A Frog Eating Stork and The Lazy Song

Posted on June 9, 2011


Dear 28 Sisters,

This was a confusing conversation with the nana earlier today! She was just asking how many sisters I have not how old they were!! Oops! We had a good laugh and she told me it was impossible for me to have 28 sisters! When I realized what she was asking me the answer is 2! I always am messing up around her I swear it. Today was a lazy day and I heard that Bruno Mars “The Lazy Song” about three times today so that was my anthem! I did sleep in until after 11, which was nice but I sure did feel lazy and took my time getting ready to pick up the kids. T came home about an hour before it was time to walk to get them and I was just finishing my makeup. I had to cover some twin zits under my nose so while I did so I Skyped my mother to ask her the meaning of the blemishes. According to the Great Tao this area of the face meant “no children, uterus!” Yes, I have been thinking of my own children in the future but I didn’t realize that I caused some serious eruptions! They probably are not that noticeable but when it is your face that is all that you see! I covered them well and put on some red lipstick and was out the door with my iPod in my back pocket.

I carried my purse plus a bag with a soccer ball and T and I alternated carrying a white plastic bag with gifts for the boys. She told me that at 6am this morning he came to her and told her that he wanted a new “Bey Blade” so she found him one and got some Lego game for Tommaso. I helped Matteo put it together (more like I did my best as fast as I could with a 5-year-old putting serious pressure on me to hurry!) and he was happy as can be. A few other kids had the same toy so they “battled” on the playground pavement. I just don’t get boy toys. Soon as Tommaso found us he ignored me but soon as he realized I had a soccer ball for him he came over to get it. A moment before I was gaining attention from an adorable little two-year old that wanted to play with the ball. I handed it over but knew it was a mistake. The kid didn’t care when I asked for it back and I told his sweet little face thank you! Soon we got kicked out by the nun so we were on our way. Tommaso and his mother got into a huge argument about putting the ball away and not playing with it in the street so I think that might be the last time for a while. They are getting out of school soon so it isn’t much an issue.

After some yogurt with the boys T told me that she had to step outside for a while. She left me with the boys while the housekeeper  was finishing the house and preparing dinner. Tommaso put together the new Lego game while Matteo and I argued about him flipping the large ottoman over upside down. He gets so mad at me when I tell him not to do something! At least he speaks English when we argue…”Yes!” “No!” “Yes!” “No!” we banter like an old cartoon. Tommaso calls us over back to the table to begin this new game. He built it alone while I filed my nails at the table and Matteo would watch me and then look back to his brother. Then back at me he offered his sweet dirty little hand for me to file his little nails! I got to the other hand and only had about 3 nails left when he had enough! The housekeeper thought it was the cutest thing! I did too and wish I could have snapped a photo right then but he moved on too fast! The game was ready and I read the instructions in both English and Italian and made sure that Tommaso understood too. This was the strangest Lego game I have EVER seen! There are four sections with 5 tiny frogs in different colors, a big white stork and a strange dice. The stork EATS the frogs and the point is to get across the pond without the stork eating all your frogs…yeah..strange. I didn’t know that storks eat frogs I thought they delivered babies in a blanket. After Tommaso lost he was done playing with me since I wouldn’t let him cheat! He is quite the competitive one! Eventually T got back and we had to get ready for dinner. I wanted not only some wine but I wanted a salad with dinner so I went down to buy a few items. She asked me to pick up a tiny container of mayo so I found my three things and got into line. This store is getting worse and worse! It is always busy and there are three cashiers but only one line is open. People crowded around NOT forming lines and then another register opened so half the mass moved towards that open line. Then after two people went through the machine crashed so people began getting very impatient and muttering and cussing. I waited patiently and laughed when Bruno Mars came on again over the supermercato speakers. A nice man let me ahead of him and I looked at my purchase on the dirty conveyor belt: wine, a bag of lettuce and a tube of mayo! I have never seen mayo in a metal tube, like tomato paste, but there is a first time for everything! I paid up and passed on the plastic bag and made my way back upstairs to the house. T was worried when I came in since it was taking so long! I saw that I had a missed call and I was hoping it was him but it was just worried T making sure that I was ok! I cleaned the lettuce and threw it into a bowl with a little salt, olive oil and lemon. Nana was back over the house to show off her dog’s new haircut so she helped feed the boys. I love that she just has the way to make them eat everything, even when they argue with her she shuts them down! Dinner was simple and pleasant. The wine is always good and sets me straight…


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