I saw Lady Gaga in Rome!

Posted on June 12, 2011


Dear EuroPride 2011,

I found out about the  gay parade only a few hours before it was decided that I was going. Once I looked it up and figured out where to find the path of the parade the most exciting news was that Lady Gaga was going to be there!! She prepared (had the help to prepare I am sure) a long almost twenty-minute speech about her take on Gay rights and how the world must be open to the “change.” I caught the entire thing on camera and I am sure that it will be plastered all over YouTube but she said some amazing words and sang her latest two songs while playing the piano: FOR FREE! I still had full intention of attempting to find my way to David Guetta in Eur but when Miss Texa told me about seeing Lady Gaga for free my plans changed immediately! It is Lady Gaga…!

Earlier in the morning I went with the family to take some winter bedding to the dry-cleaners, get a late coffee and a treat with the boys. I had some kind of powdered cookie with a blueberry filling that was delicious and the boys had ice-cream and cornettos. After our coffee break we split ways and the boys when with their father while T and I got some produce, meat and stopped at the eye doctors. I wanted her to show me which place to go to because in about two months I will run out of my contact lenses and needed to know where to go to order more. My contacts are expensive in the states so here in Rome they are even more! I throw them out everyday, because I am lazy, so even this eye doctor tried to get me to change to monthlies. Not going to happen. I had the doc adjust my Gucci shades and we told him that we would be back in a few weeks.

Back at the house we made a light lunch of prosciutto, fresh cantelope, fresh mozzarella, cheese and different types of ham. It was still early and I was trying to figure out what was going to turn my Saturday around. Texa and her boys were far away near the sea and the guys were feeling “hungover” so I knew that I probably wouldn’t be meeting up with them any time soon. I watched Little Fockers and then got the call about Lady Gaga being in Rome and being part of the Gay Parade and I became very excited! I am obviously for their rights and to march for this quest in another country was definitely something that I was going to do. When in Rome.

Around 5pm I left the house in hopes that after Texa left the beach that she would still muster up enough energy to come and find me. I made my way near the Colosseum and found myself in the center of the rainbow parade! I followed them for a while and took many entertaining photos but decided to find my way to the end in order to find a good seat for when Lady Gaga was too present herself by nightfall. I was to the right of the stage and was on some steps where I had a clear view of the stage! I checked my phone for a missed call or text the entire time that I waited but there was nothing! I sat on these steps with the massive crowd pushing their way in towards the stage. I relaxed and enjoyed being present in this moment. It was such an amazing experience in the massive group of people gathering for such an important issue at this time! Tens of thousands stood up for their rights and got to see Lady Gaga perform live and for FREE. She is such a strong, beautiful and talented woman. I have even more respect for her for committing to this rally and not bagging on the Pope! There was rumor that she might say something out of line but she was nothing but professional and encouraging for her fans. Before she sat down to her black grand piano she had an almost twenty-minute speech about her view on the world needed to be more open to the “Change” as she was calling it. Her words rang true and I felt so much emotion being in this crowd with thousands of people I got the chills numerous times! She says on a Gay scale from 1 to 10 she was a “fucking Judy Garland 42!” which was one of the funniest things I have ever heard. There were easily over a million people gathered for this event and I even bought myself a Lady Gaga shirt with the date on the back to always have to support the “change.” This is a world known event and I was there! I want a tee-shirt for evidence.

As soon as she finished singing “The Edge of Glory” (which has already become a new favorite but now I like it even more!) I started to move away from the crowd in hopes to get a head start. Yeah well about 360,000 others had that same thought. We moved like snails on a conveyor belt to the edge of doom. I stopped and knew that I was going to take a shirt but I thought that 15 euro was a little steep. I really wanted one so I caved. After I attempted to bribe the dude down and failed I still walked away happy. Some old guy (I mean over 60 old) decided that he wanted to talk and walk with me which I wasn’t fond of the idea but I am not a rude girl. I let him walk with me but soon as he tried to put his old arm around my waist I told him to back off and that I wasn’t comfortable with that at all. He then asked how old that I was and I told him that I was probably too old for him! Creeper old Italians are even worse than 22-year-old creeper Italian artists on the street! We moved through the crowd and as soon as I heard some Americans saying the “F” word I knew that I was saved! When old man rivers saw me talking with people my own age he let me go. I told him that it was nice to have met him and he was out of sight. Later Antonio the Creep. I began talking to a chick first then a cute guy with a nice hat started talking with me too. We walked together and escaped the fenced area and made our way towards the Colosseum. They were a group of about 6 and they invited me out for a drink with them so I agreed. I was alone and it was early. Texa did indeed text me while we were walking apologizing for her absence but I called her and assured her that it was fine. She just missed the best FREE show I have ever been to but at least I found some new American friends. I was unsure at first who was gay or not but by the end of the night one of the guys kissed me goodbye so he was indeed straight! We didn’t have the hop in our step that I prefer but I am sure that I will see him again. He loves movies perhaps more than I so at least we have that in common!

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