My New Weakness and Holy Shorts!!!

Posted on June 10, 2011


Dear Noce Sorrento Fichi Caramellati,

There has been a tie! Pistachio is usually my all-time favorite gelato but today I discovered something new: Sorrento walnut candied fig ice-cream! Yes, the name even sounds delightful. Together with the pistachio was a match made in Vice heaven. Vice is seriously the best gelateria in Rome. I picked Matteo up early from school and while we waited for the bus (his choice…I wanted to walk but he told me no!) he announced that he had to “fare la cacca!” so I rushed him to the nearest bathroom. There was gelato in this shop but I didn’t bring any money with me and I don’t know any kids that carry cash so he was without money too. Every time that I say the word “money” he starts to sing that song by Jessie J called “Price Tag!” “….the money, money, money…” So I finish the song with him and he laughs. I knew that he would have gelato on the brain so I promised him after we got home and had lunch that I would take him for some gelato. I don’t make promises that I can’t keep.

I made us a “snack plate” of cheese and prosciutto while the pasta boiled. I got him to say “snack” and explained what that meant in English for him. He understood and liked the new word he learned. In between commercials during his cartoons he asked me for “more snack!” so  I cut  up some more cheese for him. I left him alone on the couch with his tiny cup of water and by the time that I got back he had accomplished spilling the entire thing all the back of his shirt and the couch. How it got on the back of his shirt and not his pants yet the couch was soaked is a mystery. I changed his shirt then stripped the couch of its white couch cover and laid it outside in the sun to dry. I fed him his pasta and enjoyed my small bowl while we watched Ben 1o. He watered the plants outside while eating at the same time. This kid can not sit still! Soon as we finished I told him that it was time to go get some ice-cream. He wanted to bring the soccer ball but I told him that it didn’t make sense to bring the ball since there was no where that we could play with it along the street. After a short dispute he agreed and followed me out the door with out a ball and with a pout. I quickly changed the subject and asked him what flavors that he wanted. “Strawberry and Pistachio!” His one and only favorite mix. We made it to the wonderful haven of the best gelato that I have ever been to and ordered together. When I saw the figs on top of a tan-colored gelato I knew that I was going to fall hard for this new flavor! It was seriously the best flavor I have ever had. Not just of an ice-cream. It was the best dessert I have ever had. I would rather have this than any other dessert in the world! We shared a few bites together and I gave him my biscotto when he asked for it.

Once we were finished and I wiped his little face and hands he instantly asked for another one! I told him that I only brought enough money for one each and that one a day is plenty! He didn’t care and started again with the song….”money, money, money!” I offered him a ride on my back and he demanded that I take him ALL the way home on my back! Challenge accepted! It is not that close but with a 5-year-old on my back and my purse was quite the work out. I went up all the 4 flights of stairs with him on my back and finally let him down to retrieve the key. He told me, “thank you” for the ride and once we got to the elevator we heard his mother’s voice from the lobby! She joined us in the elevator and asked where we went. As we continued into the house she asked what we ate before the gelato and then what we had at the gelateria. He told her in Italian and then she asked him all of the words in English and he knew all of them but “ham!” Smart kid he is, truly! We washed our hands then played with the blown up soccer ball for 30 minutes until it was time to get his brother and head to Judo. It never counts when I make a goal but I think that I just have to let that go! I just cannot win…

During the car ride Matteo noticed a tiny hole in his shorts near the cargo pocket and began pulling on it. It told him to STOP it but he kept ripping the material. T turned around from the passenger seat and told him he better quit it but he didn’t listen. Here is what happened to his cool shorts….

I brought along my necklace from the other nana since T told me that it was best to give it back to her to get fixed. The tiny pearl fell out and since she bought it it’s best to have her take it to her jeweler to put it back together. After Matteo’s class was finished and he changed he wanted to go and play outside. I went with him and he frowned and waited for the kids to get off the swing so that he could have a turn. I tried to get him to kick his little legs so that he could figure out how it works and he tried but he got lazy so I pushed him for a good ten minutes. Then he played on the slide for a while until I got bored and thirsty. I had left my bag inside and trying to explain to him that we would come back out if we went inside was impossible. He would not come when I called him over and then he made me chase him. He is fast but I am faster. Sorry kid. I picked him up and carried him up the stairs. He was mad at me for sure because when I offered to take him back out he refused. Fine. I read some magazines and we waited for his brother to be let out of his class. We heard shouting and applause and T told us that Tommaso moved up a level in Judo! He now has a yellow belt! Bravo! I get the feeling that he doesn’t really like Judo but now that he moved up maybe he will be more excited. He always has some sort of excuse that he doesn’t want to go or would rather play his DS than get dressed but somehow we make him participate. Or he seems to get hurt at school on Judo days…

The drive home was hot and long. I was sitting bitch since nana drove us 4. Matteo’s tired head was leaning on one shoulder while Tommaso leaned on the other shoulder while playing his video game. This twenty-minute ride was interesting. Nana kept trying to talk to Matteo while he was asleep and it was so funny! He would mumble and say one word and we would all laugh. She tried to get him to sing with her but he was not awake at all. Once we arrived in front of the house Matteo threw a tiny tantrum because he wanted his mother to carry him in her arms but there was no way that could happen; she was carrying way too many things up. He threw his tired body on the pavement and I tried to offer him my back again but he was too mad. When kids are tired there is not much you can do I guess…


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