An Italian Reading Test…

Posted on June 13, 2011


Dear Soccer Ball,

Right in the head! Bam! Yeah, I got hit right in the temple with an incoming orange soccer ball this afternoon! I am just glad that my sunglasses (Gucci shades!) didn’t pop off my head! I would have real problems with a pack of 8-year-olds! I was trying to rush the kids off the playground since we had swimming lessons after school but the only way that I could get them to leave was literally taking them both by the wrists and pulling them towards the exit. My glasses looked as if I just got hit in the face but it was more important to get them to the car than adjust my face! After we were through the exit I took my shades down to investigate and re-arrange my face! Ouch! I got the boys to laugh about it after but I think they were nervous to laugh at me without my permission!

On the way to school nana made me read a few signs and words on cars to check my reading abilities in Italian. I swear this woman loves to put me on the spot! I need someone to so I truly don’t mind. I think I scored probably a B- but that is pretty good considering how much that I don’t read in Italian and out loud nonetheless! I wonder what tomorrow’s test might be??

We got the boys home and changed their shoes. They were not interested in eating anything so I didn’t push them…no one likes to swim on a full stomach. After fighting with Tommaso about washing his own hands, peeing then changing his own hot feet nana returned and pushed us out the door. Together we walked down to the gym and got them to change again (third time today) and put on their towel robes and swim caps. I watched with nana for a while from the gallery but wanted to find a couch and people watch more. I did my best to tell her that I was going to be in another room and that I wasn’t leaving the building. Soon as I got comfortable next to a young couple with a sleeping baby I heard heels clacking and I knew it was T! I know her steps and can detect them a mile away. I caught her before she walked right past me and told her that I would be down there to help them shower in about twenty-minutes.

After some time I found my way back to the kid locker room and put on my blue booties over my sandals. Operation shoe covers that don’t seem to do much but I don’t want nana yelling at me to put them on so I just do before I am told to. I helped rinse the boys while T blew dry their short hair and together we dressed them. By then they were starving and each wanting anything but fruit or juice, which was what was available. Luckily, nana went home to make them a panino so they ate that. Matteo wanted gelato not a sandwich but that was not going to happen. By the time that we got back to the house we turned on the TV and tried to get them to finish their snack. I realized that I was hungry too so I had the other half of a sandwich with T. She ran across the hall to have some “mother” time with her neighbor which roughly translates to family/nanny/kids/life/work over a cigarette.

Once she came back I retired to my room to watch some MTV Italia and look up some movie times. Brien and I are supposed to see the Tree of Life this week and it is a good thing that I checked the movie times since it is going to be gone! Last showing is the 16th. I told my sister a little about him and she accused me of trying to find lame excuses NOT to like him. Maybe she is right. Maybe she is wrong.

Last Word Lexie

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