A moment of Weakness Last Week…

Posted on June 5, 2011


Dear Silent House,

Oh how I love to wake up to a quiet house…and then I become bored and wonder where they are! I took my time having a small breakfast after 11am and considered my options for the day. I was free to do whatever I wanted but the weather was holding me hostage inside the house. Rain and overcast mixed with wind. My least favorite combination for walking. I waited a few in hopes it would clear up but there was no chance. I snacked and read my book on and off throughout most of the mid morning and afternoon. I put on my jean shorts and a tank top so that at least it didn’t look like I just rolled out of bed, although that was exactly what I had done! I relaxed all day, scrubbed my feet, washed my face, painted my nails and toes hot pink in between day-dreaming and doing my Tarot cards. I enjoyed the quiet but when they came storming through the door around 7 I was happy to see the boys. They were playing at their cousins’ house ALL day and I could tell that they were exhausted yet fighting to tell me all about their afternoon with the family.

Dinner consisted of only Italian rice. I worried for a moment that they were getting sick but this simple dinner was because they had eaten ALL day and weren’t that hungry. I admitted that I snacked all day as well so this was fine with me! I had cereal twice today, some cheese and crackers, a salad with tuna and tomato and a kiwi yogurt. Rice for dinner was acceptable according to my menu of the day. Olive oil, lemon and fresh parmesan makes this simple dish complete. I skipped the beer with dinner and secretly high-fived myself in my mind. It is difficult for me not to drink when it is in front of me but I decided for the remainder of the trip I would only drink beer during the day when it is HOT. Wine is fine everyday (as available!); I didn’t say I was giving up booze! Working on “self-control” in all aspects in life is the key to weath and health!

The next few weeks are going to fly by! Since the boys started swimming lessons twice a week this means that everyday there is something to do. Monday and Wednesday is swimming. Judo still on Tuesday and Friday. I think that basket ball ended on Thursday but if so that will be a relief. I have instructions to go to the store tomorrow for groceries and make sure that I bring the boys something to eat immediately when they get out of class to avoid a stomach ache when they enter the pool by 4:45. Usually, we will get home around 4:30 so it will impossible to feed them and turn around tp go to swim lessons. Pizza is the easiest and I think it is safe to say that EVERY kid loves pizza anytime of day.

Sadly, my weekend is over and Monday is coming much too fast. I wasn’t planning on admitting this but it is on my mind so I must share: Mickey text me and I saw him last week. We had a long dinner and more wine than usual since he wasn’t driving. I plan on seeing him again and I wouldn’t say that we are back together but it was necessary to have an official talk about our past and set some things straight. Last I saw him we were not only at his work but I was hanging out with his friends so there was no actual time for me to say everything I wanted. AND get him to admit more of what he was feeling for me. I have been on the look out for someone who will catch my eye again but it doesn’t seem possible and I don’t care. I’m not looking for anyone else with green eyes. The color of a brand new Ralph Lauren hunter green polo…that is the color of those impossible eyes. Gets me every time. Damn it. I went into this “relationship” knowing that in the end I was going back to the States but it wasn’t as simple for him. Bottom line. I suppose I wasn’t considerate to him in that aspect. Maybe it is not that simple and easy…we’ll see how it goes…until then?


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