5 Shots and Fierce Thoughts…

Posted on June 3, 2011


Dear Treno,

I took the train all alone today finally without much problem just a lack of confidence! I only went about two stops but I found my way back to Texa’s house after about an hour and half of travel. There were a few people asking me which way to go like I looked like I knew what I was doing! I had no good responses so I told them I was unsure. In the end I was correct and I got to the next station with ease but taking the bus was another story. There are about 3 options for getting to her street and at this particular location is the actual “stop” area. The drivers take a ten minute break here, which I still believe is just to smoke a cigarette away from the bus, and stretch their legs. I sat on a bus then got on another as the one I left took off! I never know what to do in situations like these and now I know for sure to STAY seated on the first bus choice! I saw that a particular supermercato was near the station so I made my way over in the smoldering heat to buy another bottle of the wine from the day before that Texa actually liked. As I approached my bus and waited for the driver to actually get back in the driver seat I noticed an 80-year-old man watching me. I say across from him with the bottle in my arm like a small baby. He looked at me, then the bottle, then back at me and shrugged. “la festa” I told him (party!) and he smiled and nodded in agreement without judgment. My purse was already heavy so I didn’t want to add to the weight of the bag so I had it curled in my arm. When I recognized my stop I stepped down and called the house to be let in for the BBQ. It was about 5:30 and although I knew I was “late” I also knew that in a way I was “early” when taking into account not only Italian time but Venezuelan time as well! The meat was still marinating while beers were being shared around the pation table on the terrace. There were only about 5 of us but I learned pretty quick that they had been drinking since around noon! Their friend “Water” was feeling pretty bold and hugged me a little too long and literally smelled my skin and hair while greeting me. He has the “creeper” wink that I don’t approve of! Don’t get me wrong he is a great guy, a fantastic chef and very generous but when he gets to drinking? I learned today that he is someone else. At one point with the back of his hand he passed it along the entire length of my arm and then smelled his hand telling me that my lotion was amazing! Yeah and then a while later he tried to get me to dance with him when no one was dancing on the terrace. Day drinking is NOT for everyone this I know for sure.

The food was amazing and an hour later there was a full house. Two more couples joined us and after our fabulous BBQ of steak, salad and fresh-cut fruit we began a few rounds of poker. For someone from a “gambling city” I have never taken much interest in gambling. Between the speaking of three languages, including English, Spanish and Italian; this was an interesting game! I showed them my favorite and most simple game: Black Jack or 21. Before the games began Texa’s boyfriends brother decided that it was the appropriate time for tequila to join the party! After about 3 people (including me of course!) agreed it was a great idea they went to the store. I set the shots out and we cheers to the beautiful day. They complimented my presentation of shots with perfectly cut lime wedges on the side of the glass and I admitted that I have been a bartender in the past! I had to leave before the party was over so we sort of rushed through dessert but I was happy to have a piece of home-made tiramisu with strawberries! Texa’s friend made a special dessert for Texa’s boyfriend’s brother’s birthday celebration that was the best cake I have had since my arrival! We sang “happy birthday” in three languages and complimented the baker between more shots of tequila! What a BBQ! I had plans to meet Miss Ford and her roommate around 10pm neat Piazza Navona so I made my exit by taking the entire party with me. They were headed the same direction as me so we said our goodbyes together and found our way to the Tram. After we parted ways (after a 10 minute argument with “Water” explaining that I had plans and I was NOT going to join then dancing!) I found the bar but did not find anyone. I was about to give up but I saw a few of the girls heading my way and realized that I was just EARLY! As always I am the first to show up. I had a tequila sunrise for 8 euros that I gave away to Miss Ford by the time that she showed up and had some nice conversation with the ladies. Considering I had about 5 shots of tequila, a few glasses of beer and a lot of food I was holding myself together well! I couldn’t believe I was feeling so “normal” but I knew that I had to cut this night short in order to be able to leave to Florence  tomorrow so I behaved and said my farewell. It was nice to meet some new people today and I hope to see them again before I leave Rome. Miss Ford’s roommate had a beautiful friend that had such a sweet story about how her and her husbands first time they met and how they came to be married! It was so sweet and inspiring to watch a young woman so happy, in love and still so excited about the love of her life! I want to be that excited about someone like that ALL DAY EVERY DAY! No problem!


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