Water Balloon Shoes and a Missed Turn

Posted on June 6, 2011


Dear Daisy-Dukes,

I suppose that I might be wearing these today…I was told by the nana that they were much too short to pick the children up at school since there are nuns there! Outside, she tells me, are fine! But NOT to the school…whoops. Strike 15 with this woman I swear. It is hot outside and I don’t think that they are that bad but I understand what she means at the school. It is like entering a church with a tank top on. She also gave me shit about bringing the swim bags too early since we were going home to change their shoes before we left for class. I was unsure so I just brought along everything. I was told by T to bring crackers and pizza for a snack but nana also scolded me for not bringing fruit! “La frutta importante!” I know that fruit is important! Strike 16. In the end after we got both boys into the car enjoying their ice-cold water and tiny pizzas I was happy that I brought their bags after all. Nana missed the turn and we were behind schedule by 15 minutes! Good thing today I brought their bags we barely made it on time after parking and walking across the way to the gym! She told me to bring some things home (since it is literally below our house) and to come back soon. I came home to drop off the bags from school and then decided to do a short workout before I headed back to the gym. I knew I was going to sit on my ass while the kids swam and played so might as well get my workout in early! About twenty minutes later, dying of heat for sure now I put my shirt back on (after air drying it outside while I worked out inside) and changed my boots to flip-flops. After the boys get out of the pool they shower and rinse the chlorine off before dressing. I wanted to have that duty today so leather boots was not smart near water with these wild boys! I found nana in the gallery and she told me that she had to run to her house but she would be back soon. We both get a little “break” while they are swimming so it is nice. I read my book and watched the clock. I found a special little area with a nice couch and a TV monitor that actually is of the pool the kids are in. So in a way, I AM there with them watching!

Earlier in the day I went to the store to get a few things for the house. Some needed regular stuff for the kitchen: butter, cheese, bread, yogurt drinks, cereal, pizza, and tuna and some cici and canellini beans. Seriously, out of all the food that I eat my favorite lunch is a salad with tuna, white beans, tomato and olive oil. This simple dish cost close to nothing yet in a restaurant it would be like 8 euros! I had a bad moment counting money out to the cashier but other than that it was a great trip to the store. I love the store no matter where I am so any chance I get I am out the door! Later I went for the daily milk and wine run before dinner…almost everyday but still my favorite nightly errand before we sit to eat together. The babe that works there (my first crush here in Rome), Luca, he is there once in a while and I now am a little more confident to actually look at him but I am unsure if he has yet to notice me!

Soon as swimming was over we made it back to the house to play some indoor bowling while I set the table for dinner. They boys were dry from their rinse (since they got a short hair cut blow-drying their hair takes a few seconds!) and I had soaked flip-flops and wet shorts. If I had more clothes on it would have been a disaster! Short shorts make sense when you are around a kid with a shower head in their hands! I have to hand it over and trust in them to not spray me to death while I shampoo their body and hair! Tommaso was too busy listening to himself echo and sing while Matteo went to rub his eyes with the shower head in his hands and got me pretty good. He wanted to rinse his hair himself so I let him. Next time I will either insist that I do it or get out-of-the-way! Nana gave me these “slippers” that were supposed to be waterproof and looked something like surgical shoe covers but they didn’t really do anything except create tiny water balloons around my feet. Nice try. I think I will stick to changing my shoes and shorts on Monday and Wednesday!

Tomorrow we have Judo…I am telling you the weeks are going to fly by since there is something on the agenda EVERYDAY! I have been working on buying tickets online for David Guetta for this weekend and it has been quite the ordeal…I waited until S got home to give me some direction on places to actually go to buy them instead of buying online and we found one that seems suitable. The bad part is that it is only open during my “working” hours so I cannot go with my party of 4 to purchase them. Plus Miss Texa is signing her lease to stay in Rome tomorrow afternoon so lets hope for the best!! Things have a way of working out and I believe in that happening for us the next few weeks while we get to hang out together. There is plenty to keep us busy and entertained the next few weeks… concerts and lots of work for me! I will be very sad again when she leaves me but at least we will stay in touch and in the end I want to come see her wherever she ends up.

Last Word Lexie

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