You can Never be too Thin to be an American…

Posted on June 12, 2011


Dear Yoga Festival,

Today was the last day of this three-day festival so I thought it was worth me checking it out this last day. I began my walk to my favorite park, Villa-Pamphili, to find  the event. I had a feeling it was on the other side of the park but I took my time getting there with the company of my dying iPod. I eventually found where the entrance was and made my way over. It was a windy day but I have come to appreciate the wind during the hot time of the day for a short cooling effect. Normally I loathe wind with a fierce passion! I found a few groups of people being led in some yoga, some musical gongs and influence, and a small area with many tents and companies selling yoga swag. It was not as interesting as I thought it was going to be so I wandered off and found some shade under a nice old tree and did my own yoga flow with a little Pilates mixed in. I sat up when I heard my bag vibrating and checked my text message from Miss Texa. She really wanted me to hurry home so that I could research a mexican food place that we wanted to have dinner at. I say research because it is literally a work project trying to find anything in this town! An address doesn’t mean anything unless you know where to go! Which bus, metro, train or by foot is important. Be prepared to travel for up to two hours minimum. It has become imperative to find out business hours and make reservations as well. Rome is not a place where you can just “show up!” The only place that you can guarantee is open during “normal” hours is the supermercato! Otherwise you best ask and research before you start your “travels” towards food or shopping!

As I was putting my phone back into my colorful bag I noticed a guy approaching on a green bicycle. What is with all these Italians just assuming that I want to meet them and know everything about them!? Massimo started talking with me telling me that this park is so gorgeous and tranquil. Yeah I come here to get away from people like you! Is what I was thinking but didn’t know how to say. He spoke some broken English but we mostly communicated in Italian. I can actually carry a conversation when I try, which always surprises me! He offered to walk with me to the other side of the park so I let him while he kept talking and I kept listening. I took him a crazy steep route and realized that this dude was not in that great of shape since he could barely keep up a simple conversation and steer his bike by hand and keep up with me. I am about 90% postive that he called me crazy for taking him down a rocky dirt path that was dangerous for him. Once we found the steep cobble-stone walkway towards the bridge to cross over to the other side I could tell that he was truly struggling now! Either I am much younger or just in good shape. I am going to go with I am in good shape. I only say this because for the second time I was told that I was much too thin to be an American! Again with the backhanded compliment talking shit about overweight and obese Americans. I will take it and I am happy to say that there are a fair amount of Americans that ARE NOT fat. Yes, statistically America is failing terribly and diet is extremely poor but it does not mean that EVERY American eats a certain way. I find it  terrifically sad and disturbing that out of 22 countries America is number one with obesity and weight issues. 2/3 of Americans over the age of twenty are overweight and 1/3 of Americans age twenty and up are obese. This is terrible yet true. What will become of Americans if they don’t get their act together?? The truth hurts. It just hurts…

Once I came home and turned on my computer to do some research for the mexican food I saw that I had a Facebook message from the guy asking for my number. It took me a full thirty minutes to locate my number since I don’t even know it! I used to have a small envelope with the number stenciled on it when I bought the Tim card but it is long gone. I wanted to ask Texa for my number in between her conversations with her boyfriend while I had her on the horn but it was not going to happen. I didn’t leave for dinner to meet her and I still needed to find my number. It isn’t worth wasting minutes to call the house and I am unsure if there is even caller-Id to begin with! I realized that T always has her old phone charging next to her bed since she uses it as an alarm. My number had to be in there since that was the first phone that she had when I arrived. It was there! I wrote it down in my phone, forgot to save it again, and still felt a little twinge of guilt for going into her old phone without asking permission. Soon I had a text message telling me where the group of graduates were headed for celebratory drinks. I missed a call during our late dinner with the family but I think that I am tired and going to stay in. I will be much too behind if I go and meet with them all. They probably started drinking at 5pm and it is nearly ten. There is no chance to catch up and I don’t even want to try! Let me call this new guy “Brien.” Brien and I plan to go and see the Tree of Life since he has heard many things about it and didn’t know that there was an orignal language theatre nearby. He has been here since September and for such a movie nerd you would think that he would have researched theatres in English! I will show him the shitty tiny theatre with no popcorn but with Italian subtitles that is highly overpriced next week.



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