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Summer Time…And the Livings Easy….!

June 29, 2011


Dear Friends, Family and Fans, Tomorrow I leave to Tarquinia with the family for a few weeks! I may have the opportunity to come back to Rome one of the weekends but I will most likely stay there the entire time. Sadly, I will not be able to blog “daily” any more but I will do […]

The War, The Blood, and The Fall of Lexie

June 28, 2011


Dear Asso, Yeah I thought he said, “asshole!” Asso is the word for the “ace” in a deck of cards! All I kept thinking was the scene in Meet the Fockers when LJ “little Jack” learns that as his first word! I taught the kids how to play the card game “war” today and we played for a […]

When I grow up I want to be a Gondolier in Venice…

June 27, 2011


Dear Armani Hotel, When this Hotel is finished it is a must see when I return to Milan. I don’t know when I am coming back but I definitely enjoyed this “fashion capital” of the world and the many famous structures in this wonderful city. It was an impulse decision to take a weekend with […]

Dancing For Figs

June 25, 2011


It is LATE! 2:30 am and I cannot write everything from today since I have to be up at the butt-crack of dawn (maybe not that early but 6am is early since it is late now!) and catch a train at 8:15 am to Milano! Sudden trip for two days then on to Venice on […]

The Dog Used My Bathroom & Rock! Paper! GUN!

June 23, 2011


Dear Dumpster Dive, I threw my keys in the dumpster today! Tommaso asked me to take him down to the paper shop to buy some Pokemon cards (which are EXPENSIVE by the way!) so I only took my keys and sunglasses. I had also taken some trash in a small plastic while we were outside […]

A Hard Ass with a Soft Side & the Last Straw…

June 22, 2011


Dear Impostore, That is right. Sounds similar in English but I shared the word, “cheater” with Tommaso today. Impostor! After another full morning of him cheating at all the games I introduced him. We were playing indoor bowling (not that serious of a game and not that easy to cheat in the first place) when he […]

“I’m telling!” & Two Places at Once

June 21, 2011


Dear Table Soccer, Not Foos-ball. I am talking about a soccer game for the table. There is a large green felt cloth about 3 feet by 4 feet that covers a table in the living room. There are teeny-tiny players, tiny goals with nets and a small soccer ball smaller than a Foos-ball. This game is […]