn’t help my confusion with entering the building without knowing the doctor’s name! I had to call T and ask her since the doors were locked but after she told me I made my way inside with confidence. Thankfully, she called ahead and told the office I was coming so all I had to do was say the last name and they gave me the slip of red and white paper. After I stopped at the closest pharmacy and got my medicine for only 4 euro a pack. 8 euro and 60 daily orange pills ought to do the trick. There was a bill worth 5 euro at the counter that was not mine but I was honest (because I am a good person!) and gave her my OWN money and she seemed surprised that I didn’t “take” the money on the counter! She told me, “Complimenti a voi! Essere sinceri y onesti!” (compliments for being honest and truthful!) I told her thank you and was on my way next door to Casa del Pane (the house of bread) to complete my list. I took my time after buying the milk and bread and stopped at a “profumeria” to compare the price to the Gucci perfume that I want. $56…I might have to wait til next payday for this but it is well worth it! Sweet summer scents that even “smell” expensive! I gave myself a little spray on the inside of my wrists and walked back home. I cut across the street and a young man on a scooter was shouting at me, “Bella! Bella! Bella!” He was half checking me out and nearly rear-ending a bus! It is always nice to get hollered at when I don’t feel that “cute!”

The reason I was happy to get out of the house was because Tommaso had a little accident at school and T had to go and pick him up early. Well not that early it was still after 3 but I was looking forward to Judo because I had some books I wanted to bring to the revolving library and pick up another Dan Brown paperback. The kids were playing soccer at school and someone kicked the ball to him and it knocked him right in the face so when his head was thrown back there happened to be a wall so he has a HUGE bump on the back of his head! Soon after the boys had their after school snack Tommaso challenged me to a game of Monopoly. I agreed and it was the best game! Not for me but for him…he straight kicked my ass somehow! I had to borrow money from the bank and he is the one that went to prison three times during the game and lost his turn!? I was the bank so he wasn’t taking money he just happened to buy all the most expensive properties in the game and I kept landing on them! Matteo didn’t want to play with us so him and his mom made a chocolate cake together in the kitchen. While it baked in the oven he set up a chair to face it and “will” it to bake faster! He chanted, cried and hit the oven and yelled to everyone that he was hungry for about twenty minutes! “Ho fame! Ho fame! Ho fame…..ho fame..h o  f a m e…!” He changed his tone with each statement over and over again! (sounds like Oh- fom-ayy!) He threw himself on the floor, threw magnets all over the floor and stared the cake down the entirety of its 30 minutes. He can be so dramatic I know I shouldn’t laugh when he is upset but it is really entertaining! Tommaso and I played until he literally took all my money and I owed him $150. When I passed go I only got $50…I was losing bad and he kept chanting “ohhh povero Lexie!” (poor Lexie!) Not like “oh poor you for losing like “poor” as in BROKE/NO MONEY! He laughed at me and I didn’t mind he learned a new English word today: Poor! Poor me is right.

This morning I got up and went to try on bathing suits at a few shops that I have been eyeing. T agreed the two places I was looking were decent prices for the quality; otherwise I am looking at over 150 euro per piece! I love white suits but the one I liked just didn’t work out. I am glad that I tried it on finally but was disappointed to leave empty-handed. After my 4 hour walk my feet started to hurt in my teal sandals (meant to just look cute not WALK 5 miles…I am unsure how much that I really walk but I’m sure it is more!) and I felt myself getting darker in the sun. Maybe it is just me (or dark people?!) but I can physically FEEL myself getting more tan in the sun. Once I got home I took off my shoes and had an ankle tan and flip-flop lines! I thought perhaps my feet were just that DIRTY but when I washed them the lines were still prominent! I joked to my mom that maybe I wasn’t really that tan but just dirty since I don’t shower everyday and she assured me that I was probably getting pretty tan; not dirty!

I learned another Italian “saying” before dinner today: “fare la spia!” Which pretty much means the equivalent to a “tattle-tale!” We used two dictionaries (their huge “bible” and my pocket-size) to determine the meaning in English. A “spia” is a SPY! Another word that we can use interchangeable is a snitch! Tommaso and Matteo were torturing each other as usual and when one of them was going to “tell” on the other he yelled this! I think the translation is funny and makes sense to “make like a spy.” I ran to get my book when T tried to explain what they were saying by trying to get me to understand when he clue was “007!?” I had no idea and sometimes we both have no idea what the other is saying and still have to refer to our “bibles!” Another good laugh over dinner my night was complete. Tomorrow I must pack for my trip and figure out how much I can shove into my carry-on…only ONE more day until my first solo vacation!!!


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