The Soundtrack of My Life and Mexican Food in Rome

Posted on June 15, 2011


Dear Shoe in the Face,

What is this week?? Abuse Lexie??! Seriously so mad today after school when we rushed home to change the kids before swim lessons. Tommaso has a way of removing his clothes (mostly socks and shoes) and throws them wherever he wants. This time is came straight to my face! My lip was temporarily fat but my emotions got a hold of me and I yelled at him and threw the shoe back at him. It only hit his leg but I was surprised that I reacted that fast! It effin’ hurt! My lip hit my tooth just right for a little blood but nothing major. I am so particular about them touching or being too close to my face so a dirty, smelly hot shoe was a big No-No! We threw their backpacks on and headed downstairs. I was still in a bad mood so when Matteo wanted to trade backpacks with Tommaso I pretty much threw him his bag and watched it fall down a flight of stairs and then turned my back while he laughed and then waited for them at the elevator. Today was not my day. At least the night got better.

The ride to pick them up is always interesting though. Nana spoke fast and told me that today was the first time that I was waiting for her instead of the other way around. I gave her the raised eyebrows at first because I had no clue what she just said to me. Then she slowed it down and I understood! Also nana was checking herself in the mirror a little too often so I asked her what was up and she told me that she was trying to remove her “cat-like mustache/whiskers!” She told me this in Italian and asked me how to say “whiskers” so we had a good laugh! When we got to school we parked on sort of an angle so when I shut my door it slammed so she told me to take it easy! I think she told me not to “ruin” the door but I am unsure. Sometimes she speaks so fast I confuse her “v” and ‘b” sounds so later I don’t know which words to look for! Sorry nana. Strike 19.

We are always late for everything lately and the kids are getting extra anxious and they are fighting it. Together nana and I changed them into their suits and caps and pushed them through the door towards the pool. I had no interest in watching today so I went straight to a seating area in the gym to people watch and listen to my iPod. I desperately need a new soundtrack to my life…

It was finally over so I went back down to put on the water balloon shoe covers and wash their hair and body. For some reason Tommaso was still in his class while we were already blow drying Matteo’s hair. He was complaining that he was starving so nana told me to just take him home and feed him and she would see me there soon. Glad to. We had some yogurt and I cut some peaches for us to share. Today I had fig yogurt that was seriously the best yogurt in my life. Maybe I never knew just how much I love figs? “Fico” in Italian. Fico is also something that the kids say when something is cool. As in “cool shoes” or when something ricochets and makes a hole in the wall? Fico! I only hear young kids using this expression so maybe it is only in elementary? Fico…

Dinner came too fast. The housekeeper was pan-frying some thin chicken and we fought with the kids to make them come to the table like usual. Matteo is getting very tired and very easily irritated. This is the third night before dinner that he was crying hysterically and refusing to eat (but then finishes his plate) At first I was looking forward to Summer but now I think I am getting a little nervous. These kids are crazy! Not like crazy in need of a straight jacket but just wild! I know that I will be able to keep up with them but if I get hit in the face with one more thing this week I swear…

I think that I overdosed on fruit today. Is that possible? Once I drank too much orange juice and it made my stomach feel like it was physically burning a hole in it but today I just felt like I mixed too much fruit all at once. I cut up some (getting old need to be eaten today or else thrown out) pears, the rest of the peaches, an aging banana, and a wrinkly apple. I mixed them all together and poured a little of some nectarine juice over it to sweeten it up for our dessert. The kids took a while to eat theirs but I had a small bowl that I probably ate too fast. I was full and tired and happy to help the kids get in their pajamas and brush their teeth. Go to bed wild child! Soon as we said our goodnight..not goodnights (mine and Tommaso’s little inside joke) I closed my door and checked my e-mail. Tonight was supposed to be the Eclipse? By the time that I met with some people we couldn’t even find the moon but we decided that tonight was finally the night for mexican food!

I was not that hungry at all but we have been wanting this for over 6 months so I had to have a beer and a mexican dish! The food was tasty and the beer was cold. I had chicken enchiladas with a spicy green salsa. While we talked during dinner I had a little show of my own. I was watching these two dudes sharing food and drinks and they kept going out for a cigarette after everything that they ate or drank. Appetizer then smoke. Shot then smoke. Beers then smoke. entrée then smoke. Shot again then smoke. Beers to go and last smoke! That is too much smoking. They were kind of cute so maybe that was why I was checking them out but either way they walked in and out so much they were hard to ignore. Miss Texa’s boyfriend insisted (again!) on paying for dinner for the four of us and we couldn’t argue with him! He is seriously the gentleman. Such a sweetheart taking care of us girls. For some reason Rehab, the band, came up and we were laughing and struggling with remembering the lyrics…”I’m sitting at a bar on the inside waitin’ for my ride on the outside…” Oh! Other great news: My life soundtrack will be enhanced and upgraded! He has soooo much music and realized that he does had access to it so the “All Lexie’d Out” jam scram iPod is about to get real! I hate to say this but I might be getting Rome’d Out soon…I am tired!


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