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Posted on June 8, 2011


Dear Swim Cap,

Today after swim class we rushed home since Tommaso was having a fit about his mother pulling him a few minutes before his class was over. When she asked the teachers to dismiss them together she didn’t think that meant cutting his lesson short. He didn’t get to do his last attempt at diving so he was really upset. Upset for about twenty minutes; which is a long time for a 7-year-old! I unloaded their backpacks full of wet suits, shoes and towels. I went outside to hang everything and realized that we were missing one of their swim caps! Oh no! I ran back down to the gym and searched the locker room and came home empty-handed. About an hour later T came in my room to tell me that she found the cap at the bottom of the bag and not to worry about it anymore. It is always something. Last week we left Matteo’s sandals at Judo and have not been back to find them yet. Maybe tomorrow.

While the kids had practice T gave me some money and asked me to go to the macelleria (the butcher shop) to get some macinato misto (mixed ground beef) for dinner. I had direct orders to buy the meat and run it back upstairs to the house so that the housekeeper could prepare some meatballs. I did what I was told and still had plenty of time to spare. I was hungry for a late lunch so I stopped over at a good pizza spot and found shade to enjoy my pizza. I had a small piece of pizza rossa (only red sauce) and another with fresh tomato and mozzarella. The large beefsteak tomatoes were perfectly ripe and the cheese was not melted. It was the best pizza that I have had from this particular shop! I found shelter from the sun under a tree across the street from the gym. I was seated next to an abandoned book called, “Mihailo.” I thought it was a strange coincidence that I was thinking of him in that moment and stumbled on a book with his last name (minus 2 letters) Coincidence? Perhaps. He is everywhere…

I knew that I was going to pizza again later tonight but it is a cheap lunch and I was in a hurry. I got a message from Miss Ford inviting me out for pizza with her roommates but in the back of my mind I was truly hoping that Mickey had the day off. By 8 I knew that he didn’t get the day off because I didn’t hear from him. I met with Texa at the train station to head towards pizza with the girls. She arrived at 8:56 but our train wasn’t leaving until 9:24. We waited together and discussed the plans for her last two weeks. I really want to go to Florence with them since I have been promised a “free” day during the week. The parents are going out-of-town next weekend so I have to “work” over the weekend. I am a little hesitant to ask for my day before they even leave but I think it is worth a shot. We were on our train for what felt like forever! Finally I yelled out, “where the F are we!??” (the cabin was empty except for us) and the train answered back perfectly responding to my impatience,”Roma Termini.” We laughed so hard while exiting the train! That was our stop! We turned right off the train when we should have turned left and walked for about twenty minutes in the wrong direction. When I finally realized where we were when we got out of the station we had already gone too far! We walked all the way back along the station until we got closer to our destination. Miss Ford began to worry about us so she called. I told her that we were really close and we would be there in 5 minutes. Once we found the ladies we made the introductions to Texa and enjoyed some white wine while ordering our pizza and pasta. I ordered the D.O.C. which is tiny tomatoes, rocket lettuce and mozzarella. I wanted a “real” drink not just wine so I went to the bar to order a spritz. The girls laughed that I wanted a “real” drink and said that I was hardcore. I just wanted a cocktail; that doesn’t make me hardcore! The real reason was that I wanted to break my 50 and getting a drink was the most logical. It was a cheap dinner and breaking my 5o was unneccessary. All that the drink did was give me that tiny bit of liquid courage that I needed to stop at Mickey’s work on my way home after midnight. Texa and I waited at Termini for the night bus but I convinced her that we could not only use the bathroom at his work but that both of our buses stopped in front of his restaurant so I won. We walked there together while she tried some more to discourage me about him. I explained that I have never been stupid about a boy so I might as well get it out of my system while I am in another country! After our last talk I had been doing some thinking and I realized that I was not very considerate of what he was feeling and made it all about me. I wanted to be with him until I left. That was it. It was simple in my made up mind. I didn’t think about what he was feeling or if he cared that I was leaving but he did. He does! I felt that I should apologize for treating him like he didn’t matter because that isn’t fair. We walked down the familiar stairs to his empty restaurant and caught him off guard! He was happy to see us and let us use the bathroom. I was barely down the hall when one of the directors came running down the hall to greet me! I am telling you he might like me more than Mickey! It was a little after midnight and we three waited outside for the night buses to make their way to us. Texa caught hers within 3 minutes. Mine, however took a full 40 minutes to arrive! I didn’t mind waiting with him and he seemed to be glad to see me. We had short conversations about work and the day. Finally we sat on a step near the stop and I told him that I was sorry for treating him like he didn’t matter. I told him that maybe it isn’t that easy to just leave and I understand what he means now. He again repeated himself telling me that it won’t be that easy to just let me go in the end. Eventually we saw my bus nearing so he kissed me goodbye and told me that he might have tomorrow off so he would let me know. I told him, “yeah maybe” which was stupid! Of course I want to see him. He walked back towards his work as my cell rang. I waved goodbye and he stood and watched me talk for a moment. It was Texa’s boyfriend checking on her making sure that she was heading home! Once I got on my bus I sent a last text message to him telling him who called and that I meant to say that I hope to see him in the next few days NOT maybe. In normal situations I always go for what I am interested in and nothing really holds me back. I think that being here alone makes it that much easier to just do what I feel. I don’t want to let him go just yet so I feel like chasing him. I know that I would regret if I don’t at least try. The “crazy” in me really wanted to stop at his work to make sure that he was actually there! Who am I!? This guy got me all stupid; BUT this will probably only happen once so might as well play the part. It is that easy…

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