Evaluated by a Female Italian Chef……ouch!

Posted on May 30, 2011


Dear Zoro Shirt,

When I picked up the boys with nana Matteo was more excited to ask me to get his Zoro mask out of my room than to see ME! At least Tommaso was happy to see me and jumped up in my arms to give me a real hug. I got the boys some Ben Ten chocolate eggs while I was gone and left them on the kitchen table last night. T left me a note thanking me and reminding me to meet her mother this afternoon. I promised Matteo that after we came home and did our routine (wash hands, pee, change pants, change shoes, and eat!) I would find the Zoro mask and sword for him. The carnivale boxes are in my room above my closet and every week one of them wants something out of them. I packed them away nicely and organized and there is no way that I will let them break into the boxes searching for something! I keep the swords (I think we are only down to 3 good ones now) in my closet in a large tote so they are easy to get to without having to get a chair to reach the top of my closet. Everytime they watch any TV or films with swords I retrieve them and then about 2-7 minutes later I take them away and stash them for the next time. One of the boys always stabs the other much too hard and someone starts to cry so I must take them and tell them no more. Kids and swords. It never lasts long. The kids watched some cartoons for a little while until I convinced them to play Monopoly with me. I set it up and gave everyone their money and set up all the cards and waited at the table. They told me their show would be over in one minute. They still don’t have their sense of actual time so after about 60 seconds…as the cartoon was close to ending I used the remote across the room and shut it down! “Lexie!” they both screamed in unison and kicked the air. They sat with me finally and we played a few rounds and as usual one quit. Matteo took his money and our pieces and went back into the living room. Tommaso and I continued to play and he refused to sit in his chair proper and tried to sit with me. This kid is not that big or tall but neither am I so when he sits on my lap his feet nearly touch the ground! When T came home and saw the way he was crowding me she told him to back off but I told her that I didn’t mind. I think he really missed me! I sure know that I missed them after that many days without them.

I helped set the table and had a serving of meat tortolinis around 7 with the boys. I was to meet Miss Ford at the school at 8:30 then meet Miss Texa at 9 at the train station stop at St. Peters then go to dinner at the place we were at with the free booze before we left town! I was excited for the night to come since Miss Texa is finally back in Rome! I wore my jeans and boots thinking I wasn’t going far and wouldn’t be on my feet for that long. I was wrong! Miss Ford and I stood around for over an hour talking and trying to entertain each other with stories to pass time. The day grew into night and suddenly it was very dark but still too warm for my jeans, leather boots and long sleeve. We counted down the minutes of the train arrival and finally we saw her coming down the steps to meet us! I missed this chick so very much! You know those people who you meet in your life and you just know that you will remain friends forever? That is her. As if she never left we stepped back into our characters together. I met her boyfriend and brother and together we walked towards the restaurant. The owner recognized us and greeted us. I asked where “Andrea” was or if he came at 9 (we arrived at 10:40) and he told us that he was coming later but couldn’t do dinner with us. We took a table for 5 in the empty place. Our server was told by Luigi to “take care of us” but pretty much the first thing out of his mouth was we should order everything that we want because they are trying to close the kitchen! The chef even came up the stairs to evaluate us! I know from restaurants that is exactly what she did. She checked us out to see how much “time” we were worth, how much we would spend on dinner and totally judged us! It is normal, I know this but the others were a little taken aback when I shared the news.

We had some buffalo mozzarella with too much garlic olive oil and some white wine to start. A sort of pinot grigio that was dry and bubbly. I ordered some white fish with rosemary and sage and grilled vegetables. The others had some pasta, some steak and some other mixed dish. No one was impressed but we were happy to see each other so that is all that matters! We finished and were out the door after 12:30. Miss Texa has a very generous boyfriend and he paid for the entire dinner! I was not expecting that at all since we invited them out with us but we were thankful. What a gentleman! Plus, it was his brothers birthday so maybe that is why. Nonetheless much appreciated!

We each parted in three different directions and I walked with Miss Ford so that we could be on the same street to catch our buses in opposite directions to not be alone. She caught her bus before me so in the end I was alone damn it! I waited patiently and got onto the night bus 5 (N5) by mistake. I did this before and I had to walk so I got off right away and continued to wait for the N15 or N20. I realized that I had to pee really bad and waiting was going to be a drag. N9. Nope. N11. Nope. N8!? Nope! I check my clock and I had been waiting for nearly 15 minutes! I see another N5 coming and once a few people get off I see that the light in the bus is out and it was in fact  N15!!! The damn “1” was out so I didn’t notice until it had already pulled away. So I wait. And wait. Another 8 minutes goes by before  the N20 finally arrived. I ran home after my stop but couldn’t wait any longer and found a dark corner and peed in the dark! Sometimes it is an emergency! Hell males pee wherever they want at least I had to  decency to hide in a corner out of sight! I came home to turn on my computer before I brushed my teeth and washed my face but instantly get a Skype call from the house at home. There is a party of 7 having dinner and they wanted me to join them. It was almost 1:30 am but who cared? It was an entertaining hour and it was really nice to see everyone together. At one point everyone got into it about my coming home and when. It felt good to be “faught” over. I knew that I was missed but this was a full on argument! I am soooo loved!!! I miss my Reno friends and Fam!!!


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