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Posted on May 25, 2011


Dear Laundry,

I should have done my laundry yesterday! There was barely any sun today and my clothes are STILL damp…I have about two hours until I get picked up for my trip and I am considering pulling out the blow dryer on some items but it is late here and my hair is clearly dry! It was a nice day no doubt but it was overcast and light showers. I hung my laundry outside before 3pm and it is almost 10…! What can I do? Miss Ford had a dinner tonight so she told me that she will come for me after 11:30 then we will have a drink before heading to her house. It is not clear if the train leaves tomorrow at 6am or we must get up by 6am? I am looking forward to a nice 5-day break and going to the sea this weekend! I packed two bathing suits but that is just how I am…

I did a little research about Larino and the population is only around 7,000 people! This is seriously a small town! I told S this and he really laughed and said it is like our entire building! This Festival of San Pardo is what this town is known for celebrating each year…here is a little more about the town if anyone cares to see where I am headed

Today has been an interesting day talking with friends and family back in Reno. I had a few “I wonder if I never came to Rome…” moments but caught myself and mentally slapped myself for even thinking such things! The fact that I up and left is what is creating me this instant. This experience is what is shaping my for the rest of my life. It is the trip that I will tell my children “when I was in Rome…” I hope to travel more in the next few years (while I can!) and really get to know myself better. It seems as though I know a lot about other people and their lives but am uncertain of my own. I want to be sure of what I do with this life and whom I include in this adventure of mine. I don’t want to question my path and ask “why?”; I just want to accept what is next and stop trying to make things happen. I tend to give out plenty of advice to friends and family but when I get quite and ask what I would tell the hypothetical “me” I know the answer but still sway the opposite direction at times. I want to right about myself NOT about everyone else in my life and what they are doing. It is like I have ideas about where I want to be in life yet I neglect to include how I get there and am constantly surprised where I am; even though I put myself there. I am unsure if this is making any sense to who is reading but I think I am having one of those “epiphany” type moments! Finding the balance between what is not in your control and what is clearly in your control is a constant battle. I am sure it is a problem for everyone but I feel I am always seeking balance but with this concept of control…with this I  struggle most. Lately, I feel as though my emotions are out of control! Perhaps I am feeling things that I have not let myself feel completely, say things I don’t normally say and the fact that I am doing something I wanted is still setting in (6 months later!! hahah) This is the longest amount of time that I have ever been away from my friends and family. I had become so accustomed to their input it has become something else to truly be on “my own.” I am grateful that we still have a connection (via Internet!) but at times I really just feel so extremely far away!So much has happened in such short time…

Time is incredible…you can make time, have time, kill time, do time, see time, be on time, watch time, feel time and tell time but the worst is to lose time. There is nothing like wanting time to slow down (or speed up); but time is something that we truly cannot control in life. We must always cho0se to be present in each moment and be thankful for each time that an opportunity presents itself for you to do better or do more. We must stop telling ourselves “next time” because there may not always be a “next” time…so take advantage of the now and stop talking about doing things. Buy something, paint something, read something, stop doing something, start doing something. This time.

Like Fabulous raps in one of my favorite old songs…”It’s My Time”:

Guess what time it is?

My, my, my time

You can check your iPhone

bet it say it’s iTime

I don’t even need a watch

I don’t even see a clock

Soon as I walk in, it feel like Me o’clock!

These words ring true. Take some time! Some “me o’clock” time that is. So I guess it will be “me o’clock” until Sunday 😉 I will do my best to keep notes and share my adventure in Larino when I return!!!

Lex o’clock

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