An Elbow to the Face and a Sleep Over…

Posted on June 2, 2011


Dear 2 Hour Nap,

Oh how I needed you so! In three days I have been running on barely 13 hours of sleep and an elbow to the nose! Yesterday the boys had their first swimming lesson of the day and while the nana and I were dressing them in the tiny kids locker room crawling with kids and adults I took an elbow jab straight to the nose! Nana apologized but I think she laughed more than felt bad. I didn’t start bleeding or anything like that but she definitely made connection to where my eyes watered immediately! The boys had their bright speedo suits on and swim caps to match. There was a tiny gallery to watch the kids swim but there were only 6 seats and about 13 adoring fans trying to watch their kids. Nana pretty much told me in her best Italian/English that I could leave and come back in an hour if I didn’t care to watch. I shrugged and made my way upstairs. I had no intention of actually leaving the large gym I really just wanted to check it out! I have always been interested in this gym that is below us and had no idea how large it really was! I found a bright orange leather couch, probably from Ikea, and removed my boots to curl up in the corner and read my book while watching people work out. This gym was doing something right because I noticed that it didn’t “smell” like a dirty gym sock in there! It  was immaculate, clean and fresh. I knew in my mind that I should be working out not sitting on my ass but I promised I would work out later that day, which I did!

Originally, the family and I were set on leaving to Tarquinia to go to the sea and visit S’s mom’s other house. Everyone in Rome has a second home somewhere near the sea or in the mountains. It is just how they do it here, everyone needs to escape the city once in a while, so they have 2-3 homes scattered throughout Italy! The weather was impossible so the trip was cancelled. I woke up right at 8:30 this morning and was deciding if I still had a little wine and prosecco buzz or if I was just extremely worn out! Soon as I was about the begin packing S came to my room to tell me that we were not going anymore and that I was welcome to rest or come with them to another farm and then out to lunch. He told me that he heard me come home around 5am and understood if I wanted to rest! I thought I was sneaking back home to quietly!! At first I wanted to got the lunch and the farm but as I brushed my teeth I realized it would be best if I blogged, took a nap and then met up with my girl Texa instead. I kindly told the boys that I wasn’t going with them but that I would see them later. The house was silent and I made some coffee for myself and began working on my blog. After I finished one I turned my window down and let myself curl up on my tiny bed. I fell asleep soon as my head hit my Tempur-Pedic pillow! I really was exhausted and felt that my body was mad at me.

After I hit snooze on my alarm a few times I forced myself out of bed and let the sunshine and heat enter my room. I splashed some water on my face and made a late lunch. I got in touch with Miss Texa and made plans to meet her on Via del Corso to do some shopping. She is my favorite person here to shop with so I was excited to get a second opinion with a female instead of shopping solo like usual. I left with wet hair and my umbrella and met at her friend Walter’s work. He fed me a beer and some pizza right away! It told him that about a month earlier that I came here to say hi and when I asked a coworker for him the man said, “we have sparkling or natural.” “Walter!? not WATER!” The guy told me that there was no one named Walter than worked here. Walter laughed and laughed and now he has a new nickname: Water. It was a hot, hot day with mixed clouds and rain. It is terrible to be hot in the rain…inside the stores felt like a sauna! Texa and I were happy to shop together and bought some shoes, buy 2 for 20 euros!? Done. We bought them together to take advantage of the sale. I finally found a new purse, a much-needed summer tote, from H&M and I spoiled myself and bought new summer pajamas from Intimissimi, which is an Italian label shop rather new, only been around 15 years that specializes in womans and mens underwear, pajamas, bras and sleepwear. It is pretty normally priced and the quality is really good. I broke my 50 and bought some shorts and tank set for about 30 euros. Excited for my purchases for the day we headed towards Texa’s house near Trastevere. I got the text message from the family that I was free to stay out if I wanted so we headed to the store to pick up beer and wine. Texa’s boyfriend’s brother was funny complaining that going anywhere was like serious “traveling” and he didn’t like all the walking and buses that were required to go just about anywhere! “We have to travel there?” He would say and we would try to encourage him that it wouldn’t be that far when everything is that far! After almost an hour we arrived near her home and found a supermercato. We still had another half hour or so and now not only we had our shopping bags but groceries and heavy beer bottles, wine, water and milk for the house. Once we found our way they showed me around the gorgeous flat. She says the neighborhood is sort of ghetto but the place was super nice! The large terrace was comfortable and quite. We were the only loud people in the area! The laptop was playing music and we were happy sharing wine, beer and non-stop talk about our favorite movies! I miss movies! I miss the movie theatres at home! We laughed about comedies scared each other with horror films then got into arguments about political movies. It was such a beautiful night and spending time with Texa and seeing her so in love with her guy was really nice. He is so attentive to her and truly takes care of her! Soon as we got to the house it was decided that we would make burgers but no one took the meat out of the freezer so dinner was postponed until after 10:30 pm! We had chips and bar snacks like pretzels and I was happy that I bought an appetizer of scamorza (my favorite cheese!) and prosciutto crudo. I wrapped each little piece of prosciutto inside a slice of cheese and arranged them on a small blue plate. Texa told me I was a good hostess in her house! While the burgers attempted to thaw in a large pot of water we drank and drank and became hungrier and hungrier! Finally it was time to start cooking the burgers and I went to help out Texa in the kitchen. I set the table outside while she assembled the burgers with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and melted cheese. I love cheeseburgers so I was super stoked to have this burger with them. When we have burgers at home we just eat the meat with a side salad or some other vegetables. These were REAL burgers that I am used to with a sesame seed bun and all! The burgers were so great that it silenced us and we smiled and complimented her for making such a fabulous dinner.

It was nearing midnight and I still had no clue where I was and how to get home. I don’t know the night bus routes and we looked at a map and tried to decide the best way for them to take me home but had no success. I realized that I was actually very tired and finally just gave in and stayed over. Texa told me while it was still light outside that if I wanted to crash there it would not be a problem but I felt like I would be imposing! Running on about 15 hours of sleep in 4 days I let myself put on my new pajamas and we agreed it was “meant to be” that I had bought those to stay over tonight! I never know why but when you are super tired as soon as that light goes off you instantly feel awake again! Texa and I stayed up talking for at least another 30 minutes until our minds caught up with our tiring bodies and we drifted off to sleep.

I thought that I had CRAZY dreams with Miss Ford…I was wrong! I had some MORE dreams within DREAMS while sleeping soundly and comfortably next to Texa. Dreams about the actually flat we were in, dreamt I went to sleep there and dreamt about getting bit by something like a bat and when I woke up (still in my dream within a dream) I had a huge bump on my thumb and I realized that I wasn’t dreaming and that I truly did get bit by some kind of little monster! Too much detail with scary red spiders, wolves, swing-sets and scotch but in one part of the dream I was back on my parents street in Sparks and it was so vivid and real when I woke up I slowly opened my eyes to make sure I was in fact still in Rome and then inspected my right thumb. Relief. It was only a dream…


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